Fox hunting methods

Fox hunt requires colossal experience and certain skills. The fur beast behaves carefully and is distinguished by the reality. For a long time, hunters have developed many effective ways of hunting foxes.


It is about how to catch a tricky feast. We will talk today. Consider the options for catching the owner of luxury fur traps. Shooting from an approach from a suspension at Privada. We will pay attention to the hunt for dogs and a gun. Let us dwell on the equipment, choosing weapons and ammunition. Traditionally, at the end of the article, we will summarize and make conclusions.

Briefly about Lisice

At all times, the fox attracted attention to himself thanks to the luxurious fur. A shooting gallery begins at the end of September and ends in the late decade of February. The most desired trophy is better to extract in winter. At this time, leaning on the elegant, elongated torso appears thick long wool. Not to mention the luxurious tail. The size of this beast depends on the type and ranges in the range of 200-900 mm. The weight comes up to 10 kg.

In the summer, the diet is diverse:

  • Including berries.
  • Fruit.
  • Bahch cultures.
  • But the main dishes are small animals of various insects and birds.

In winter, as well as other inhabitants of forests and fields, the Lisea has to eat straightfish, swarm snow or diving into it. Hunger often makes the predator risk and seeking food near human housing.



Where lives and lives fox, let's stop at this moment, before talking about her catching caps. Foxes live in Norah that dig on their own. There are no cases when the beast occupies other animals. Captures a new home for himself.

  • Feature of housing red predator.

Careful predator will never dig holes with one way out. Camping new dwelling, additional outputs, carefully disguising them. Fox depth can reach several meters. In addition, the predatory beasts can attract natural caves, cleft cliffs and trees trees.

The fiv is foxes in the early morning or evening. The vision of the predator is adapted to the hunt in the dark. Freshly excellent reaction. But she poorly distinguishes colors. In the afternoon, a predator can relax in the field, sitting in the thickets and ravines.

Capps can be put on the red beast. However, it is necessary to make the right choice of dealer. Prepare a bait in advance. It is these questions that we will consider now.

Selection and preparation of the cappon

A quiet hunting capacanis is considered effective. The hunter should know the habits of the animal, read the marks of the fox and navigate the terrain. For hunting for a fox, traps use the following types:

  1. Framework. Lysis Kabanpan number 5.
  2. Dash trail trail №№ 2, 3.

Most often, a slice is used, or a symmetary. By purchasing a device for a quiet hunt, it is necessary to carry out its processing. Remove the factory lubricant. Then boil the product in water by adding the branches of the coniferous tree. You can use other odorless mixtures.

CappsAs for the traps, which were already in work. Before installing you need to explore. Find out how well the mechanisms work well. Remove rust. Do not be lazy to treat trapping trample, or boil in a bucket by adding the branches of coniferous trees. Only in this case, the hunt for a fox by trap can give a positive result.


Traps can be set near bait, which can be:

  • Mice.
  • Carcasses of small pets.
  • Fragments of birds.
  • Lisiza excrement.
  • Part parts fell.
  • Cleaning.

Live bait are placed in those places where the predator is hunting or on its constant follow.

Liai trails

Using Padal, as bait, you need to tame a fox, scattering a few days in a row Darm meal. Careful predator, must get used to everybody, to live in this place.

Where and how to put trap

The mammal beast moves along its trails. It can use the latched tracks of other animals, leaving information about themselves. In winter, the trails find not much difficulty.

The trap must be put in places of different kinds of obstacles: sharp turns and bends. It is believed that in such places, the beast is less cautious. The traps installed at the urinary points are well. Usually these labels are:

  • On small hills.
  • Shrubs.
  • And on the stump.

There is one condition: Capps must be carefully disguised.

Fox, beast careful and grated. Almost always avoids skiing and other traces of man. Approaching the masses, to install traps, you need to comply with a number of required rules:

  1. Carefully mask your own trace.
  2. Get off ski.
  3. Use natural shelters: Christmas trees and shrubs.

The hidden approach simplifies the process of installing cappos. After the trap was set and disguised you need to remove broken branches from this place.

From the approach

The fox hunt from the approach will be successful if the shooter takes care of his disguise. Shoes should not publish a creak. And the clothes should not bluff. It is necessary to move leisurely, inspecting the positions in binoculars. Only so, at a high distance, you can see a predator.

Fox hunting in winter from approach is most effective in February. The beast is divided into pairs and is constantly together. Male from behind accompanies female. It grows around it, running close to the fox, or extending for some distance.

Rest "Newlyweds" in lowlands, ravines. Such places are usually bored with bushes or are in a parel. During flirting, the animals lose their inherent caution. If the pair lay down, you can get closer, withstanding a pause of 10-15 minutes.

Hunter, using natural shelters: shrub and trees, can approach the slaughter distance to fox pair. After that, make an accurate shot.

Selection of weapons and equipment

For the hunt for the fox in winter, a double rifle rifle or a semi-automatic 12 caliber is suitable. It is necessary for the weapon to have a good fight and beat a box. Often shooting is conducted at a high distance. Therefore, it is necessary to use the fraction: 0, 00, 000 for an accurate shot. Shooting at a distance of 40-50 meters involves a teaching battle. Hunters prefer to make shots from a distance of 35-40 meters.

Listed Lisa

With regard to the use of cutting weapons. The defeat of the goal is possible at a distance of 200-300 meters. It is desirable to use cartridges 223 REM. 222 REM., 5,6х39, .246 Win with shell bullet. For an accurate shot, it is recommended to use a six-time sight. Preferably with variable multiplicity. Clothing is selected for the season. The disguise of the hunter and weapons is used.

Approach to fox

The hunter should understand that the beast, being on the trail, behaves carefully, responds to changes that have occurred in the surrounding environment.

Having had a danger, the cheating can change the route. It is necessary to look for it, moving along the edges of the forest. View beams and ravines. Control the boundaries of fields. Search for fresh traces of a predatory beast.

Bypassing is better to perform together, examining the terrain in binoculars. The most acceptable situation for the approach is windy and snowy weather.

It is possible to approach the beast only against the wind. Noticing that the fox of the sump, approach the distance for an accurate shot using a natural shelter.

If the beast is in the arms of Morpheus: sleeps, it is necessary to approach it not from the face of the face. It is impossible to sneak from behind or from the wind.

Approaching, paying attention to her behavior. If a predator honors a danger, she raises her ears and listens to the sounds. Close, take a pause. Give her time to calm down. Continue rapprochement.

In February, a few males can go for the female. Having found a fox, accompanied by cavaliers, you can track its route and approach the comfortable distance for a shot when the beasts will rest.

From the Azice at Privada

Fox hunting at Privade implies temporary shelter arrangement. A classic enhance is a disguised earthwoman with braces for leading fire. However, such a shelter can make not every hunter. Most often, the arrows are located in the hay or shala stacks. Fox hunting from the presence will be highly efficient if the place for firing to choose a tree. In this case, the predator will not hear, does not honor the arrow.


Having hunting on the Fox at Privada, as bait, use different waste. It may be fish, animal insides (required), Voronena carcasses or other birds. Using as bait a large privacy of it, it should be strengthened: to fix the cool. You can bind to the tree. Small pieces are scattered at the place of Zasiki, not far from her.

Having hooked on the fox on a privade in a moonless night, you should use:

  • Head lamp.
  • Contracting lighting.
  • Or PNV (night vision device).


Prepare for the energy-intensive fox hunt needed in advance. For example, in warm time to equip the dugout for shooting. To go out into the forest in search of seats of leisure lisiques and their alive. Only prepared hunters contribute to luck.

Place Zasady

The classic ambusse option is a labaz on a tree or earthwoman. For the hidden leading of fire for the beast, the building located on the severity. Stack of hay and bars, made of snow, in the form of bricks.

It is necessary to understand the risks of the arrangement of disguised shelter. If the enhancement at the ground level, there is a high probability that the beast honors it. Therefore, the outline in the form of dugouts is shutd up in the ground. The distance from the loophole to the privada should not exceed 20-30 meters. This is the most comfortable distance to defeat the goal.

Digging the dugout is needed when it is still warm. Depth - Human growth with a firing for shooting. The earth is assessed by sawdust or foliage. There is a chair or prepare a ledge for waiting for the beast. From the outside of the earthquake is carefully masked. The shelter should not be noticeable. Before you, photo of the phased construction of a disguised object.


Finished Osset

Hunting process

Begins and hunting in cloudless and bright nights. This is the best time. It is necessary to sit in the enhancement. The hunter should not approach the bait: you can scare predator. Be sure to hide skis at the expectation.

The first animals may appear with the onset of twilight. Although, sometimes, it has to wait for the arrival of the foxes for a long time. Therefore, the body is apparent. Special attention is paid to your feet. It is clear that the clothes should not blunt, and the shoe creak. Against the background of white snow, the goal will be clearly visible. But it is better not to risk, but to use the backlight or night sight.

Salary flags

Perhaps someone believed that the hunt for flags was a wolf shooting. However, it is hunting for a fox in this way. Loading the fox flags with the onset of winter cold and continues until spring thaws. The advantage is the opportunity to distinguish the old predator marks from a fresh trace.

To hunt it is better to choose time after dawn: it must pass 1.5-2 hours. Redhead Beauty after night duty prefers rest: falls on the daytime.

Unfortunately, hunting flags on a fox, not such a popular method of prey of the beast as other options. The occupation is considered difficult and very expensive. You need to prepare about 2 kilometers of flags! Be sure to withstand the size: 100x250 mm. The distance at stripes along the kapron cord should be 700-800 mm.


It is necessary to sweep the area of ​​the likely predator location. Running from chase, Fox will instinctively avoid flags, considering their danger.

For successful mining, hunters are combined into groups of 3-5 people. They should well navigate in the forest, know the locality where hunting will be. And also, probable lodge places. There is a location of the place where the fox is arranged for day rest.

Search for fresh fox traces. Most often, when the beast goes to the trip, he leaves a straight line. Such information helps hunters surround a perspective place.

Move should be moved, observing precautions: you can not make noise, talk. As shown in the figure, the checkboxes are located in direct visibility for the predator. It is important that the lower part of the tape is at a distance of 50 mm from the ground.

What should be the checkbox

The hunting zone is protected by flags that are attached on the Kronov cord. Flag size 100x250 or 150x300 millimeters. Material red, synthetics. flag

Feature: Flags, located apart at a distance of 700-800 mm, are impregnated with special compositions that scares the predator, making a specific smell. As already noted, about 2 kilometers of flags will be required for the territory object. Blank flags from the drum, practically above the ground.

The beast cannot overcome the barrier of bright red, which publishes a specific smell and trembles in the wind.

Equipment and hunting process

Lisiza Hunt involves the use of two groups:

  1. The first group includes signboards. Move on skis using an ammunition that should be approached for the season. Clothes are chosen warm, providing comfortable movement.
  2. The second group is the arrows who are in advance by numbers. For their arrangement, modern vehicles are used: snowmobiles. Arrows must be dressed warm. Be sure to use camouflage bathrobes. Often weapons are masked too. Since shooting is supposed to be carried out in the forest, a certain distance is selected for the shot. This is about 30-35 meters.

Weapons and ammunition are selected appropriate. You can use any smooth-bore rifle by installing a choc or payout. Weapons can be a turning point: double bastings or semi-automatic option.

For firing, industrial manufacturers are used. We are equipped with felt or fiberstifs. They will not let down at low t 0. Cartridges are used with fraction number 1, 0.

Hunting with dogs

For hunting for foxes with dogs, dogs of special breeds are used. Animals hunting dogs can get a fox that hides in the hole. A special role is assigned to the racing dogs. The definition of hunting animals can be found in the dictionary. But everything is in order. Let's look at the hunting options:

  1. With noble dogs.
  2. With hound pes.

Find out the features of hunting with four-legged assistants. We learn the subtleties of such an exciting event.

With normal

You can use the Norny Dogs after the hounds of dogs drove the beast in his lair. Or Fox, trying to break away from the pursuers, the shelter saming himself.

Nienna dog

After the redhead festing hid in the hole, there is a traverse.

First, they launch one dog, taking control of the spare outlets of the predator. Two dogs can interfere with each other, or dispute the trophy, clutching among themselves.

Fox, as an experienced guide, first leads a dog in labyrinths. Rarely immediately comes into martial arts. Trying to get rid of small blood and snap through the opposite.

If avoiding bloodshed fails, the predator steps into the fight. After all, at the horse his life. The dog tries to clutch the beast in the face, or grab the fox behind the neck.

Pulls out the prey, the stuff back to the exit. The hunter remains to control the process: take fox and finish it.

With hounds

Fox hunting with hound dogs is held alone, or a group of hunters. The task of the closure of Lases and block the possible ways to retreat observing caution measures. Finding a fresh trace, descend the hounds of pieces. The dog works independently, with wheels, pointing the direction in which the predator is moving. The hunters occupy positions for shooting, focusing on the bark of the four-legged assistant - overlapping the beast of Lases.


From the pursuers and dogs of Lisa surprises at maximum speeds. This complicates the accurate shot.

Often the predator jesters into the first Norah, from where the beast can be able to pull out, only a hole dog. It is the coordinated team of the team that helps to achieve the desired result.

With a mank.

Fox hunting with a cherk is a fascinating competition with a cunning beast. Most of all the hand is used during the night hunting.

Equipment must meet the weather conditions, do not blunt. Mandatory use of a masking robe. And applying camouflage colors on weapons.

You can use white matter. For an accurate shooting at night, a hanging sight will be needed, flashlight. As well as light binoculars.

It should be understood that the use of the manka does not give a guarantee of a positive result. But in most cases attracts fox.

You can use the usual or electric semitter. They are divided into one-potential and two-way options.

In advance, you need to know whether there is no prohibition in the place of the expected hunting to the electronic device. Some hunting is forbidden to use the electric shock.

The most famous and efficient sound extraction devices are:

  1. Classic devices emitting a mouse squeak.
  2. Malnic with a sound resembling a hare cry.

There are features of using a popular device.

The device works well into mad and clear weather. It is necessary to alternate sounds with the inspection of the terrain in binoculars.

Noticing the beast need to be masked using natural shelters: bushes, trees. Considering the direction of the wind, so as not to move the fox.

Creek hare

Two sounds are published with a subsequent small temporary pause. Then the sound is repeated.

It is not recommended to use the distension to the goal closer than 300 meters. Fox can determine fake notes and refuse a date with a hunter.

You can use the bait by throwing it in front of you. It can be a tangle of wool, which is held on the beep and slightly twisted the hand of the hunter.

Lisa will throw on the bait. At this moment you can make a sight shot.

If the farm creation is fascinated and does not appear for a long time, you should not be nervous.

Be sure that she noted for himself the direction of sound and will definitely go to the search for mining.

  • Malka "Creek Zaita Prank".

The device works effectively after lunch. Approximately nine in the evening. A series of sounds is published, which alternates in length: 15-20 seconds. Then pause for a few minutes. The combination is repeated.

Choice of Manka

Choosing, a particular thing on a fox, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer. Buy a proven option. In the choice of the brass device will help visiting the hunting forum.

Where you can ask your question and get a qualified advice. Generalizing the statements of hunters make their choice.

You need to learn how to use the canter and remember that he is able to present surprises. Creek prank (hare) can sighing careful beast. Instead of her, to meet you, boar can go out.

Hunting tactics

Tactics comes down to finding the likely appearance of the beast, the place where the predator is resting. Shooting on the maximum short distance. Or a shot of rifle weapons using optics at a high distance. It all depends on what way it is supposed to lead the hunt for the fox in the winter.


We looked at various options for fox. We hope that the information provided will help you prepare for a meeting with the owner of red fur, and the hunt will bring the long-awaited trophy.

Fox Hunting Video

Many hunters hunt with dogs and this is not a secret, since on the hunt, the main assistant is your faithful dog. Also many hunting hunters are hunting on the hole, so is my friend. It is exclusively to hunt on Norah, and two Yagdterser helps him. The question of how he managed to raise such good dogs, he says a lot but it is not on the topic of the article. One thing I can say that he starts to prevent them from the six-month age. From the beginning with the skins of the fox and then alive, but does not allow direct impact on the fox and foxes on dogs. Thus, dogs develop strong hatred for the beast.

Where does he take a living fox? In our region there are artificial holes, but the pleasure of them is not cheap. Therefore, he began to practice the fault of a wild beast. How he does it? He tried many belongings, and the most effective was the belly of this type:

How to catch fox (belonging)

It is done very simple, and in time I needed only 3 hours. The main thing to have a welding machine with you. I cooked by the usual welding machine.

How to catch fox (belonging)

Yes, I almost forgot the main thing, after I finished the belly, I wanted to check it out. I took her to the meadow, and left her overnight. The place chose next to the trail on which fox went. In the morning I found that Lisa found my belly and even became interested, there were many traces around. And the fox itself was not trapped, it very reluctantly enters the metal. After calling a friend for consultation, what did I do wrong? It was decided to leave her for a day. When I returned to her next morning, a gorgeous Lisin was already waiting for me. So I checked the work of this belonging. I advise you to try!

Sizes and proportions

How to catch fox (belonging)

I want to notice that young individuals enter the fools in this belonging.

The article indicates only the permitted methods for the production of fur animals of trapping in According to With the rules of hunting in the Russian Federation (P. 52.11 Hunting Rules)

Mining Foxes Cappanses is complex and interesting in their own way. It is doubly interesting when it turns out. I remember in the first two seasons I was left without chanterelles. They will fall out the trap, then they will find a plate, and it was cleverly made a subpople to Privade, leaving the trap intact. In general, one disappointment. I even went to the extraction of foxes with a gun at the privada, postponing the iron until the best times. And then still defeated the first fox of the cappon. I remember this meeting, as now. In the frosty Morning of November I desperately walked to the last point. Lisa hid behind the bush and did not give out its presence to the last. And then literally from under the legs jumped up and began to spin in a circle on the chains. Lisa snatched, realizing that they came after her. I was always amused that she could not hably like a dog, so quarry and dust. Happiness overwhelmed me. What is just a fluffy tail "pipe", black elegant brushes ears and resten "gloves" on the paws. Yes, the creator worked on your color, shelma! Melkashka stopped the riot of red-colored on a gray background of autumn earth. After such a prick, I went home with enthusiasm and desire to study the drone craft even deeper.

Fox fishing capacanis in Chernotropu is certainly not in Russian. Our mined and mined always on a white trail, choosing Laz Lases, masking capacanis and their traces of snow. Our principles of hunting with traps influenced the GOST for fur raw materials, the requirements of the title. The outlet of the skin of the fox coincides with the frost and already established snow. The mining of the foxes to the snow has always been an occupation of lovers. Capps were caught by Privad, less often with the crossing, in Nor. Finally, random meetings with foxes on autumn duck hunting are not uncommon. The culture of the ballopal fishing of Foxes in Chernotropu in Russia has not been formed, except for the southern areas, where the noble period happens longer. In any case, in the Soviet classical editions, the concept of "trap fishing in the Blackotrop" simply does not exist, with the exception of the forgotten fishery of the Crow, Suslik, Groundhog, Sony Hercules, Tushkanchik ...

Over the ocean (USA and Canada) everything has developed differently. What is fun to look at the "Winter Methods for Fox" at the Mature Methods. Yes, they simply do not know how to catch in winter, we will be frank. Inherit there in the full program, they will smear something waiting. Funny even. But according to the Chernotrop, the trappers succeeded, it should be recognized. Yes, and so that in a short period of preliminary trapper, the same amount of foxes minor, how much our industrialist will add to the entire winter. I liked these ways, because I am a city hunter. With cacks, I get hunting during your vacation. I want to have everything in this short period. After all, putting a trap on a beaver, five meters from him, I can put a trap on a fox, and in the nearest ravine - on the raccoon, on the Quantity - on Mink and Ondatra. Why not divert fishing. In addition, the fox in the suburbs is subject to mining without a limit, and with a raccoon dog, the situation is worse. Already at the top began to think not to equate whether to the wolf, for harm. As for the quality of fur to snow, this is of course not the first grade. But I do not pass them away. For yourself, we will collect a rug or covered on the sofa, and it will be. So for me, Chernotrotrop is an attempt to diversify other types of hunting with trap.

Imitation of mouse hole. I think for every furny animal you can pick up a trap method of mining the closest to its natural habitat. Fox is a professional mousel. All other disasses for her more addition to the diet. So the imitation of the mouse hole on Earth seems to me the most attractive for her. This is not a mountain incomprehensible fell in the field. To such a privade, she needs to be careful. She thinks: "Suddenly a more dangerous predator will catch up ... Or again, this person, from which Brahoy smells, led his rusty bustling glands there? DANGER, however ... ". The fox has no competitors near the mouse hole, it is intended for her by nature and the danger it does not see there. Even the fox has a habit of making pantry. Why she does it, the question is complex. Maybe she needs a fermented product. It's like our cheese with you: the longer the excerpt of the more delicate product. Maybe she also wants a delicacy who knows.

The behavior of the fox on the "Mouse Nore", inside just a leather impregnated with a spacious bait (October).

Nora for fox should be mouse, diameter up to 5 cm. I tried somehow the holes more wider - 7-10 cm, but Fox works little at such a place. Sometimes just squeezes her head and deftly grabs a piece. And to me, a trap, you need to delay the fox so that she sweeps on the spot, hesitated. So more chances of my aircraft. The depth of the mouse hole can also be different. I tried deep holes up to 45-60 cm. I didn't like it very much, Lisa is not a fool that Nora is deep. She certainly digs such a hole, but somehow sluggish without enthusiasm. The best depth is 20-25 cm. So Lisa sees the bottom with the bait, the smell is better dissipated in the terrain. It is especially important to make a hole at an angle to the surface of the Earth of 45-60 degrees. I like under 45. So the fox will definitely dig from my cappana. It is important that the stop from the hole would be some kind of terrain, limiting the beast approach. It can be a small bush, stone or just a fallen tree.

The drone is put with such a calculation so that the plate is removed from the hole by 20-25 cm (the distance from the large to the middle finger). So fox gets the front paw. Sometimes you can make a rear paw. In this case, it is necessary to first dig a trench with a depth of 10 cm, 30 cm wide, a long 80 cm. In front of the trench, Nora is digging. And in the back at a distance of 50-60 cm from the hole put a trap under the back paw fox. Fox fits the place and does not see samols with his eyes, not sniffing. Fits relying on the rear paws when digging.

Well, the most important thing in this formulation, the trap must be masked on top of the layer of land. It's not a dry grass or a forest litter! There will be no fox on this surface. Or comes, but quickly will understand that it is Western and turn the paw. Only soil, dense, odorless. Such a soil imitates the ground from the mouse hole, as if another animal only dug out. Under the trap, you need to dig a diameter of 20-25 depth 3 cm. Next, we drive or anchor on the chains, put the crooked hatching capacanis very tightly, literally it should be pressed with force in the soil. Next to the plate laid a layer of paper for baking or a segment of the grid of the tank. From above through a sieve (2x5 mm), a layer of soil is poured. This layer does not exceed 0.5 cm above the plate. It must be sealing from Doug Cappan.

This looks like the final formulation of "Mouse Nora". The trap is disguised as a layer of land sifted through a sieve.

Primaka Zverlyov. The most actively fox is moving in a preimage. There is no snow yet, so for the night she has time to go through a very long distance. So the chances to catch her on the bait are much higher than in the winter. Now there are a lot of bait for fox hunting. There are bought freedom and democracy with the smell. There are domestic. And finally, there are accessible recipes for self-preparation of the smell mixture, which in my opinion is very interesting. I can not advise what it is better to use. This is a very delicate question. This is the same as the advice on the choice of the first gun (on the forum, several pages of tips on the signs of guns for a beginner always amused me, and then the TC itself buys that it is easy for him, the topic is closed, but still write a few more pages of discussion and condemnation. ...

The choice of bait depends on the conditions of fishing, season, temperature, finally from the local population of the fox. One thing I can say for sure, the bait should not freeze in the frost. If the bait freezes, it means it is water based and is suitable only for the positive temperature. Zverlyov must have a few bait. Do not be caught on the same smell. In the beast it can be associated with the presence of a person. So we caught a couple of weeks. Change the sketchy bait. Or already initially use different. These different bait are divided or classified not only in their composition, but also by the caused effect. This behavioral reaction is clearly visible on the photo station and the trace activity of the fox. I will give examples:

Primaka feed "Food Lure" - This is a typical embarrassment on predators. Mimics the smell of production. As a rule, it is decomposed meat or fish. Such a bait causes an appetite in an animal. An animal sniffs, salivation is activated. Fox is looking for a food source. If it takes out a wand, moistened with such a bait, sniffing and without fail. Such bait is well used at the end of the season in Chernotrop. Already hit the frost and there is nothing to eat. This is where the smell of juicy sustained fell from the chef will play you in hand. But if there is warm and fox on the street, she goes sluggish on such a bait.

Badge on curiosity "Curiosity Lure" - It causes interest from a fox. So that the reader understands I will explain. Here you are sitting on the sofa at home and see the cable TV. Suddenly you feel the smell of burner wires. What do you do - the bullet fly to the source and are looking for, where the core. Also the bait on curiosity. It is not a meal, it is not the smell of an animal. It's just curious to smell. Lisa is suitable for such a bait. Sniffing it. Do not eat. Sometimes it smells over. Fox will quickly get used to it. And over time ceases to visit. But sometimes it works. For example, when foxes are full. When the weather is warm at the beginning of the season, I will certainly offer something special.

Primaka from the odoring glands "Gland Lure" - Used to distract the beast from the situation. That is, Lisa understands that in this place was not a hunter, but another animal. It can be gland foxes, raccoon dogs, mink, chore. Anyone. For example, a mink bait is very interesting to fox. I noticed how fox sniffs her. Sneezes Then she sniffs again. Then lying in her. Leaves his urinary point. And then, with each transition, it visits this place, without failover, leaving the blade. The same effect happens when using the glands of the Spring Liser. I apply such a bait at the entrance to Noura. Or on the back plan from the hole on the bush or wand.

Long-range bait (call) "Long Distance Call" - It may be one of the above formulas, enhanced by one potent component. For example, in the United States and Canada, the essence of skunk is used for these purposes. Sometimes they give this secret to fault and then keep the sense of smell. Such baits are monotonous on the smell palette, because the main component of the skunk is detaining other muscles and essential oils. Its function is only one: pull the beast to the place. And then it all depends on what exactly you put in the mouse hole menu. Such baits are applied to the protruding item about the hole, it can be a bush or a stick, or a tree trunk. However, I adhere to the opinion, the bait "Far Call" should be in Nore. Let and work there.

On the formulation of the "Mouse Nora" use various options for fragile bait and casks. I wrote them in the form of a consolidated table. So it seems to me clearer.


Smell of housing. This is probably the most important factor in the catch of Lisens. Any hunter understands that it is necessary to approach from a leeward side, so does not care ... But what exactly is the account? Tobacco? Yesterday's feast? Washing powder? No friends, any beast determines the presence of a person by the smell of "housing". This is a comprehensive concept. Want to understand what I mean? Go to visit your neighbors. They at home you will sigh another air. It is saturated with other things, kitchen, butter from the plate, shoes, lying in spirit. The same is at home, only you are accustomed to it. So, going to hunt, all this "Chanel" you will take with you. It is no coincidence that many bear hunters hang clothes for Labaz outside housing, there moisture and wind will make it neutral. Someone smears the boots by manure, and the hands are worried. And urban white collars spray themselves with new-fashioned smell neutralizers.

I use gloves and rug. Some of my constructive fabric gloves, I work with the ground and cappon. The second gloves are thin medical disposable, by them I put the bait of the sketch and lay a dealer piece in the mouse hole. The earth above the dish of the tray should not smell anything except the fresh earth If it smells like something outsiders - the scenario of the behavior of the fox follows: the fox will lower his head to the place of the plate, snaps down, then the paw will slightly remove the layer of the Earth, will find a plate, it will understand that it is metal and leaves the place. I stumbled many times on such behavior, and then I realized what the reason. By correcting this lack of in his practice, I stopped at the occasions of dyskapochki, and the foxes were added to the execution.

Capps I treat the old covenants. With new removal of lubricant. I give trap slightly rusted. Then wardrive in coloring decoctions (meadow herbs, branches and bark of deciduous trees). Then the capacanis cover with boiling wax. And then I observe the ritual. I do not take cappos bare hand. I do not drive open in the car. I do not keep them at home.

Summer. Capps are covered with dye and reversed with wax.

Antifreeze. I think the reader is clear that the layer of land over a plate should not be fatal. Now imagine late autumn and preimage. In the afternoon of rain with snow, morning snow and freezing. This is problem. A big problem. She almost stopped me. I had to catch strictly until November 4th. And then this is a lottery with the weather, where Grandfather Moroz persistently tells you: "Remove the samols and wait for January." I struggled with the freezing of the Earth over a plate in different ways. In general, I would divide them to the fact that it was up to the "wax land" and after its use on the fishery.

Rock salt. You take, raw on the bottom of a couple of tablespoons, you put a trap, then the layer of the earth layer of salt and another layer of the earth. Everything is not bad, pricks were in frosty nights. But something was not satisfied. First of all, the trap strongly suffers from corrosion. Salt corrosive metal appears rust. The wax covering of my cappana eats a week. But it effectively holds a couple of seasons. There were funny cases. Unfortunate animals are suitable for kapan. They feel salt and stick with hooves. And that the moose your trap number two. So slapper. I could not understand how Leshego he needed my tucula in mink. And then I understood. This is salt. I must say that such a statement in the shadow of the forest near the river does not work. Moisture from the river impregnates the land and it still fatters. It seems that there is no precipitation and the ground was dry, but after a couple of days I was waiting for a failure. Moisture from the reservoir played its own. About rain silent. Passed heavy rain Be kind rewind setting if frost soon. This is necessary to dig a trap again to push the earth, and from another place because this land is all in Rust ... But with all his minuses it is a cheap working way. It all depends on the Mother of Nature. Sometimes there is such weather that antifreeze is not needed at all.

Alkaline antifreeze. The overseas product is sold in the store for trapper. Slightly better salt by properties. Does not attract hoofs. There is no smell. Salt after all can accumulate moisture. From the house, for example or car. And this as we agreed - the smell of "housing". This purchase antifreeze is packed hermetically in the bottle, convenient to use. It can be added from above after rain or mixed with Earth. Drone he also "burns" causes corrosion.

Propylene glycol. I learned this method by chance on the forum of Maine's swamppers. I was simply tired of abandoning my traps with salt, which after the rain still fattered. I took the glycol who uses for bait, mixed 1: 1 with water and sprinkled on top of the trap. Glycol flashed my production. The place worked somewhere 5 days. Then, at the edges, I saw the earth, but the work of the trap did not prevent it. So this is a good emergency defrost method when you came and there suddenly everything frozen.

Wax Earth. What about the blackcard before January, with minus 15 for example! You will not be able to blame me in the traditional for hunters enhancing success. Type on the Internet video from the Master of Pakhiviy Jeff Dunlop, type "Trapping Wax Dirt" on the Internet and you will find out what happens in the snow. No matter how dildo it sounds. The bottom line is that in the summer you cook wax land, and in the season you carry it with you in the bucket and use to cover the cappana plate. We must purchase palm wax for candles. This is such a powder similar to the semolina. A mixture of wax for candles is mixed with dry ground (2 cups + 12 cups of the Earth) and heated. Heat wax with the ground in the tank on the plate, constantly stirring. The land becomes "wet" from preheated wax. It is not necessary to overheat, and then the wax flows onto the bottom of the earth. Then we embarrass the land on the cloak-tent shot on the ground. Roll over the Earth rubbing the lumps of the sieve. As a result, the same earth is obtained as without wax. BUT! She skips water under drone. Not fatal. It remains loose in any weather. Even when you remove the drone from the spot, he literally blows up the wax land, before it loose and not coming. In its kind, this is a revolution in the balkan fishing of Lisiza in Chernotrop. It is worth trying to try this way this way you will become His hostage.

Palm wax for the preparation of non-freezing land.

I am preparing wax land. Summer.

Equipment for dripping fishing according to Chernotrotropus. To produce in Chernotrotrop, you need a trap with twisted springs, type 2 Taiga "Suaz" or # 1.5 # 2 bridge. Drone with plastics springs is not very suitable. Although I caught №2 "Tonar", it simply had to dig up the platform more under it and mask the trap .. The trap should not have a high sensitivity of the calendar, all the same there will be a layer of land. It is desirable that the arcs are offset. Such less injured paw. But there is a reservation. Offset arcs made of thick metal really do not injure the paw, but their fine metal analogs wipe the paw as well as ordinary caps. There are laminated arcs for the hill, rubberized arcs - we still need to do so.

I use two types of snap: deaf and with anchor. It all depends on the soil. If the land is solid, then I use a stake from the reinforcement long 60 cm. He scores under the trap hammer. At the end of the chain of my tray there is a spring shock absorber. Previously, it was just a piece of spring from a gymnastic expander, now there are domestic springs, quenching the beast jerk. Despite the deaf snap, the animal sits well in the cabin and the paw is injured less. The only thing that quenching springs are sold with the calculation of a wolf and a beaver seems to me, so it must be loosen. It is done simply omit the spring into the electrolyte for a week, the corrosion evenly removes the metal layer, the spring will be softer. A movable equipment is a 120 cm long chain at the end of which a weighty anchor cooked from the reinforcement. This method is good when you do not want to destroy the place. The animal got caught and shifted from the place of fishing. Of course, the area must be selected appropriate to be caught in.

Small work with iron. Installation of swivels, chains that are quenched springs.

Dobor Foxes in Kappan. Checking cappos on the fox I advise 2 nights after installing the aircraft. More often I do not see the point. This time drone will keep the beast in place. So, you were lucky and you noticed from afar that Lisa in the Samol, she already knows that her offender came. What to do with it? Methods "Dubbing on the head", "in the bag and about the angle," "for the hind paws and about the tree" seem to me not quite quick and effective, about their aesthetics I keep silent. I would not hurry to the caught fox, on all pairs. Desperate the animal can make the final jerk and break out of the trap. Look at from afar exactly how it came across. If in the cappon of the paw whole. There are no options from the animal. If only the pad is hooked. I advise meter for 10 to shoot from Melkushka (22LR), then quickly run up and raise the fox up so that the blood does not blurred fur. There is an option more correct in my opinion. You take a flyer wooden so that the fox neck will fit. Come to the fox to press it to the ground, supervised the flyer in the neck. Next, we step in the heel and with all your weight on the chest of the animal and we consider to 10. The beast is Dobran, quickly, humino, without blood, without a noise shot.

The author with an ordinary fox. November. Moscow region.

Where to catch? Rule number one. No need to catch where there are dogs of hunting breeds. You know approximately where comrades in the hunt are hunting. In the preimage, the hunt for a hare with hounds is popular. In my races, the hounds are allowed on the forests of the forest, and in general, in general, hunting takes place in the forestry massive (Zayak-Belyak). There I do not put the trap, although the foxes there walks a lot, especially on the "crosses" where forests are intersecting, there they are essentials are surrounded by glades. This is a great place for drowned fishing in February on a white trail. And in the fall, let me nick the hound, I do not know I am pleased to listen. With huskies, the problem is more difficult. Laika for smells fell and fragile bait. Moreover, some of my baits are made from glands and have a strong animal fragrance. So the husky in my trap will come accurately. Of course she will immediately conquer, and the owner will hurry to her aid, and then with Matvagami will drop me for the iron. I understand it, but I can not fix this random event. Although if I see a hunter with a dog, I always say that it costs there, fit. Of course there are huskies-clever, who do not go to iron and do not touch Padal, such a master is trained by an educational trap.

For myself, I chose a place where few hunters. You will not believe it in the suburbs there are still such places. For example, roadside forest ravines with streams. There are not particularly stuffing, burned there with a gun. And with the trap in the blurred box there exactly crawl. Even in Chernotrotrop, I choose country roads in the fields, they must be close to the forest, better when there are several roads. And the most important LAZ is a combination of ravine-river ravine. The bottom line is that such a relief is pushing the beast and he all It goes on this corridor. This is the way that is characteristic not only for the fox, but for the Lesnaya Kurtsy. Well, probably last place where I go are duck, which are empty after November 15. Where the channels of land reclamation canals are small. Fox also holds their edges. So you can predict LAZ without snow.

What to do with skins.

The output of the skin of the fox coincides with the first frosts. "When frosts already established, we need to wait a couple of weeks and there will be the first grade of the exit of the skins in adults." My father taught me. According to our lane, it coincides with the first second decade of December. But Chernotrop at this time is already finished! So there is a great drawback in all of this above. In November, the skar is not mature. With a raccoon dog, the cathers are already podnators. In October, then the raccas are put on the barrels or cells feed beaver and by mid-December they receive a magnificent weekend side of the first grade.

Autumn skin of the fox is divided into the third and second grade. The third variety is a fox with a blue meter across the entire skin, the tail is not lush, the scuffs are weak in general one disappointment, and not a fox. Such foxes came across the second decade of October. Especially bad at this time of the skins of young foxes. Such skins will go to bedspread or rugs, but not on the product in the form of a vest. From the third decade of October to the second decade of November, I came across foxes of the second variety. The tail is lush, the ebb is mostly white with a bluish plot at the exhaust. Cane By the way, this is not a major fox skirt yield. It is important to estimate the puffs, it is necessary to touch the fur at 15 cm on the base of the tail. If the scuffs are developed, the volume of fur is large, then the fox is output. I happened completely fluttered skins in November. So the best deadlines of the blackcard in its Moscow region I define from the third decade of October to the third decade of November.

Pigmentation of the leather tissue of the fox ("Blue Mezer"). And - early in the fall (marriage), b - autumn (third grade), in - Late autumn (second grade), G - winter (first grade) Hood. A.Subbotin

The hunter must be able to do. All sorts of excuses there, that I am better to pass, someone else will do, it is troublesome ... Guys, this is weakness. I got Utya - be kind of talking. Do the fur, able to work with fur. Primary processing of fox skirts simple. This is not a beaver yet. I advise you to carefully examine GOST 14174-89 "Skirts of the fox and the korsak unbearable, mined by hunting." Further knife, hands and desire.

Workplace for working with fur.

What to do with the skins is not idle. Memorial lesins hang at me at home as the interior. Some of them got me very difficult, this is a kind of trophy. The average for the quality of the foxes go on bare and sidewes. But well-thinned will go to the upper clothes. Of course, I myself do not wear a fur coat - I have no profession. But I have vests. They are made of excellent raw materials. It is especially pleased with your own hands. The vest is a good gift. It is light and comfortable. This transitional option is not a sweater and no jacket. In general, you can figure out something good. Finally, if you have taken a lot of fox it can be passed. They will give 600-700r - such a sad price. If you have only two or three of them, it's a pity, but if there are tens of tens of them, then you can part.

P.S. In the summer I plan to hold a meeting of the "trap" in the suburbs. The format of the open meeting: "For those who first took a trap", "Exchange of experience", "Favorite productions". Immediately I say the participation of a broken, voluntary, without pathos, without advertising, without drinking, without a zoo. Who will be interested in participating in me to mail [email protected]

There are a number of ways to hunt red rolling. Today we will find out how to catch the fox in winter. What to pay attention to. Let us dwell in detail on a number of ways of hunting: trapper and a canter. We find out new hours of hunting, consider a number of current limitations. Traditionally, at the end of the article, summarize.

Fox hunting rules

Going to the hunt of a beast, the hunter must have a package of permits. According to the new rules of hunting on the fur beast, the deadlines were somewhat shorted.

FoxNow the fox hunt begins with 01.09. During this period, the Fox's capture is allowed without using firearms. Fox injury implies the use of dogs of hunting breeds.

And only from 25.09 The fox hunt is allowed using weapons and dogs of hunting breeds.

The changes in the rules of hunting is noteworthy paragraph 31.3, which says that the exhaust of the holes, including fox, is prohibited. It is impossible to assist the hunting dog stuck in the hole.

Paragraph 32 states that at the end of the hunt, the Nor's plots must be buried.

Winter fishing foxes on trap

Fox hunting trays involves the use of a plate trail tracker No. 2 or 3, and Framework Cappon of Lays No. 5.

Let's find out how to catch a fox in winter using drone.

Fox hunting with trays includes a number of stages:

  • Preparation of equipment;
  • Choosing bait;
  • Determination of the installation site of the cappon;
  • Methods of producing traps.

Let's stop at each stage. Find out the nuances of the preparatory process.

Preparation of Kappan

The newly purchased product before use should be cleaned with lubrication and rinse with a rag-moistened in gasoline. Then boil it with the addition of needles and other natural components: foliage, grass, bark trees, and so on.

Trap on lisu.

Previously used traps need to be inspected for the work of the locking device. Remove rust. Boil with the addition of wormwood, tree bark and so on.


Live mouse is suitable as the bait, planted in the box. Often as attracting fox on the site of its transition scatter the loss or leave pieces of animal carcasses. You can use Padal.

Determination of the installation site of the cappon

Fox behavior is different. Some prefer to hunt solely in the forest. Suspicious and careful. These are forest foxes.

Others, live next to people. Drashing are often visited by landfills. Hunt in the fields and along the railway lines. Their trails intersect with traces of people. This is field foxes. Given these features, you need to install trap.

Fox hunting in winter is a knowledge of the animal trail. They are also called Las Lases - a kind of road that enjoys the animal. The most catchies are the following places:

  • Fox in winterTransitions through obstacles that can be: fallen trees, stones, ravines. In this case, the trap must be placed in front of the obstacle and after the obstacle transition site.
  • Vidial points - places where the animal leaves his smell: columns, hemps, bushes, trees. Traps are installed on both sides of the trail.
  • In areas where a pronounced (sharp) turnover trails.
  • Install the trap and hope for the capture of the animal and next to human housing. The categories of convenient locations include the haystacks, where there can be a mouse, cattle boring, dumps.

The place can be chosen on your own. To do this, you need to scatter the bait definite time so that Fox could get used to the safe place of the feed.

Methods Installing Kappanov

The most common ways to install mechanical traps are considered:

  • Installing a trail into a trail;
  • Installing a cappon under the trail.

Fox hunt with a semi

Another way to stop is to stop - this is a fox hunt with a semit.

This method of hunting is very fascinating. Get hunting with a gun more often at night. The result may be zero if a strong wind on the street. The beast may not hear the work of the manka.

For a comfortable hunt, it is necessary to choose the appropriate equipment:

  • Mannok on Lisu.Thermacete.
  • Warm clothes, not emitting noise.
  • Reliable camouflage bathrobe equipped with a protective mask for the face.
  • Weapon masking elements.
  • Heavy sight and binoculars.
  • Lantern.
  • A camouflage cape or shirma.

And, of course, the plank, about whose choice, read below. For a fox hunt, there are several types of semolsters. Most workers can be considered:

  • Mock with mouse sound.
  • Device, with sound of a wounded hare.
  • Malnoka who fell into the Bed Bird.

Proper hunt is one of the most rational forms of using biological resources, without which the well-being of a person is impossible.

Fox fox is very valued, so many wish to catch this animal. A fox can live almost everywhere except Arctic tundra. The most value has a fox foxes of dark-brown color. Interestingly, animals hunt not only because of their beautiful expensive fur. Some lovers are breeding foxes in captivity or train them. In any case, fox or her fur is very valued on the market. The most interesting is that in order to get the desired, sometimes it is not even necessary to go to remote areas. Foxes are found beyond the feature of large cities. Some animals even live on freedom, in public parks or squares. They are not afraid of people and do not hide from them. However, hunts on animals that you trusted, brutally.

Maybe someone will think that it is incredible, but foxes can live in small pieces even in the center of large cities. True, there is little sense from them: the animals will spread the dirt, and they themselves often sick with rabies.

How to catch Lisu.


If you are a beginner hunter, it is very important not to designate when hunting for the beast. Fox has a very beautiful golden fur and fluffy tail. Do not everyone know that the animal belongs to the family of dog. The average for the dimensions of the fox has the length of the body of about 60 cm, and the height is 40 cm. On average, the weight of an adult is 4-7 kg. As for the hunt, it is very important to choose the right time if your goal is chic fur. Once a year, the fox is linked, so it is desirable not to fall for this period, because there is no decent fur. The best time to hunt for the fox is autumn, because then the fur of the animal is thick, it becomes more beautiful and fluffy. Summer hunt is better to postpone, as you will get a hunter with a rare wool, only published reminiscent lush fox fuse.

trap for foxes

Food, hunting

In order to understand how to catch a fox, you need to know everything about it. This will help you understand the logic of the animal and it is easier to influence his behavior in a responsible minute. Each hunter should remember that in agility and tricks of Lisa can be removed with him! This animal is incredibly cunning, so you have to be absolutely confident that the fox trap will work, otherwise you will no longer see the animal. Fox is pretty fast, she deftly removes his traces so that hunters or other predators do not find it. If you can compare someone with a hunter, then only the fox. The animal is very observational and carefully, and also has excellent hearing and scent. Fox sees about 50 m around him. It can notice a small movement, it can be at a greater distance, but it is no longer able to see something in detail or just see something further than 50 m.

Foot fastened with small animals (hares, hedgehogs, rabbits, fish). At the same time, it can eat apples, some berries and vegetables. In the villages and the villages of Foxes often steal chicken coopers, which proves their dexterity and trick. For convenience, even their holes are constructed closer to human dwellings. Time for hunting - early dawn or dark twilight. In winter, Fox eats Padal, which collects himself in advance.

trap on the lisu

Hunting for Lisitz

Most often, the fox is hunting with the help of a cappana is the main and most effective way. There are, of course, other ways, more versatile, affordable and simple, but cannot be used by law. It should be understood that the foxes are very careful and twice for the same trick will not lead. The hunter must have a certain experience and skill in order to properly choose the place and the bait itself, and also to hide it well. In order to certainly catch a predator, it should be very detailed to study his habits to take advantage of this at the right moment. In general, the hunt for this beast is divided into two types: active (with the help of rifles and dogs) and passive (using ordinary samolsters). The choice of a hunting method depends on whether Lisa needs live. If you need to catch a living beast, you should use a passive way of hunting.

how to catch fox on a loop


Droplet on the fox is placed only after careful preparation. It is necessary to start with the decay of various delicacies for the animal where it happens most often. It is best to use fresh blood, meat of small animals, small pieces of a newly killed animal, its fur, as well as insides or swollen eggs. All these smells are very attracted by a fox, so she will not be able to pass by. Another interesting method of bait consists in spraying trees, bushes and other plants with urine fox.

After that, it is worth moving to the preparation of the traps themselves. If they are not new, then they must be cleaned thoroughly. You can remove rust with sand or large sheets of paper. Even if the traps are new, then you should not use them immediately. First, it is necessary to remove the extra oil and check the operation of all components of the cappon. Only after you make sure that it works exactly and flavored, you can talk about a successful hunt.

how to catch fox in winter

Installation of Cappan

Capacan on the fox is important to set correctly. It is necessary to do it where it happens most often - in the hunting places. If we hope for good luck and install the trap where it fell, then no prey will be. If there is no time to watch animals for a long time, it will be useful to know that most often the foxes are near the reservoirs and meadows. Favorite place for foxes is a variety of brods through water, small passages, tunnels, etc. Droplet needs to sprinkle with ashes or ash, so that it is not visible. The fragile bait will force the fox to wander around the territory in search of food, and, making it, she cares to trap. Sometimes for a more effective hunting in the trap, a living animal is planted, for example a hare. For fox hunting, cackans of a plate type (No. 2, No. 3) are used. Fox hunting with bait is most effective when using trap.


How to catch a fox with a cunning trap? Often hunters use pit. Some believe that this is one of the simplest and legitimate ways to see the Golden Beast. In order to catch the animal in this way, you should dig a hole of the middle depth near the tree or hemp. On the one hand, it is necessary to place the bait (preferably very strong to seduce the beast), and on the other hand, make a steep slope. Getting to the bait, Fox will fall into the pit. So that the fox did not notice the trick, the pit is slightly covered with leaves and plants. It is important to make this cover loosely so that Lisa can fall into it with ease. It should also be paid to the slope of the slope, it should be sufficient that the animal cannot resist. A fox trap should be very well planned so as not to scare it. To do this, you will have to perfect in detail in the habits and the habits of these animals.

Fox hunting with bait


How to catch fox in winter? You can use trap, but they are very much spoiled from the snow. The pit is not the best option, as it can become a shelter for some kind of beast or just branches are too striking to her. In this case, it is best to use a small box with a hatch. In the hatch you need to put the bait. When Fox is the smell and will come in search of food, it will accidentally come on the pedal hidden behind the branches and shut the hatch.


Do you know how to catch a fox on a loop? This method of fishing is not very popular among modern hunters, which resort to more advanced methods. And yet he deserves attention. Loops are made of independently from wire or fishing line (the material must be strong enough). A special moment here is the right placement of the aircraft, because the animal must be captured precisely behind the paw. The easiest types of loops are fixed while the animal is trying to free. More complex loops raise fox up.

Summing up, it should be said that you never need to torment animals. The rules of hunters prohibit it. If the fox is injured, you need to shoot it, shifting into the front of the body or side. If you let go of the wounded beast, he will return to his hole and there will be a few more days to bleed and suffer.

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