Five reasons why drive does not work.

Despite the gradual transition from the CD to flash drives, the first is still necessary. Sometimes the presence of a CD drive is critical when it comes to quickly restoring the system performance, and its absence or breakage can lead to excess problems, time loss ... If your computer does not see the drive, you can determine the cause in several ways. Talk about them today and talk!

1) First, press the tray output button on the drive. If the actuator does not respond to this, then the drive is physically devoid of power and should check the connector connecting from the power supply to the CD-ROM drive. To do this, you will have to disassemble the system unit. In the case when the tray still leaves, but the computer does not respond in any way to the presence of a CD in the drive, you should check the connection of the interface cable (IDE or SATA) and, if necessary, replace it. Check the rank of your drive if it is connected using the IDE interface, then when connecting two devices to one cable, each of them must be uniquely identified as "leading" or "slave". Setting this parameter is made using jumpers on the actuator and if they are installed incorrectly, this may lead to incorrect operation of the device or its full inoperability.

2) If the problem is not eliminated, you should check the BIOS settings. If you are not familiar with the BIOS setup, then do not attempt to change the incomprehensible parameters yourself, simply select the "Load Setup Defaults" menu item and click Enter. Now exit BIOS by confirming the saving of parameters.

3) In the case when the drive is still refusing to be detected by the system, you should check the Windows settings, because It can be disconnected by the system itself in case of any kind of malfunction. Click on the "My Computer" icon right-click and in the context menu, select "Properties". In the "Equipment" tab, you need to click on the Device Manager button. Check if devices are disconnected in the "DVD and CD-ROM drive" row. If the device is disabled, just turn it on.

4) Check the computer to viruses, sometimes they can influence the system in a similar way. If necessary, reinstall the Windows operating system.

5) If nothing of the above has decided not to solve your problem, then your drive is physically faulty and is required to replace it with a good one. To control this parameter (service / malfunction), it is advisable to refer to a friend who has a computer to check your device for full performance. We advise you to perform this item first, as this will quickly cut off the necessary actions on your part.

Before loading the operating system, the DVD drive works fine. But after downloading, if you insert a disc, it is not only not read, but the operating system hangs. First, try reinstalling the drivers using the Device Manager. To do this, follow the steps below.

Method number 1.

1. Press the button Start and select Control Panel .

2. Click System and in the section Equipment Select Device Manager .

3. In the Device Manager, discover the branch DVD and CD-ROM drives , right-click, click Devices for CD and DVDs and select the command Delete .

4. When you appear a request for confirmation of the device, click the button. OK .

5. Restart the computer.

6. After rebooting the computer, the drivers will be installed automatically.

Method number 2.

1. Press the button Start and select Control Panel .

2. Click System and in the section Equipment Select Device Manager .

3. IDE ATA / ATAPI controllers.

4. Select the channel number on which is set to DVD drive.

5. Set the PIO transmission mode instead of DMA.

6. Restart the computer.

Despite the high reliability of modern computing systems, the forums often ask questions: "Why doesn't the computer sees a drive? What to do?" Perhaps this problem will exist until similar devices are finally displaced on the backyard of history by more technological solutions.

Taking a screwdriver in his hands ...

Each user who collided with the situation when the computer does not see the drive, must realize that it is not the first. There is a high probability that there is nothing catastrophic in such a breakdown, the performance of the PC can be easily restored. According to statistics, only a small part of those who have stopped seeing a drive, were forced to seek help in service centers or spend money on the purchase of a new device. Most managed to eliminate the breakdown on their own for 10-15 minutes. It is important to remember that panic and negative attitude - the worst helpers. Do not forget about the need to work with the motherboard using the current version of the BIOS. This firmware can be downloaded from the manufacturer's board and flash using a special application.

Philosophy breakdown

The reasons, due to which the computer does not see the drive, are divided into two categories: hardware and software. To eliminate the fault of the first type, it is necessary to have access inside of course, if it is sealing the warranty sticker, you will have to use the services of the service center. Software breakdowns caused by the failure of control applications are often found: they can and should be eliminated anyway. Let's start with the second.

Allowed canal

The overwhelming majority of modern drives work "out of the box", i.e., you only need to purchase a device, place it inside the system unit (in the case of a classic version) and connect two lines to it: power supply and interface cable. After loading the operating system, the new component will be automatically recognized, drivers are installed and access is available on it. But sometimes simple connection is not enough, and the system does not even see the fact of attaching new equipment. In this case, a disappointed user in this case refers to the support service with the question "Why does not see the drive not sees a drive."

And the reason for failure can be in incompatible parameters of the BIOS computer. In this case, it is necessary to restore the performance in this case immediately after powering, it is often pressed to press the DEL button, which will lead to the launch of the configuration utility of the motherboard operation parameters. Here the user needs to find the information window (usually "Main"), where discovered disk devices are indicated. If there is no driven name in the list, then you need to go to the Storage Configuration section and set all the ports to the Enable state, then proceed to Exit Option and save the changes. Each device is connected to its port, respectively, if the use of the channel is prohibited, the detection will be impossible. Consequently, if the computer must necessarily make sure that this BIOS parameter is not prohibited.


Sometimes the drive in the list of BIOS devices detected is present, but there is no drive in the operating system. In this case, the cause of the failure can be in unsupported channel operation mode. In the "Main" section there is a "SATA MODE" item, which can be set to IDE or AHCI mode. In order not to fail, it is necessary that the motherboard fully supports new equipment, otherwise work is possible only with a number of restrictions. In particular, if the computer does not see the drive, you can try to switch the SATA MODE to another mode. It should be noted that after that it may be necessary to reinstall the operating system.

Summing up on software failures, we can say that with similar problems the most important thing is to carefully check the BIOS settings and set the correct parameters. The cardinal solution is to reset all settings to the factory state. This can be performed either by closing two pin-pin on the motherboard (their location is indicated in the instructions), or using the Load Optimized Defaults item in BIOS.

Maintenance of the port

All modern drives are designed to work with outdated PATA are already practically not found, and USB is the prerogative of external solutions. Although motherboards also support a consistent tire even at the chipset level, and therefore problems, in theory, should not be, many owners of new computing systems, as once for a long time, are wondering why the computer does not see the drive. " So, sometimes the connection of SATA connectors on the Mainboard and the device using the appropriate loop may not lead to the desired result. And everything is explained simple: two types of SATA ports are installed on modern boards: the second and third versions. Many operating systems without installing an additional driver cannot work with a newer standard, hence the problem. If the user connects the SATA-2 drive to the port of version 3, but the control program will not install, then the performance is not guaranteed. This is despite the fact that the developers declared compatibility "top down". In practice, this is true only in part. Thus, if the computer does not see the drive, then you need to make sure that its connection is manufactured to the SATA2 port on the motherboard. If it is not so, install drivers for SATA3.

Interface cable

Included with the motherboard, at least one consecutive interface loop is always supplied. It is usually used by the owner for communicating a hard disk and fee, but for all other devices such a cable is purchased separately. The problem is that various firms are supplied to the market now - from the famous to little-known Chinese. Accordingly, quality varies. Even such a simple thing, like the SATA cable, can work with failures by adding the owner of poor-quality conductors inside the loop, insufficiently durable contact plates, violation in the site of the soldering: Is it worth wondering why the computer does not see the drive?

Need or excessiveness?

Some SATA plugs on plugs contain special metal strips-fixators, with which after connecting to the connector, the possibility of spontaneous partial extraction is minimized. But the classical solutions that do not have such a functional are in some cases losing contact with the device, which is why the question arises "Why does not sees a drive." With such problems, it makes sense to replace the interface loop. Well, if it is without locks, it must be done. All self-respecting manufacturers know this nuance and supply a little more expensive to the market, but reliable solutions.

Port Malfunction

One of the frequent causes of the drive failure is the SATA breakdown on the motherboard. As it is not surprising, but if one of the connectors stopped working normally, the neighboring often function without failures. Consequently, with such a breakdown, you need to open the system unit body, find the loop that is from the device to the board and reconnect it to any other neighboring SATA. Note that this feature does not at all mean the physical exit of the port of the structure, and the problem may be on the compatibility of the circuit board.

Problem disc

And finally, one of the most "popular" reasons, because of which long searching for the answer to the question "Why does not sees the computer does not see a drive" is a unreadable disk forgotten in the device. Perhaps, each owner of the computing system came across compacts, which did not want to read on this drive. When trying to open a drive, the drive was buried, spinned, slowed down and in every way refused to work with the sample. If such a problem carrier is left in the drive at the time of the computer turn on, then after downloading to the operating system, the device may be inaccessible.

Despite the fact that CD and DVDs are gradually losing their relevance, yielding more modern and convenient drives, there are still situations when you just need to use the drive. To the surprise of the user, in the most responsible moment it may be found out that the computer cannot detect the drive. Fortunately, such a problem can be solved. In this article, consider in detail what to do if the computer does not see the drive. Let's deal with. Go!

You need to start, of course, with the definition of the nature of the problem. First open the BIOS to do this, press the Delete or F2 key while booting the computer. It all depends on the PC manufacturer. Therefore, it is better to first clarify this information on the Internet specifically for your laptop brand. After you hit the BIOS, check the list of connected devices. If the optical drive is not displayed in the BIOS, it can be turned on. The algorithm of action will differ for different manufacturers of motherboards.

The easiest way to help rectify the situation is to restore the standard BIOS settings. To do this, select "LoadDefaults" and confirm the changes made. After that restart the PC and check the drive again.

Another reason can be incorrect operation of drivers or operating system. To check the availability of drivers, go to the Device Manager, to do this, click on the "My Computer" shortcut and in the menu that opens, select Management. The Computer Management window opens. On the left menu, click on the device dispatcher. In the list that appears, select "DVD and CD-ROM drives". In case the drivers required for the drive are missing, you will see a warning exclaiming or question mark near it. This suggests that something works wrong. Right-click on the appropriate line and try updating the drivers or put old from the list of previously installed. The existing incorrectly working driver can be simply removed and restart the computer so that the changes entered into force.

Incorrectly working driver can be simply removed

If this method does not help, the problem may be in viral software on your laptop. Viruses can lead to serious malfunctions in the operation of the operating system, so it is not worthwhile by the attention of this reason. It never interferes after once again run the full system scanning. If your antivirus is outdated, be sure to install the latest updates, otherwise the virus can simply be detected. It is also recommended to use only. There is a rather choice of free licensed antivirus programs that you can use.

If the laptop is already in such a state that the simple scan does not help him, it is recommended to restore the previous state when the operating system worked correctly.

Drive problems may have and physical. For example, it can be in poorly connected loops or nutrition. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the possibility of banal wear or disorders of the SATA IDEs on the Motherboard. In this case, you should seek help to the master if you have not come across the disassembly of laptops.

Now you know what to do if the PC cannot detect the drive. Write in the comments if this article was useful for you, and share with users with our own experience solving such a problem.

Hello, friends. I decided to write an article on the topic: The computer does not see the DVD drive of Windows 7. The tips written below are relevant as other versions of Windows.

Now there is probably very few who use CD, DVD drives, but even if the breakdown happened, do not rush to order a new drive. There are many reasons why he stops working. If the breakdown is in the drive, then you can solve the problem, knowing some secrets. Immediately I will say that the drive is not always the main problem. You will learn about the main breakdowns and how to eliminate them. Also at the end of the article there is a video with another solution to the problem.

Try to identify the nature of the breakdown. Let's start with disc check. We take discs and try to run if some of them are started, then we start looking for a fault in the technical part. Also there is a point if the operation of the operating system fails, then the discs are not read at all. The same fate will affect the records of the disks.

How to solve the problem of programmatically? Think which programs were recently installed on the PC. Perhaps put the game. Sometimes when installing, they arbitrarily install "their" virtual disks, as a result, they conflict from here and problems with DVD drive appear. Another popular reason for "breakdowns" - Alcohol or Daemon Tools programs- As you understand, they are needed to mount these very virtual disks. All this can affect the operation of the drive.

How can you check everything?

The answer is simple: delete the program listed above and try to run the drive. If everything starts and works, then the answer is obvious. If you have not noticed changes, you will have to "dig" further. The earned popular problem is glitches of drivers. In this case, use the Device Manager. Come in the "Control Panel -> System" or who is used to working as a keyboard, press "Win + Pause", then select "Device Manager" on the left side.

If you delete the specified software, and open the device manager, we can still see the virtual drives installed by the programs that we mentioned above. Watch them need in the DVD and CD-ROM drive branch. Now use the right mouse button, the menu and delete them. Then restart your computer. Look at whether changes occurred.

What actions can still be taken? We list below:

- Press the View menu, select "Show Hidden Devices";

- Find the "SPTD" driver in the device tree (it is located in the "Drivers of non-astonial devices" section);

Is there a positive result? If not, moving on. Find among the 2 or 4 channels of the controller in the IDEATA / ATAPI section of the controllers "one to which the DVD drive is connected. As a rule, each such channel is different name. Alternately, open each channel and look at the "device type".

What we are looking for is the "ATAPI CD Disk CD". What to do next? We need to look at the bird "Enter DMA". If it is worth it, then remove if not, then put it. Then reboot, look at the result. When everything began to work with the disabled option, then check the box, and reboot again. Leave the working option. For the best, the "Enable DMA" function must be enabled. Sometimes this condition is considered the only possible when Windows 7 is worth.

How else can you configure the drive?

Go to Device Manager, open the DVD drive there. Next, as in the picture, select your drive, click "Properties" and go to the "DVD Region" tab, see what the region is indicated here. If the region is "not selected", then we leave as it is, we do not change anything. If not your region is shown, then install your. Note that it is possible to change the region only 5 times. Try to change additionally "not selected" to any other region. Return everything back will help flashing.

What to do next if there were no problems with the "iron"?

  • The first to which we look - the loop. Maybe you have recently done in PC and could damage it. Replace it - maybe there is a spare, or you can take someone from the buddies to the substitution for checking or buy a new one. Next, see the power plug.
  • Open the tray, blow (how much) the internal drive. Why is it necessary? During the operation of the DVD, the drive is covered with dust, it directly affects the laser operation. If there is a layer of dust, respectively, the discs will not be read or be, but selectively.
  • If you have previously come across the repair of any technique, then you can take advantage of this advice. Carefully disassemble the drive, moisten a wand in alcohol and clean the laser eye.
  • For those who are not strong in repairs. Hello, everyone can disassemble normally and collect a DVD drive. Tip: Use the cleaning disk on which brushes are provided. If the drive recognizes the disk, then it will be scrolled and brushes will remove dust from the laser.
  • The second option is the actuator firmware. Try to find the firmware on the manufacturer's portal, download and follow the instructions, for the correct installation.

See the video, there is another solution to the problem in it.


Question from the user


Help with one problem. My drive does not see a DVD (at all). When I insert the disk - it starts to make noise, slightly crushes, the computer hangs, and that's all. After a couple of minutes - everything ends if you do not try to see what is on the disk.

The disc itself recorded on another drive, and he reads on it ...


Good day!

Oh, 10 years ago, this problem was much more popular ... I agree with many users that CD / DVD drives are recently used less frequently (and, probably, heal).

However, sometimes there is an acute need for them, for example, when you need to read a disk with old documents (which cannot be found on the network), start the game from a licensed disk with protection, install Windows when USB ports do not see the USB flash drive, etc.

To admit, honestly, I myself did not transfer my collection of DVDs to the external HDD (although I have long been trying to do it). In this article, I will consider what can be taken to solve this problem "invisibility" ...


What can be done if the drive does not see CD / DVDs


First of all, I will recommend to take several disks: CD-R, DVD-R, DVD + R, DVD-RW, etc. (both recorded independently and purchased in stores). Alternately insert them into the DVD drive alternately and try to read information from them.

If you have a writing drive - also try to record information on a couple of disks.

The essence of this action : Find out the nature of the problem, determine if the problem with one specific disk is connected, or with a specific type of disc (let's say, the drive can see the CD, but not to see DVDs).

Type of CD (DVD-R, CD-RW)

Type of CD (DVD-R, CD-RW)

I think before spending money on a new drive (which will not always solve the problem), it is much wiser to spend half an hour on the "parsing of flights" ...


In case of visibility problems with many discs

As already said above, the drive can either not see DVDs or CDs or any at all. All causes of invisibility of discs can be divided into two types (it is easier to understand with them):

  1. Either the drive itself came into disrepair (the laser in it), the loop was deployed, the backup of the nest, etc., i.e. The problem is related to the hardware component;
  2. Either the problem is related to software.


How to determine if there is a hardware problem:

  • If you have an installation Windows disc or any other boot (for example, with antivirus programs, etc.), try insert it into the drive and restart the PC.

    If the installation of Windows and the PC will be started with it - it will see it - almost certainly the problem is related to software (to help Article: How to configure BIOS to boot from CD / DVD disc));

  • If the drive does not react at all None of your actions - open the system block housing and see if loops are connected to it, try re-connect them.

    Often, when the power cable was left and the drive did not work. The same applies, by the way, and to laptops - try to remove the drive from the nest, clean from dust, wipe the contacts with alcohol and reinstall the installation;

  • Note that whether the BIOS drive is determined. If the BIOS does not see the drive, does not determine and does not show its model, the name is most likely your drive "covered" ... on how to enter the BIOS. The drive is determined in the BIOS!

    The drive is determined in the BIOS!

  • By the way, the characteristic symptom of the drive breakage is the fact that it ceases to see the discs of a certain type. Because Different lasers are used to read CD and DVDs, then the breakdown, as a rule, concerns one type of disc first.


If the problem is hardware

1) As already recommended above, pay attention to Loops . If possible, try connecting the drive to other loops and check whether it will work.

2) most often the problem lies in dirt and dust which hit the laser and now he cannot read the information from the disk. To clean it, you can try various special cleaning discs and liquids.

For example, there are discs with brushes when such a disc is spinning in the drive, then the brush looks like dust, which favorably affects the actuator.

Cleaning disk (there is a small brush on it)

Cleaning disk (there is a small brush on it)

3) You can also clean the drive if you manually disassemble it and purge, for example, using a sphailed aircraft. However, not every drive can be disassembled, and not so it's easy.

You can try simply open the tray and blow the drive through it with a balloon. Very rare, but helps.

4) What about repairs - now such drives, as far as I know, no one repairs (unprofitable). When breakdowns - they simply change to new ones.

If you do not know how to replace the drive (or what to buy instead) - pay attention to external devices, they can be connected without any problems to the usual USB port.

5) By the way, now there are on sale Very cheap External DVD drives (both writing and readers). They can greatly help out when suddenly suddenly needed to work with a CD / DVD format.

👉 Council!

Very cheap DVD drives can be found in Chinese stores.

External USB 3.0 DVD RW Drive

External USB 3.0 DVD-RW drive


If the problem is software

1) Delete (disconnection) interfering operations of programs

First, I recommend to remember (pay attention) when the problem appeared, after installing which program.

Most often, the problem is related to programs to emulate CD / DVD drives (these are programs such as Alcohol 120%, Daemon Tools, Nero, Ultra ISO, Clone CD, etc.).

Panda blocked everything ...

Panda blocked everything ...

Sometimes, some antiviruses can block the reading of the disks, assuming that there are threats (and while the disk will not be fully checked - you will not give it to read it!). For example, the Panda Titanium was famous for this when setting the maximum level of protection.

Council :Remove the software that creates a virtual drive at the time of testing a DVD drive. In addition, disconnect (or delete) antivirus.

2) Try to roll back the system (if there are recovery points)

If you have a recovery point in Windows (and all systems, except Windows 10, make them by default) - try restoring the system. About how it is done, you can learn in this article.

3) Try Update / Replace Drivers

Often, the problem is connected to the drivers. To reinstall the current driver, go to the Device Manager (Press the WIN + PAUSE button combination, in the menu on the left you will see a link to the dispatcher) , and expand the "DVD Discovers ..." tab.

Find your device in this tab and delete it.

Deleting Device - Device Manager

Deleting Device - Device Manager

Next click in the Upper Device Manager button. "Update Equipment Configuration" . The drive must be automatically and the driver will be installed again.

Update device configuration

Update device configuration

As a rule, such a simple way allows you to restore the normal drive operation.

By the way, pay attention to the tab "IDE ATA / ATAPI controllers" : It has several ATA Chanel. Open Properties every ata chanel and check if everywhere is involved DMA . If there is no, check the checkbox and save the settings.

Properties - Additional parameters - use DMA

Properties - Additional parameters - use DMA


4) Reinstall Windows

It also happens that no tricks allow you to restore the work of Windows: some system files can be corrupted, something deleted, dependent, etc. In some cases, what to find the reasons and the solution, which is not so with the system, much faster reinstalling it ...

👉 To help!

How to reinstall Windows 10 (without data loss) - Step-by-step instructions


With invisibility of a particular disk

As a rule, such non-readable discs are already pretty grazed. With their insert, often when the computer hangs, trying to read the information from them. An example of one of these disks is represented in the photo below.

Scratches are noticeable on the disk surface

Scratches are noticeable on the disk surface


1) Try using another CD / DVD drive

If you really need information from the media, the first thing that will recommend is to use another drive (preferably DVD-RW, because writing drives are more sensitive to reading information). Often, when one drive does not see the disk, and the other is able to consider all the data from it.

If the disk is read on the excellent drive - immediately make a copy from this disk. Because It may be so to become that the next time you will not read it ...

To help!

How to create an image of ISO: 1) from the disk; 2) from files and folders


2) Try gently wipe disk

For this, there are specials on sale. facilities. Thanks to this wip, you can "block" part of the scratches and the readability of the disk will increase somewhat.

Disc watches

Disc watches


3) Take advantage of special programs

To read bad discs there are specials. Utilities, for example, Bad Copy. or Unstoppable copier. . They will try to consider not responding several times (sector), and in the worst case - they will simply "score" it zero (and do not hang like Windows).

UnstopPable Copier - Example of the program window

UnstopPable Copier - Example of the program window

If you have a matter with video, music, pictures - most likely, you just will have a "dumb" second in a video or a part of the picture will be lost. Not as bad as the loss of all information.

If on the disk of the program archives, games, then the most sad, such "scratching" areas are "scratched" zeros - will not allow you to install these applications (i.e., in fact, they will be spoiled!).

To help!

1) After recovering files, they do not open. Is it possible to somehow view these photos, video, documents?

2) 10 free programs to restore remote data: files, documents, photos.


Last Council ...

Well, the last thing I would like to mention: now online you can find the absolute majority of files (whether old games or movies, some programs, etc.), which may want to read from the "invisible" disk.

And if we are not talking about something unique and specific, it is possible to spend a few minutes in search of information on the Internet than on repair and "dance" around a DVD drive? Most likely, you can find files even in the best quality! 👀


On me, I still have everything ...

Constructive criticism and additions - are welcome in the comments!

All the best!


First Publishing: 03/06/2018

Adjustment: 14.10.2020


Useful software:

  • Video editing
  • Video installation
  • Excellent software to start creating their own videos (all actions go down the steps!). Video will make even newcomer!
  • Utility for optimization
  • Computer accelerator
  • The program for cleaning Windows from garbage (speeds up the system, deletes the garbage, optimizes the registry).

The drive for the modern user is an integral device both in the computer and in the laptop. Discs, or blanks, continue to be common information carriers and their relevance will not be lost soon. On them we record your favorite music, we install the films from them. And when the drive for some reason ceases to read discs, it is very sad. First, the user deprives one of the carriers of the information, and secondly, reinstalling the system becomes doubly more difficult. But even when DVD ROM completely refuses to work, it does not mean that he is time for a landfill! There are several reasons why he can refuse to read blanks, but in almost all cases it can be returned to the performance. Let's deal with why the drive does not work, and how to make it again read the discs, as before.

Double and drive

Drive in the computer refuses to work: common causes

Often in situations where the DVD-ROM stopped working, the reasons turned out to be banal. Consider for the beginning the most elementary of them.

  1. Physical shutdown. In most cases, the device is simply not connected to the motherboard. And the user could accidentally pull out the plug from the connector during the cleaning of the computer from dust. Such a reason is not amazing for the SATA interface, since such connectors quickly are cleared. It happens that the plug even himself can fall out of the connector. Enough the computer will move.
  2. Problems with loop or connector. It is also a fairly frequent problem. If the device does not work, while everything is properly connected, you do not need to hurry to write it on scrap metal. Try switching the loop to another socket. If it does not help, replace the wire itself.
  3. No matter how ridiculous, but some users are classified a device to non-working immediately as soon as it does not read one disk. Do not hurry with such conclusions. Check the disk for damage. If the scratch dwarf that often happens, then the problem is in it. Spell another disk device and check how it reads. If everything is in order, it means you sinned for nothing.
  4. Laser clogging. Also a very common problem. But it is relevant for drives that either work for a very long time, or used extremely often. To revive the drive to the service, it is not necessary and it is not necessary to pump out the specialized software either. Everything will cost a campaign to the nearest store, which sells blanks with music, games and films. You need a cleaning disk. This is a common thing, so you can buy it anywhere. Suppose you bought such a blank. Included with it an instruction and a special liquid for cleaning laser lenses. What do next. Carefully read the instructions, we understand that the cleaning fluid is a very dangerous thing and when contacting with fire can lead to sad consequences. So, after reading the instructions, we apply a liquid on the disk brush and gently insert it into the drive. After the device bears a blank, a program for cleaning the laser will boot. She will tell us that you need to do. Yes, and we read the instructions. We carry out the necessary actions, waiting for the completion of cleaning. Remove the disk and rejoice in a fresh drive!

Set of cleaning disk

Refusal of the drive due to the installation of the emulator

If all of the above helped you, then remember which of the programs you installed the latter.

If you installed programs for emulating virtual drives Alcohol 120%, Ultra ISO and others, the reason for the disk reference may be related to them.

Such programs often cause conflict between the virtual device and physical. How to solve this problem? Here are some options that will help you safely solve the task.

  1. The best way to eliminate such a problem is the system rollback. Each program during installation creates a recovery point to which you can return. The main thing is that the system restore function is active. So, to roll back, follow these operations:
  • Open "control Panel" . Next Point "Restoration" . After that you need to click "Running system recovery" And choose a kickback point. In our case, you need to restore the computer to the state before installing the emulator. Accordingly, we select a point created by this program. Click further. After the recovery process, the computer will be rebooted and the system is reported on returning itself to their child before an earlier state. Next we appeal to the drive and voila! He works! The screenshot below shows an example, as it will look like.

System restore after not a successful program installation

  1. If for one reason or another, the operation of the Operations was turned off or the rollback point before installing the emulator was removed, do not fall in spirit! You can fix the problem manually. For this we do the following:
  • To begin with, we remove the emulator itself. Yes, so that it does not remain from him and the Spirit! Clean everything: and folder Program Files. , and folders Application Data. .
  • We go B. device Manager , we find a virtual drive. We send it along the same address where his creator sent.
  • Then, without leaving the device manager, open the menu, view and select Show hidden devices. Next we see an impressive list of incomprehensible devices and drivers. Do not be afraid, we need only one item - SPTD Driver. . We find such and we also delete.
  • After all this, we remove the drive itself, reboot the system and rejoice in the newly working device.

If none of the ways helped, then only one conclusion remains, and not the most comforting: the drive still died. In this case, you can try to repair it, but the cost of this service is commensurate with a new device.

What to do if the drive does not work in the laptop

Drive in laptop

When the drive installed in the beech is refused, the reasons remain the same as in the case of a computer. We repeat them once again and briefly describe the possible solutions to problems.

  1. There is no loop in the beech, but I have not gone to the connector. Only, unfortunately, he is alone. To check if the drive is fine, connect it to another laptop or the computer. This is quite possible.
  2. Again, spoiled discs. Do not rush to blame the drive. Check may not read one or 2 disks that are spoiled.
  3. Clogging lenses. Here also help cleaning disc.
  4. Installing virtual drive emulator. As before, the solution to the problem is either in the rollback of the Ourser, or in the competent removal of the perpetrator of the problem and all components.
  5. The failure of the device. Here, as was written above, nothing will help. There will have to buy a new device.

DVD-ROM does not work after shopping

Not all products that we buy in stores, high-quality. No matter how hard manufacturers are trying, and on 10 devices one turns out to be defective. This is not a law of meanness, but a human or equipment error. What to do in this case?

  • Do not panic. Not the situation where you need to show your emotions. Try to connect the device to different computer sockets. Check the loop, replace it.
  • If nothing helps and the drive does not work, in no case try to figure out the problem yourself.

If you open the device body, the warranty will be lost.

  • Contact a store or service where you purchased DVD-ROM. According to the Consumer Protection Act, you have the right to demand all the cost from the seller of the seller, or replacement for a working device. But immediately a new drive will not give you. The returned device will be tested by the seller in your eyes. If the problem is confirmed, then you will be brought apologies and the store will offer the replacement of the goods or return the money to you. When I ran into a similar situation, the drive long and persistently tested on three computers. But he did not work on one. As a result, I supplement a little and bought a normal working drive.
  • If the seller refuses to replace the DVD-ROM, referring to one reason or another, it is not necessary to arrange scandals and rushing for trouble. Take a non-working device and with confidence, go to court. If the equipment is really faulty, the examination will establish it. The main thing is not to open the drive. Next, you can sue the cost of goods and even require compensation for moral damage. The consumer protection law will be on your side. If the fault really exists, you will win anyway.

Can always return the workbar

When the drive fails, and the loop does not just go out or from the above reasons, you can try to repair it . In some cases it will cost you cheaper than buying a new device. But, unfortunately, the repair is not always possible. In which cases it is worth repairing the device, and in what it is better to think about buying a new one?

Repair drive

  1. At the failure of the laser. If the laser lens can still be changed, the laser will cost very weekly. In addition, each manufacturer of drives uses various lasers, which in our country may not be. It, of course, will be commissioned, but how much will have to wait, it is unknown.
  2. At the failure of the electric drive. It happens extremely rare, but still happens. This item is also no cheaper and again and again, it is not known how much you have to wait until it is delivered.
  3. Cleaning board, as well as damage chips or capacitors. This drive detail is also satisfied with rare, because each manufacturer uses its development. Accordingly, ordering a fee will have to be directly at the factory. This is time again. Relubiance of capacitors or chips Case is painstaking and not every service for it will take. Yes, and this service will cost not many cheaper than new device.


Finally, a few tips that will extend the life to your drive and get rid of you from unnecessary worries.

  • Do not insert into the drive spoiled or scratched disks. This significantly reduces the service life of the device;
  • Do not leave the DVD-ROM open. This contributes to the accumulation of dust and clogging of laser lenses. In the future, it goes without saying, it will not lead to anything good;
  • Do not ray the drive long work. He also gets tired. Let the device rest at least every half hour if you often work with disks;
  • If the drive is actively used, do not neglect the periodic cleaning of laser lenses. But too often do this, too, do not need it, because there is a risk of scratching lenses;
  • If possible, do not use virtual drive emulators. In the case when they are very necessary, be sure to check whether the system recovery is enabled and a rollback point has been created.
  • If you are the owner of the laptop, all the recommendations are the same. But also pay your attention It should not touch the fingers of the drive itself and the more laser.

Malfunctions in the work of the drive in Windows 7

When working with a computer, a situation can occur when the user reveals that the drive does not work on the PC. This manifests itself that this device ceases to see the discs inserted into it, read them or generally the system does not determine the drive itself. Next, we will try to figure out why this is happening and what ways to solve this problem exist.

READ ALSO: Drive does not see the disk in Windows 7

Causes of malfunctions and ways to eliminate

The reasons for the disk drive failure can be divided into two large groups: hardware or software. The first is most often associated with the breakdown of the drive itself. This can be expressed in the failure of a chip or laser head. In this case, you must contact the service for repair or simply replace the faulty device. However, sometimes the source of the problem may be in other hardware components of the PC. For example, with a partial breakage of the power supply unit, the electricity will not enter the disk device, which will lead to its failure. It is also worth checking the correctness and density of the power cable and SATA or IDE loop to the appropriate ports. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the connectors on the actor, but also on the motherboard.

In addition, the source of the described problem can be incorrect BIOS settings. In this case, it is necessary to adjust the desired parameters of this system software.

Lesson: How to configure BIOS on a computer

We will concentrate in this article on Windows 7 software problems in the work of the drive.

Method 1: Setup via "Device Manager"

The problem with the work of the drive may arise due to the fact that it is not initialized in the system or due to the lack of necessary drivers. These negative factors can be eliminated through "Device Manager" .

  1. Click "Start" and open "Control Panel" .
  2. Go to the control panel through the Start menu in Windows 7

  3. Go to section "System and safety" .
  4. Go to System and Security in the Control Panel in Windows 7

  5. Click on the name of the item "Device Manager" In the instrument group "System" .
  6. Launch Device Manager in the System System and Control Panel Safety section in Windows 7

  7. In the window that opens "Dispatcher" Lay out the name of the device group "DVD and CD-ROM drives" .
  8. DVD and CD-ROM Disc Control Panels in Device Manager in Windows 7

  9. However, this group may be absent in the list. In this case, click "Act" And select Position "Update configuration ..." .
  10. Go to updating the hardware configuration in the device manager in Windows 7

  11. A procedure for updating the configuration of all devices connected to PCs, including a drive, will be performed. After that, the desired group should be displayed. If she did not appear and you are sure that the reason is not in the BIOS or hardware component, then look for a drive in other groups. When problems with drivers, he can not get into his section. But when and there you will not find it, you can immediately move to consideration Fashion 2. .

    If the desired group is still displayed, check the performance of the drive. When you find that non-working problems have not been eliminated, click on the title of the above section above. "Dispatcher" .

  12. Opening a DVD device group and CD-ROM drives in device manager in Windows 7

  13. A list of drives will open. The next operation should be made even if the initial group you have displayed in "Dispatcher" . Lay the name of the problem drive and right-click on it ( PKM. ). Select option "Delete" .
  14. Go to deleting a drive in device manager in Windows 7

  15. In the window that opens, make confirmation of actions by clicking Ok .
  16. Confirmation of the drive in the Device Manager dialog box in Windows 7

  17. After removing the drive, do the acquaintance of us on updating the configuration. After that restart the PC.
  18. Go to re-updating the hardware configuration in the device manager in Windows 7

  19. If it does not help, you should try to update or reinstall the drivers. To start, perform an update. Click B. "Dispatcher" PKM. By the name of the drive. In the list, select Option "Update drivers ..." .
  20. Go to updating drivers in device manager in Windows 7

  21. In the displayed shell, select the option with automatic search.
  22. Transition to automatic search for drivers on the Internet via Window Update Device Manager Drivers in Windows 7

  23. The driver's search process on the Microsoft website will be launched. In case of a more relevant option, the corresponding software will be loaded to the computer and automatically installed.

    The process of automatic search for drivers on the Internet through the Updating Device Device Manager Drivers window in Windows 7

    Lesson: how to update the drivers to windows 7

  24. If the specified action version did not help or the computer did not find a suitable replacement for existing drivers, that is, it makes sense to perform their full reinstalling with a preliminary removal of the current option. But to begin with, you need to download topical drivers from the disk manufacturer on the PC. If you cannot find this web resource, use the search for the desired components on the equipment ID.

    Equipment ID In the Details tab in the drive properties window in Windows 7

    Lesson: How to Find Equipment Driver

  25. Next twice click on the call code in "Dispatcher" left mouse button.
  26. Switch to the drive properties in the device manager in Windows 7

  27. Now move to the section "Driver" Through the Opening Window tab.
  28. Go to the driver section in the drive properties window in Windows 7

  29. Next click on the item "Delete" .
  30. Transition to the driver deletion in the drive properties window in Windows 7

  31. Then confirm the performance by clicking the button. Ok In the dialog box.
  32. Confirmation Removing the drive driver in the Device Manager dialog box in Windows 7

  33. Now you need to install a new component. To do this, call the driver update window, as described in paragraph 10 of this method. But this time in the window that opens, select the option with searching on this PC.
  34. Switch to the search for driver search on this computer through the Update Device Manager Drivers window in Windows 7

  35. In the next window, to specify the location of the folder with a pre-downloaded driver, click "Overview…" .
  36. Go to specify driver location directory in Updating Device Manager Drivers Windows 7

  37. Using the standard folder viewing window, go to the directory directory directory with the driver installation file and highlight it. After that click on the button Ok .
  38. Specifying the driver location directory in the Overview of Device Manager folders in Windows 7

  39. After the path to the desired folder is displayed in the Driver Update window, click "Further" .
  40. Running an update procedure driver in the Updating Device Manager Drivers Windows 7

  41. Due to these actions, the driver installation procedure will be performed on a computer and the problem with the performance of the drive must be eliminated.

If you think this procedure is too complicated, you can go on a lighter path, installing a special program for searching and installing drivers, such as Driverpack Solution on PC. This software itself will delete the desired update and install it on the computer. All the same, the above manual installation is more preferable and when it is used, the final success in solving the problem is more likely.

Transition to automatic configuration of the computer in the DriverPack Solution program in Windows 7

Lesson: Programs for installing Driverovkak Upgrade Drivers on a computer using Driverpack Solution

Method 2: "Registry Editor"

If the above actions did not help eliminate the problem with the performance of the drive, it is necessary to perform some manipulations in "Registry Editor" . It is not recommended to change these settings without any need, and therefore use this method only when the rest of the action options did not bring fruits and are confident that the cause of the problem does not lift in hardware or in the BIOS parameters. In any case, before starting manipulations, be sure to back up the system and the registry in order to be able to roll back.

Lesson: how to make a backup of Windows 7

  1. Type a combination Win + R. And enter such an expression:


    Click on Element Ok .

    Go to the system registry editor window by entering the command to run in Windows 7

    Lesson: How to Open Registry Editor in Windows 7

  2. In the shell opened "Registry Editor" Go to catalogs "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" , then "SYSTEM" , Further "CURRENTCONTROLSET" и "CONTROL" . Finally, open the directory "Class" .
  3. Opening the Class partition in the Windows Registry Editor window in Windows 7

  4. In the last of the specified sections, find the catalog called «{4D36E965-E325-11ce-BFC1-08002BE10318}» and click on it.
  5. Go to section {4D36E965-E325-11ce-BFC1-08002BE10318} In the Windows registry editor window in Windows 7

  6. Now move attention to the right side of the window. Lay out the parameter called "UpperFilters" . Click on it PKM. And select Option "Delete" .

    The transition to the removal of UpperFilters parameter in the {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} in the system registry editor window in Windows 7

    If the specified parameter in this section is not, then do the delete operation with the parameter "LowerFilters" .

  7. Transition to the removal of the LowerFilters parmeter in the {4D36E965-E325-11ce-BFC1-08002BE10318} in the system registry editor window in Windows 7

  8. Next, you will need to confirm the actions by clicking the button in the dialog box. "Yes" .
  9. Confirmation Deleting a parameter in the system registry editor dialog box in Windows 7

  10. Removing the parameter, close "Registry Editor" And restart the computer. After restarting the PC, the drive must earn.

Closing the system registry editor window in Windows 7

If none of the specified methods helped you, then if there is an appropriate recovery point or backup, you can try to roll back the system to that condition at which the drive performed its functions. In the absence of a positive result, in extreme cases, you can produce a procedure for reinstalling the system.

Cleaning the Laser Drive Head

Lesson: How to restore Windows 7Kak Install Windows 7 from diskakak Install Windows 7 from a flash drive

There are a number of reasons for which the drive can not work on a PC with Windows 7. But if these factors do not work hardware or are not related to the BIOS settings, in most cases they can be eliminated by manipulations in "Device Manager" (Updating hardware configuration and reinstalling drivers) or in "Registry Editor" . In the most extreme case, you can use the recovery procedure or reinstalling the system.

ЗакрытьWe are glad that you could help you solve the problem. ЗакрытьDescribe what you did not work.

Our specialists will try to answer as quickly as possible.

Will this article help you?


The drive is a truly integral part of the personal computer. This device is used not only for reading optical disks, but also to record on them of various information. Over time, the relevance and frequency of use of such devices is largely reduced, which is caused by the development of more modern and convenient technologies. However, you should not write off drives from accounts, because to this day they are used to solve a wide variety of problems.

The computer does not see the drive

The computer does not see the drive

What reason does the drive not displayed?

The main and most common problem that occurs with such devices is their "invisibility" in the system. If the user has encountered a similar problem, then in the conductor he will not be able to find the corresponding icon displaying DVD or CD drive. It happens mainly due to problems arising in the operating system itself. For example, this problem is one of the frequent satellites of computers with "Windows Seven".

The most frequent reasons:

  • in the system registry It fails, which causes damage to the display of display in the conductor of the existing optical drive; Damage to entries in the registry editor may affect the display of the optical drive in the system

    Damage to entries in the registry editor may affect the display of the optical drive in the system

  • Also, this problem can be caused and damage to the loop, which connects the drive with the motherboard. In this case, without the financial cost of the computer owner, it is not necessary, because you will have to acquire a new workable train; Damage to the loop connected to the drive and motherboard may affect the disk drive in the system

    Damage to the loop connected to the drive and motherboard may affect the disk drive in the system

  • Another common cause of the aforementioned problem may be incorrect settings "BIOS". And in order to eliminate the problem, you will have to change some parameters in the "BIOS" settings. Incorrect "BIOS" settings can affect the disk application in the system

    Incorrect "BIOS" settings can affect the disk application in the system

Solving the problem through the removal of filters in the registry

Most often, the registry failure and the "invisibility" of the optical drive in the explorer occurs after the new operating system update. This is especially true for Windows Seven, 8 and 10.

In an existing and configured registry, a new update introduces its own adjustments - filters. It is they who block the ability to display a drive. In addition, such filters have the ability to delete keys and parameters that serve to display the aforementioned device.

To solve such a problem, the user will need:

Step 1. Run the process "Run" using the "WIN" + "R" key combining.

Step 2. In the field that appears, activate the area for entering characters and write "Regedit". After that, click "OK".

We write in the command "Regedit" command, click "OK"

We write in the command "Regedit" command, click "OK"

Step 3. In the program that opens, you must go to the "Edit" and in the drop-down list find the "Find ..." option. You can also use the "Ctrl" key combination + "F".

Переходим в меню «Правка», в выпадающем списке кликаем по опции «Найти...»

Go to the "Edit" menu, in the drop-down list click on the option "Find ..."

Step 4. Before the user, a search box opens in which it is necessary to register "{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}", activate the "partition name" value and click on the "Find Next" icon.

We write "{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}", mark the item "section names", click on the "Find Next" icon

We write "{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}", mark the item "section names", click on the "Find Next" icon

Step 5. If a file with the name "{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}" is found, you will need to delete files called "Upper Filters" and "Lower Filters" to this folder, which is displayed in this folder. To delete, right-click on the file, then the left click on the "Delete" option.

Right-click on the "Lower Filters" file, left-click on the "Delete" option

Right-click on the "Lower Filters" file, left-click on the "Delete" option

Step 6. If the list is found in the list with the name and expansion of "UpperFilters.bak", then there is no need to delete it.

Important! All actions with making changes to the registry must be carried out in an account that has administrator rights. In addition, the search and removal of the aforementioned filters must be continued in all sections until they are left at all. Upon completion of the procedure, you will need to restart PCs.

Fixing the problem by settings in the registry

To add parameters to the registry, the user follows:

Step 1. Run the process "Run" using the "WIN" + "R" key combining.

Step 2. In the area that appears, activate the area for entering characters and enter "Regedit". After that, click "OK".

We write in the command "Regedit" command, click "OK"

We write in the command "Regedit" command, click "OK"

Step 3. In the program that opens, you need to go to the next branch: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" - "System" - "CurrentControlSet" - "Services" - "ATAPI".

Open alternately folders, following the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE branch - "System" - "CurrentControlSet" - "Services" - "ATAPI"

Open alternately folders, following the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE branch - "System" - "CurrentControlSet" - "Services" - "ATAPI"

Step 4. Right-click on the "ATAPI" folder and create a completely new partition.

Press the right mouse button on the "ATAPI" folder, following the left mouse button by the "Create" option, then "Section"

Press the right mouse button on the "ATAPI" folder, following the left mouse button by the "Create" option, then "Section"

Step 5. The newly formed session must be assigned the name "Controller0".

We specify the name of the new section "Controller0"

We specify the name of the new section "Controller0"

Step 6. Open the section and on the right side of the workspace to click on the right mouse button. Go to "Create" and select "DWORD (32 BIT)" parameter.

In the right part of the window, press the right mouse button, then the left-click on "Create", select "DWORD (32 BIT)" parameter

In the right part of the window, press the right mouse button, then the left-click on "Create", select "DWORD (32 BIT)" parameter

Step 7. Created by the parameter to be "EnumDevice1" and with the help of double clicking on it, we start the properties. They need to set the value "1", after which save changes to the "OK" icon.

We specify the name of the "ENUMDEVICE1" parameter, reveal it with a double left click of the mouse, set the value 1, press "OK"

We specify the name of the "ENUMDEVICE1" parameter, reveal it with a double left click of the mouse, set the value 1, press "OK"

Step 8. We carry out the reboot of your device.

Drive Display Settings with "BIOS"

In order to correct the problem of the lack of display in the conductor, you can also use the "BIOS", since the disconnection of it in this program is frequent practicing among users.

For this you need:

Step 1. Run "PC" and without waiting for the "OS" loading of the device, click the BIOS start button. On different devices, it can be different buttons. Basically, you need to use the keys from "F2" to "F12".

Step 2. Depending on the version of the running program, the tab names and call names may differ. Most often in order to open the necessary settings, you need to go to the Advanced or Advanced Bios Feature tab.

Using the side arrows of the keyboard cursor, go to the Advanced menu item

Using the side arrows of the keyboard cursor, go to the Advanced menu item

Using up-down arrows, go to the "Advanced Bios Features" item, press "ENTER"

Using up-down arrows, go to the "Advanced Bios Features" item, press "ENTER"

Step 3. Find the item "SATA-DEVICE". It can also have a different name - "USB-Device", "IDE-DEVICE". When the required item is found, you need to set its value to "Enabled".

On a note! Sometimes instead of "enabled" you need to set "Device 0/1".

Expose "Device 01"

Expose "Device 01"

Step 4. "BIOS" can be closed with the preservation of the changes made by the "F10" key.

Configuring software for disk drive - Drivers

Drivers are necessary in order to create a full interaction of the operating system and installed hardware. However, it may happen that the driver is either outdated or opted. If the user made sure that the problem with the drive does not proceed from the BIOS, damage to the loop or registry problems, the fact is in the drivers.

To solve this task you need:

Step 1. On the desktop, click on the right key on the "Computer" icon ("My Computer") and go to the "Management" tab.

Press the right mouse button on the "Computer" icon, go to the "Management" tab

Press the right mouse button on the "Computer" icon, go to the "Management" tab

Step 2. Go to Device Manager subsection and display the full contents of the DVD and CD-ROM drive branches.

Go to subsection "Device Manager", double-clicking mouse reveal the contents of the DVD and CD-ROM drives branches

Go to subsection "Device Manager", double-clicking mouse reveal the contents of the DVD and CD-ROM drives branches

Step 3. Find devices near the icons of which there is an arrow icon pointing down. This means that the device driver is not involved. In this case, it must be activated by pressing the right mouse button and the choice of the "Enable" item.

On the device with an arrowar sign down by clicking right mouse button, then left on the line "Enable"

On the device with an arrowar sign down by clicking right mouse button, then left on the line "Enable"

Step 4. When a yellow icon is detected with an exclamation mark near the device, the user will need to click on the right button to the device and start the item "Properties".

Press the right-click on the device, on which the yellow icon with an exclamation mark, launch the item "Properties"

Press the right-click on the device, on which the yellow icon with an exclamation mark, launch the item "Properties"

Step 5. In the window that appears, activate the "Driver" tab and click the Delete button.

Activate the "Driver" tab, click the Delete button

Activate the "Driver" tab, click the Delete button

Step 6. The area will appear in which it is necessary to confirm the actions, namely click "OK".

Click "OK"

Click "OK"

Step 7. After that, you will need to find a computer sign with a magnifying glass and start the appropriate process "Update hardware configuration" on the top panel.

On the top of the Computer Management panel, click on a computer with a magnifying glass

On the top of the Computer Management panel, click on a computer with a magnifying glass

Step 8. After that, the drive must be displayed in the list of devices. If this did not happen, it is recommended to restart the PC itself.

In order to update the drivers, the user need:

Step 1. On the desktop, click the right key on the "Computer" label, and go to the Control tab.

Press the right mouse button on the "Computer" icon, go to the "Management" tab

Press the right mouse button on the "Computer" icon, go to the "Management" tab

Step 2. Go to Device Manager subsection and display the full contents of the DVD and CD-ROM drive branches.

Go to subsection "Device Manager", double-clicking mouse reveal the contents of the DVD and CD-ROM drives branches

Go to subsection "Device Manager", double-clicking mouse reveal the contents of the DVD and CD-ROM drives branches

Step 3. Select the desired device, click on it with the right mouse button and select "Update Drivers ...".

Нажимаем на устройство правой кнопкой мыши, выбираем пункт «Обновить драйверы...»

Click on the device with the right mouse button, select the "Update drivers ..." item

Step 4. In the window that appears, select "Automatic search for updated drivers". The operating system itself will search for current software for the full operation of disk drives.

Select "Automatic search for updated drivers"

Select "Automatic search for updated drivers"

In addition to the problems described above, the drive can simply fail due to long years of use. If none of the instructions helped solve the problem, it is recommended to seek qualified help in one of the service centers in your settlement.

Video - disappeared CD-ROM (DVD-ROM) is not displayed. Solution to the problem

Video - Windows 8, 8.1, 10 does not see the drive (CD-DVD)

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CD Drive Lifetime (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Optical Drive), usually less than the other component components. However, it can work for a long time, if connected and configured correctly, as well as under the condition of gentle exploitation. But if problems start with an optical drive, do not hurry to pull it out of the case and disassemble. First, restart the computer, if after that the operating system does not "see" the CD-ROM drive try to move (disconnect later, connect again) loops, cable. If it did not help, then perhaps your drive has failed or is very contaminated with the laser. Especially often the malfunction with the laser occurs during the operation of the drive in dusty or smoke rooms (smoking at the computer). With this problem, you need to pull out the drive from the system unit and very carefully disassemble it. Next, take a nursery, a soft bruster for the paints drip on her a drop of alcohol and very carefully clean the laser lens. After that, assemble the CD drive and install it in the system unit, connect the loops to it (cables) and try to start the computer. If the laser cleaning did not help, then your drive is either damaged by the laser, or an electronic filling has failed, such an optical drive must be replaced. It is important when the CD-ROM drive is disassembled by no means connect to it, because it can cause the laser inclusion. And the laser can cause severe vision damage, up to blindness.


Sometimes it happens that the drive does not read DVDs, but reads a CD or vice versa. In such a situation, your drive is damaged or degraded with a laser. This CD-ROM drive is better replaced.

Also, the optical drive may not take some discs, "push" them. This is due to the fact that your DVD-ROM does not support, this type of media or discs are severely damaged (scratched).

To serve as long as possible, periodically clean it from dirt and dust, also use high-quality and good CDs.

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We disassemble the hard disk of the computer

With this problem there is a rather huge number of users. Drive - technique, though obsolete, but sometimes irreplaceable. Take at least licensed discs with games and films worthy of the replacement of which on the Internet can hardly be found on the Internet.

The drive stopped working - The task that you cost to trust professionals! We will fulfill it with a guarantee and in the shortest time!

That is why the working drive refers to those things that each prudent user should be. Let's look at what reasons he can stop working and what to do with it.

What if the drive stopped working?

To immediately not disassemble the entire computer into parts, I will first check if its system sees. Система не видит диск в дисководе

There may be problems either in the operating system or in bios. It is much easier to look at them much easier, so we will start with them.

It often happens that in connection with different failures, the operating system can lose certain drivers, and if the software is lost for the drive - of course, it stops working.

And if the new technique is the probability that the drivers were not initially.

The driver is a software by which the operating system controls any physical element of the computer. In the literal translation - the driver.

Update the driver if the problem arose with that, you can via the device manager. The path to it is: Find a "my computer", we put on it with the right button, select "properties", in the opened window - "Device Manager". There will be a list of all physical components. Find a drive (it can be subscribed as a DVD-ROM or CD-ROM or CD / DVD-ROM) - and update its driver. Обновление драйвера дисковода

This can be done right in the menu, and manually or using special programs.

If the device manager's menu simply is simply not excluded - it is possible that the problem is slightly deeper into the bios. As you probably know, BIOS is responsible for the interaction of physical and software components. You can enter the menu by clicking when the DEL or F2 is booted (depending on the BIOS version). Вход в BIOS при загрузке компьютера

Checking the disk connection in bios

The further menu depends on the BIOS version, but in any case somewhere there is the desired section. The control is here only from the keyboard, and the menu itself is usually in English.

We need to check if the disk drive is connected at the BIOS level.

Определение дисковода в приводе

It is also worth noting that BIOS is not only complicated thing, but also extremely important. It contains a variety of items that are responsible for the normal operation of devices and make changes there, being a person who understands little in computer technology, is not recommended.

If nothing from the above result gave - do not be afraid. There is a chance that not all is lost. Further repair goes from the software to the material. Материальный ремонт жесткого диска

This means that it is necessary to explore the drive itself directly. The case is complex and responsible.

After all, this technique is extremely sensitive and does not tolerate coarse treatment and inept hands. If you want to qualitatively and quickly eliminate the breakdown - it is better to turn to professionals. It is worth disassembled the device to the components only if you immediately give yourself a report in your actions and consequences.

What to do if the software check does not help?

So, we provide further instructions for restoring the working capacity of the drive for those who are not afraid to touch the PC details. First of all, you need to remove the drive from the system unit.

The main thing to do everything very neatly. When the drive is extracted, you need to disassemble it.

Разборка дисковода

At home and without special equipment, you can only clean the laser drive - a device that reads information from the disks. This is done with a dry and clean cotton wand and gives the result in the event that before this drive started, but refused wheels. Чистка лазерной головки дисковода

If the drive does not work - contact us

Other repairs are also possible, but they already require special equipment and knowledge. And if you don't want to fix anything with your own hands, but I don't want to throw out a drive - contact our service center. The master will arrive at any time convenient for you and eliminate all the faults.

You make a request online or by phone

The master goes to the address within 1 hour

The master reveals a fault and eliminates her

You take the work of the master and pay

Do not hurry to send equipment on peace - after our repair, it will serve for a long year.

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