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Chevrolet Niva / Chevrolet Niva repair manual

General information about the car.


Cars of the Chevrolet Niva family are the further development of the concept of domestic comfortable SUVs, the beginning of which put the VAZ-2121 "Niva" car. It is believed that the car is less susceptible to repair than previous models. They differ from the predecessor with modern design, increased comfort and more advanced design.

VAZ-2123 (Chevrolet NIVA) and its modifications are the passenger cars of high passability with the Body Body of the Universal, manufactured by the company GM-Avtovaz. The number of doors is five, the number of places is five in modifications L and GLS or four in modifications LX and GLX. The engine is located ahead longitudinally. The transmission is made according to the diagram of a constant full drive with a locking of the inter-axis differential and the demultipator. Front suspension independent lever-spring, rear - dependent spring. Brake mechanisms of front wheels disk, rear - drum, on modifications LX and GLX are installed anti-lock system (ABS). The steering with the zf hydraulic firm is equipped with a steering column position adjustment device.

Cars Chevrolet Niva 2005 model year are available in the following configurations.

Modification L - has an adjustable steering column, tissue outcome of the cabin, immobilizer, central locking, fog lights in the bumper, air filter, electric windows of front doors, heated outer mirrors with electric drive, headlights, radiotherapy, and a rubber rug in a radio receiver; Decorative cap on the spare wheel disk.

The modification of GLS is an improved version of the modification of L. It has a velor's outcome of the cabin, heated the front seats, tinted glass, radio production with the antenna and two speakers, cast five-melted wheels of wheels and a lockable rigid spare wheel cover.

Modification LX is equipped with a driver's airbag and Bosch ABS. In addition, this version has a few changed kinematics of spring-lever suspension, in which tighter springs and shock absorbers are applied, and the overall height of the body planting is reduced, which together with the use of lower-profile 16-inch wheels improved controlability at high speeds. In transmission to reduce high-frequency vibrations, lightweight drive shafts of the company GKN with hinges of equal angular velocities instead of cardan hinges are applied. Binding brakes: Front brake mechanisms with ventilated discs, the diameter of the vacuum amplifier is increased to 10 inches.

Modification GLX - is a top version designed mainly for delivery to foreign countries. It, in addition to the LX modification, is additionally equipped with a front passenger airbag, Delphi air conditioning and Opel seats. Repairs

Chevrolet Niva is an infrequent phenomenon and it can be performed with your own hands using the repair manual presented on the site. If necessary, you can download full and detailed repair guide. 1. Car device

1.0 car device1.1 General information about cars1.2 Passport details1.3 Car keys1.4 Controls1.5 Heating and ventilation salon1.6 Doors1.7 Safety belts1.8 Adjusting the position of the front seats1.9 Steering wheel adjustment 2. Recommendations for use

2.0 Operating Recommendations2.1 Safety Safety Rules and Recommendations2.2 Tools and Accessories2.3 Car Running Tool2.4 Operation of the Car in Warranty2.5 Car Verification Before Departure2.6 Replacing the Filter Filter Entering Air2.7 Using Domkrat2.8 Car Towing 3. Malfunctions in the way

3.0 Malfunctions on the way3.1 The engine does not start3.2 Faults of the fuel injection system3.3 disappeared by idle 3.4 Motor interruptions3.5 The car moves jerks3.6 The car badly accelerates 3.7 engine stalls during movement 3.8 fell oil pressure 4. Engine

4.0 Engine4.1 Design features4.2 Useful Tips4.3 Removal and installation of decorative engine casing4.4 Removing and installation of oil cake protection and engine mudguard4.5 Replacing coolant4.6 Replacing the oil in the engine and oil filter4.7 Cleaning the Carter ventilation system4. 8 Replacing the suspension supports of the power unit4.9 Installation of the piston of the fourth cylinder to the NMT position of the compression tact 5. Transmission

5.0 Transmission5.1 clutch5.2 Possible clutch malfunctions, their causes and ways to eliminate 5.3 Transmission box5.4 Possible gearbox malfunctions, their causes and methods of elimination5.5 Distribution box5.6 Possible dispensing boxes, their causes and ways to eliminate 5.7 Cardan transmission5.8 Possible malfunctions of the cardan transmission, their causes and methods of elimination5.9 Drives of the front wheels 6. Chassis

6.0 Chassis 6.1 Front suspension6.2 Possible faults of the front suspension, their causes and ways to eliminate6.3 Rear suspension6.4 Possible rear suspension faults, their causes and ways to eliminate6.5 Shock absorbers 7. Steering

7.0 Steering 7.1 Features Design7.2 Inspection and Speed ​​Checking on Car7.3 Tension Verification and Adjustment of the Hydraulic Pump Drive Belt7.4 Replacement of the Fluid In Steering Amplifier Hydraulic System7.5 Replacing the Tank Hydraulic Steering Amplifier7.6 Pumping Steering System 7 .7 adjustment of the gap in the engagement of the roller with the worm7.8 Removing and installing the steering wheel7.9 Replacing the steering shafts 8. Brake System

8.0 Brake System8.1 Device Features8.2 Useful Tips8.3 Checking and Adjustment Brake System8.4 Brake Liquid Replacement Grinding 8.5 Brake System Hydraulic Ramp8.6 Master Brake Cylinder8.7 Vacuum Brake Breakers8.8 Pressure Regulator8.9 Replacing hoses and hydraulic pipelines Brakes 9. Electrical equipment

9.0 Electrical Equipment9.1 Design Features9.2 Fuses and Relay9.3 Generator 9.4 Possible Faults of the Generator, Their Causes and Methods for Remedy9.5 Starter9.6 Possible Starter Malfunctions, Their Causes and Methods of Remedy9.7 Switch (Castle) Ignition 9.8 Replacement and Ignition Candle Service9.9 Engine Management System 10. Body

10.0 Body10.1 Features Design10.2 Removing and installing front pads10.3 Removing and installing front wings10.4 Removing and installing decorative linings on the front wings and doors10.5 Replacing buffers10.6 Removal and installation of the radiator cladding10.7 Removing and installing the hood10. 8 Removal, Installation and Adjustment of the Castle and Drive Castle 10.9 Rear Door 11. Car performance options

11.0 Car Performance Options11.1 Main Circuit Turning Cylinder11.2 Steering with Electromechanical Amplifier11.3 Brake System 12. Car care

12.0 car care12 check car before departure12 car wash 13. Purchase of spare parts

13.0 Purchase of spare parts13.1 Motor oil13.2 Plastic lubricants13.3 Cooling fluids13.4 Brake fluid 14. Trip for a hundred

14.0 Trip to ST14.1 Useful Tips 15. Winter operation of the car

15.0 Winter operation of the car15.1 How to prepare a car for winter15.2 Recommendations for starting the engine in severe frost15.3 What is useful to buy for winter15.4 Useful winter tips 16. Preparation for technical inspection

16.0 Preparation for technical inspector16.1 Recommendations16.2 List of faults and conditions under which Vehicle operations are apgored16.3 Changes to state standards governing the maximum permissible content of harmful substances in the exhaust gases of motor vehicles16.4 Standard form of a diagnostic card for instrumental control points 17. Appendices

17.0 applications17.1 Appendix 1. Moments of tightening of threaded connections17.2 Appendix 2. Basic data for adjustments and control17.3 Appendix 3. Fuel and lubricants and operational fluids17.4 Appendix 4. Filling volumes17.5 Appendix 5. Lamps applied to Car17.6 Appendix 6.17.7 Appendix 7. 

We have one trait: we respect something irrational. Sports camshaft in nexian, toned lanterns or alloy wheels on the "six" ... It does not matter what exactly the main thing is to be incomprehensible how it can be loved.

The owner of our today's Niva when choosing a car hesitated between Renault Sandero Stepway and Chevrolet Niva. During the test drive, the trunk did not open in the car dealership at the car dealership, the transmission switched to work, and when trying to urgently slow down the car stalls, and no one could start it within a few minutes. Still, the choice was made in favor of Niva. Why? Here I will not answer you anything, even the owner of this Niva could not answer. Like, and that's it! It happens, right?

Slightly stories

Chevrolet Niva was a logical continuation of the classical Niva VAZ-2121. At one time, this car could be called one of the most successful Soviet cars. The history of its occurrence is devoted to many materials of different degrees of quality and objectivity, so let me miss the history of the Creating Niva today. Let us turn right away to the one that Chevrolet.

DSC_0639.pngVAZ-2121 was good to everyone, but especially - beyond the city. It's time, and ride on the old Niva on the megapolis was already just awkward, especially since the variety of suzuki Vitara and Other Toyota Ravory became increasingly difficult in the stream of cars. The type of foreign representatives then still new class SUV caused the seedlings of the skin of the niblovodov, and in the end it became clear that the Niva would have to modernize. It is now when crossovers turned into a hatchbacks with plastic linings on the thresholds, the people realized that in vain did not love "honest" SUVs, and then everything was different ...

In 1998, when a little more than 20 years have passed since the production of VAZ-2121, AvtoVAZ designers appeared to the world of VAZ-2123. Then there was no word "Chevrolet" in the title, called Niva II. Inside, the same old Niva, however, with significant alterations, especially in the transmission, was hiding in a more or less modern body. In this severe for the country, in general and for AvtoVAZ, in particular, the time to establish the release of a new car was not possible. From 1998 to 2002, the VAZ-2123 was collected only in Melkoerino on pilot industrial production. Most likely, God would be a senior, but in 2002 it was possible to negotiate with General Motors, a joint venture GM-AvtoVAZ was created, as a result of which the Chevrolet icon appeared on the cladding of Niva, and Niva became a trademark of joint production. Classical Niva has since been produced under the name Lada 4x4. In 2009, Chevrolet Niva survived the first and last restyling, although it did not change drastically. More important is the fact that during the release of the car since 2002, many nodes changed periodically, why the car gradually became better and better. A little later we will see what could be bought in 2012, but for now we note that. As you have any car, Chevy-Niva has both an ardent supporters and haters. And it is also explained, first of all, instability of quality. The domestic components in the car - almost 95%, the assembly is also local, and despite the patronage of GM, within the same party, both quite trouble-free cars came across, and literally falling apart. Especially - in the first years of production. Although the Internet walks on the Internet about Niva, who went and did not break at all for four years. For the truthfulness, it is difficult to handle, but the likelihood of such developments exists.


One way or another, Chevrolet Niva won his share of consumer love. Still: buy for its cost something more passable imported was impossible, and some kind of comfort is still present. During the category of 2009, it was even possible to draw quite a pretty salon.

Engine DSC_0617.pngThe Power Aggregate Chevrolet Niva originates from the old good carburetor motor 21213 of the first NIB. Of course, over time, much has changed, but looking at the engine today, Chevrolet Niva is hard not to remember his honorable progenitor. The modern Motor VAZ-2123 is an injection, and the other innovation of the motor is a hydrocomponator mechanism. DSC_0618.pngDue to the specificity of the car by its service, the owners are quite often engaged in themselves - the design is not the most difficult, and those who are familiar with the domestic technology, it will not present any surprises. Therefore, we will not describe in detail, for example, the procedure for replacing the oil or air filter - everything is simple and understandable.

The oil filter is traditionally located on the side of the block, access to it is not the most convenient, but you can unscrew. Its cost is from 400 to 600 rubles. Oils will need 3.75 liters. To unscrew the drain plugs, hexagon will need, the traffic jam itself will have to search, but the standard boot allows you to unscrew it without removing the most anther. Uncomfortable, but you can. Thanks to high clearance, you can even do without a pit or lift, especially since the plug is in front of the engine. If the car installed more serious protection of the crankcase, then it's still better to raise the car.

DSC_0615.pngIf the hood is open, let's see what surprises can still be presented here. Many owners of Chevrolet Niva face the problem of the bunting expansion tank. This happens for two reasons. First, the very shape of the tank is not too successful: it is rectangular with side surfaces of a fairly large area, which do not like the coolant pressure drops. The second reason lies in the unstable capacity of the tank cover, the valves of which are not always adequately reacting to pressure drops in the cooling system. If suddenly the car begins to "boil" or on the second tank in a row a crack appears - it is worth paying attention to the plug. DSC_0620.pngNovye-Zaglushki-Bu-3.png

There is a problem and worse tank tubes - this is a hydraulic tensioner of the timing chain. He himself does not always cope with the work, but also has a desire to stop working at all because of the burst tube of oil supply. The first sign of unsatisfactory hydraulic equipment will become a metal flax sound. On the engines after 2008, the mechanism was slightly changed, increased the diameter of the oil tube. However, the problem was completely not gone, so many prefer to change the hydraulic in the mechanical. Here is already standing is the ISAI tensioner, which does not require adjustment as the chain stretching (in any case, the manufacturer of the device is so convinced. There is such a thing only 1,000 rubles, but, according to many NIV owners, significantly increases the reliability of the chain drive. The chain itself is capable of being replaced by about 100,000 kilometers. Motor generators of the first NIB caused the desire to change them to ordinary adjustment bolts. Now with the hydrocompensators, the situation has improved significantly, although the noise in the GBC occurs on many copies during the cold start of the engine, most of the nivodes consider the norm. The replacement of the generator belt must be determined by which its tension is regulated. From part of the machines, it is configured by the generator shift (as on the "classic"), the later machines appeared a tensioning roller (the generator in the latter is located on top, to the left of the engine). In general, under the hood, we note a sufficiently convenient layout for small repair. and maintenance. Replace the lamps in the headlights, the air filter (only the Crosswater is needed), add liquid - all this is simple. Although, for example, with the removal of the starter will have to suffer.

Transmission and chassis DSC_0611.pngWhat the Niva does not take away - this is an honest full drive. Periodically, some comrades there is a desire to make a complete drive disabled, and then the limit of interference in the design is limited only to laziness and fantasy. Most often, one of the cardanov is simply removed (mainly - front), especially hardworking owners put the blocks of disconnection of the bridge. It seems that all these actions - from the evil, but to know that such "tuned" cars in nature are found, be sure. If you suddenly appear to buy a used Chevrolet Niva, ask whether the previous owner of trips without one cardan did not abuse. If yes - check the car for increased vibrations due to, for example, "death" supports of the transfer box. Speaking of speaking statistics of the breakdown of the checkpoint and "Distribution" failed, which indirectly speaks of their good reliability, but quite often there are complaints about clutch. It is hydraulic here, and it is necessary to change both the main and working cylinder of the clutch. Periodically, the toad is on the owner of the Niva with all its inertial car, and he is engaged in the repair of cylinders, the benefit of remkomplekt can be used. By and large, all this is a relic of "old deep", when we also riveted brake linings for drumming mechanisms. Now it is more expedient to replace these mechanisms entirely, they are benefit for today's specks today: from 400 to 600 rubles. The replacement in the service of each of the cylinders will cost rubles in 800, but everyone who remembers how to pump the clutch, will be able to perform this work independently. However, who remembers, he will definitely take himself an assistant: to twist the fittings and at the same time put on the pedal did not manage to anyone. DSC_0603.pngIn the transmission there is one significant difference between the machines until 2010 and later. After 2010, new shafts were installed with hinges of equal angular velocities. As a consequence, the appearance of anthers, for the state of which will have to closely follow. To the honor of the early design, we note the simpler removal and installation of the cardan: just to unscrew four bolts on each side. To remove the shaft with the shurts, you will need to hang out "Distribution". It goes by itself, to replace the anther to tinker with "distribution" will also have to be, and the boot itself will cost rubles 200-300, and the price of the replacement will be much higher and will depend highly on the moral qualities of the workshops of STR Transmission oil 75W-90. The checkpoint will enter 1.6 liters, a 0.79 liter is in a transfer box, in the front axle gearbox - 1.15 liters, rear - 1.3 liters. Slave space of the chassis - hub bearings. The mileage of our car is only 34 thousand, and they have already changed. The cost of bearing begins from 400 rubles, the average price of replacement is 1,500. Well, and otherwise ... here again I recall: Niva is an SUV, so its suspensions usually do not shovel. And the resource of the chassis will depend highly on where and how this car usually goes. It makes sense to pay attention to the following part. Standard protection of the CARTER CARTER is set in such a way that the levers and silent blocks of the front suspension remain no closed. If this is not so scary on the usual car, then for the SUV, this fact may become a reason for sorrow and serious repair of chassis after unsuccessful "off-road tests". Novye-Zaglushki-Bu-1.png

If you move from the road with the words "boys, see how I can!" And lever in the first peel or pebbles, then the reaction prices will be approximately the following. The bottom lever - 3,900 rubles, steering traction - 800, replacing the lever - 1,600, replacement of traction - 700, setting the angles of collapse and convergence - 2 000 rubles. Go to the "Curiès" heading. Mileage, as I said, small - 34 thousand. Age is four years. Do you know that the car has rotted during this time? Brake discs. They rusted so that they had to be changed. The disk will cost 2,200 rubles, its replacement is 800. We assume that corrosion appeared solely from a small run, because the car should not stand, but ride. And preferably - more.

Body and Salon DSC_0630.pngFirst, as usual we will sit in the car and see how she rides. And then we understand that the character from the cartoon and games depicted on the spare wheel in the box, here as it is impossible by the way. For those who do not know, explain: his name is a slope, and he is known thanks to his slowness. DSC_0638.pngThe owner of Niva, who has a good sense of humor and the ability to soberly assess the possibilities of his car, picked up very precisely. Indeed, 80 horsepower is very small, especially for the car, the all-wheel drive transmission of which is able to "devour" a decent amount of "horses" and not too powerful engine. But on the other hand, Chevrolet Niva is not designed not to win the racing . Her task is to drive there where others will not come. And she copes with her, even in stock state. Of course, on the highway on it it is better to go no more than a hundred kilometers per hour, and that, enjoying the vibrations and the gultack of the transmission. In the city, she loves to eat gasoline liters, but all this is a fee for permanent four-wheel drive. The Niva Salon of 2012 looks quite decent. Small innovations (steering wheel, a lighting light and other little things) make the interior much more enjoyable compared to dorestayling machines. There are, of course, where I would like to attach hands: for example, the arms of the disperse and the gearbox here and remained with the courageous fantasies of Elton John, and the tidy from the "spots" now looks like a complete anachronism. Ковш-заднего-бампера.png

But in general, the rebound salon does not cause. Especially if you remember about the cost of this car, because even on the background of rising prices, Niva remains the most affordable SUV. In short, we will not scold the interior: simple, but not noisy, not repulsive, with an attempt. We better bypass: what you need to know about the body and the Chevrolet Salon Niva. The Niva is almost immediately starting to rot the thresholds under plastic lining, and the most caring owners remove these lining to apply preventive measures immediately after purchase. Another problemable place is under door seals, where "Ryzhiki" also appear quite often. Unfortunately, LCP NIVI cannot be called high-quality. Behind him - only the eye and the eye. Lovers ride on the pits, bumps and dirt will have to closely monitor the rear bumper: from the inside it is made so "well", which resembles the form of a bucket. And the bucket, as is known, it is impossible to be better suitable for wring everything, for which it hooked.

What is the result?

There are no ideal cars. Moreover, the specialized, to which Chevrolet Niva can be attributed. On the track on it it is enough hard to make overtaking, in the city will disappear the consumption of gasoline. But you can drive there, where many crossovers do not even disengage. And in this advantage of such a car. Someone may not like that the car will require increased attention to some places and aggregates. But it stands not as

Cadillac Escaleid

And its service and repair may be too frequent, but not very overhead. And he can still be lucky, and your Niva will not break. Remember, we said that such copies also exist?

Frankly archaic design has its advantages. First, much can be done. Secondly, the services are usually not incremented with rates. Third, spare parts everywhere in bulk. Fourth, on the repair of the Niva on their own all or almost everything is known for their own. It is possible to accept the chronically current plug of the oil-coaling neck of the typically "Zhigulavsky motor", with rusting "hardware" or a sudden refusal of what fell. But for driving on off-road, nothing more new and modern has not yet come up with.

For help in preparing the material, we express my gratitude to the IP Butorin (Autocentre "Best", SPb, st. Fuccik, d. 17, boxing number 1)

Repair and maintenance Chevrolet Chevrolet Niva. Chevrolet Chevrolet-Niva

Chevrolet-Niva is an elegant SUV. Chevrolet-Niva is the basic model of a new family of off-road cars and the first fruit of the work of the joint venture "General Motors - AvtoVAZ".

The Chevrolet-Niva car is comfortable and convenient to move around the city streets, and on the weekend to ride the cottage. A family of three can safely go on vacation: there is enough space for things. All-wheel drive cheviniv is particularly necessary where roads end and directions begin. Here the car feels in its plate.

Compared with its predecessor VAZ-2123, significant changes have been made to the design of the Chevrolet-Niva SUV. So, while maintaining all the best properties of the VAZ-21213, the Chevrolet-Niva car has a new carrying body of a modern form, a constant drive of all wheels, as well as a number of innovations: the front axle reducer "disturbed" from the engine; Changed the gearbox drive design; elongated intermediate shaft; Front and rear cardan shafts are unified. The brake system, including the design of the main cylinder and brake amplifier, is seriously upgraded in the car. The chassis and transmission of the old "Niva" were almost unchanged constructively - upgraded, proven aggregates, were applied.

Shevi-Niva in the basic configuration is equipped with an adjustable steering column, immobilizer and central locking, electric windows of the front doors, headlight proofreader and radio preparation. The car is equipped with an injection engine of 1.7 l with a capacity of 80 liters. s., The system of electronic distributed fuel injection and the exhaust gas release system with a catalytic neutralizer, which meets the requirements of the "Euro-2" and "Euro-3" toxicity.

For an additional fee you can get alloy wheels instead of steel, tinted glass, front fog lights, velor interior with heated front seats, two speakers and antenna, rear seat head restraints and a lockable plastic coating wheel.

The elegance of the city SUV-Niva is emphasized by the painting "metallic", painted in the color of the bumper body. Color range of car is presented in seven colors. The body of Chevrolet Niva is a five-door with gluing glasses, a trunk door (with a possession located on it), which opens aside. The car's lounge is pretty spacious and freely accommodates five people, has the back seat folding in parts.

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