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Mercury thermometer - familiar to many medical devices, which is used during the disease. It is a thin-walled glass design that can be easily smashed. If within mercury, running out of a broken thermometer, it will have a harmful effect on the surrounding space. It is necessary to know what to do if a thermometer crashed to minimize the consequences of the mercury swaming around the room in the form of toxic balls.
First assistance in mercury poisoning
First assistance in mercury poisoning

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What is the mercury thermometer danger?

On the risk scale, mercury refers to extremely dangerous chemicals. For health, it is dangerous with a severe form of poisoning, from which a person can even die. Inxication more contribute to the pair of this substance than mercury itself. Although the thermometer does not contain a lot of mercury (in total in the amount of 1-2 grams or 0.074-0.148 milliliters), after he cracked, unacceptable residues can allocate harmful evaporation over a long period. Air with mercury couples does not smell, and how despite its influence, you can feel only after a while. Avoid contact with mercury-containing devices is especially important for pregnant women.

Mercury from the thermometer (Source photo: Yandex. Martinki)
Mercury from the thermometer (Source photo: Yandex. Martinki)

Mercury poisoning from a thermometer: Symptoms

Some people in the poisoning of a small dose of mercury may not experience any changes in well-being. However, mercury has the property to accumulate in the body, which is why the following violations are manifested in a state of health, which make it clear about mercury poisoning:

  • begin to bleed gums;
  • The limbs appear fine trembling;
  • The brain works with interruptions causing insomnia, rapid fatigue, forgetfulness and other mental deviations.

If the thermometer crashed in a small room with a high temperature, it can lead to acute poisoning, which causes pneumonia, bloody diarrhea and there are cases when the victims die.

Mercury poisoning: first aid

If a person has fallen in pairs of this substance, the following steps should be performed immediately:

  • bring the victim to fresh air;
  • give it to drink at least two glasses of a weak mortar solution;
  • fingers in the mouth cause vomiting;
  • rinse the mouth with the same weak manganese solution;
  • give a drink several glasses of simple water;
  • There are means - antidots when poisoning with heavy metals - will correctly buy them in a pharmacy and give a drink to the victim along with the laxatives.

Further therapy is carried out in a medical institution.

Mercury poisoning (Photo source: Yandex. Martinki)
Mercury poisoning (Photo source: Yandex. Martinki)

Prevention of mercury poisoning from a thermometer

The most common cause of damage to the mercury thermometer is the careless handling of children. Therefore, first of all, take care of the place of storage of mercury thermometer. It must be in a case-case outside a child access zone. During the disease, when measuring the body temperature, make sure that the mercury hydraulic is applied solely for its intended purpose.

In Europe, it has long been legislatively forbidden to use mercury hydraulic devices. So, if you see a mercury thermometer "Swiss-made", know that it is made in China. Curler electronic thermometer from Germany in modern design (this high-quality device is available in domestic pharmacies) - a good choice for the prevention of mercury poisoning. In the Soviet past, such an alternative did not exist, now it is - it makes sense to take advantage.

In the usual household format (for measuring the temperature in the children's, in the kitchen or bathroom, as well as to monitor the thermal regime in the aquarium), mercury degrees do not apply. For example, an aquarium thermometer may contain a harmless alcohol solution with the addition of a red dye, why it does not pose a big danger to the surrounding.

Skilled a thermometer - what to do?

At home, it is not always possible to reliably hide the thermometer, and if the child finds it, the device may be divided. The result of such an incident is expected - all mercury, located in the sidewater, was poured into the room. If at home, where they smashed a thermometer, a lot of small slots, there is a danger that mercury balls got there - call the Ministry of Emergency Situations or Special Sanitary Service. Do not try to collect mercury yourself, to just throw out - it threatens a deterioration of health.

Methods of collecting mercury (source photo: Yandex. Martinki)
Methods of collecting mercury (source photo: Yandex. Martinki)
It is easiest to deal with mercury on a smooth floor, harder when she fell on a carpet, a fearful coupling of a sofa or bed linen beds. But, subject to certain rules, the task of its cleaning with their own hands is completely solved.

How to remove mercury from the floor

On the smooth surface of the floor, it is recommended to wash it in the following order:

  • To put on the means of protection: a gauze bandage (preferably moistened with water), gloves and booties;
  • With the help of a tassel or a tight sheet of paper, roll all the small balls on the floor to one large, placing it along with the paper into the glass container filled with a solution of manganese.
  • Small particles from the floor collect the adhesive tape, no matter how much they were, and send them to the container with the solution together with it;
  • Thoroughly enlighten all the cracks on the parquet floor and slit under plinths, if necessary, push the furniture and other household items if necessary;
  • Wash the floor with an unnecessary cloth with a solution of manganese, and then with a chlorine;
  • Defense and rags are disposed of in a separate trash bag;
  • rinse your mouth and throat with a weak solution of manganese, take a shower.

It is important not to leave on the floor not a single droplet of mercury, which can be a source of harmful evaporation for a long time - the consequences of this scary to imagine. And do not try to remove the mercury from bed in the specified ways - if poisonous balls fell on underwear, it will have to be disposed of.

How to remove mercury from the carpet

If the Palace has a long pile, mercury drops penetrate inside, and they cannot be seen. In this case, use the following way:

Broken thermometer on the carpet (Photo source: Yandex. Martinki)
Broken thermometer on the carpet (Photo source: Yandex. Martinki)
  • Immediately after entering mercury on the carpet, it is required to collapse in the corners to prevent the balls on the balls on the floor;
  • Rolled carpet to put in a robust package or a big bag and take it to the street;
  • Before hanging the carpet to the rope, it is necessary to spread the polyethylene film under it. It will help to avoid mercury to earth;
  • Cut out mercury from the carpet villion, collect it from a film into a container with a solution of manganese.

Street air must air the carpet as long as possible (for at least three months). Then you need to handle the carpet in the solution of food soda or "whiteness" with soap and only after all these events it will be possible to return the carpet back to the apartment with a guarantee of the absence of the opportunity to poison.

Step-by-step instructions for neutralization of mercury

If the thermometer fell, and liquid flowed out of it, it should be removed as quickly as possible and proceed to disinfection of the room. At the same time, the actions performed should obey certain rules that take into account the specific properties of mercury.

Liberation of the room from strangers

All people and animals must be removed from the infected space. This is the most first action that is being taken if there was a broken mercury thermometer in the room.

Room ventilation

You can reduce the concentration of mercury vapor in the air by opening the windows. The air ventilation should not create drafts so that the mercury pairs do not spread through the neighboring rooms, and the balls did not "felt" in different directions. Therefore, it is important to follow the recommendations to leave the doors closed.

Room ventilation (Photo source: Yandex. Martinki)
Room ventilation (Photo source: Yandex. Martinki)


Specific tools and fixtures are used to collect liquid metal balls.

Glass Capacity with Lid

In the house you can always find a jar of glass that is tightly closed. Capacity should be filled with 2/3 by a solution of manganese, folding the glass of a broken thermometer with the remnants of mercury and tightly close the lid. Mercury harvested in the bank, which weighs much more water, will fall at the bottom.

Tape with adhesive base

When the question arises where to give small remnants of mercury (traces), the tape on the adhesive basis will come to the aid or tape. The surface is covered with adhesive side of the tape, the mercury remains on it, and the tape is sent to the container with the solution.

A piece of cardboard

Alternatively, it is allowed to ride mercury on a thick sheet of paper or cardboard. Such a means for safely collecting heavy metal is probably in every home and is the easiest "tool" to collect mercury.


The best option for collecting mercury balls will be the use of medical pear - fringe. Also, the syringe is suitable with the tip without a needle. Sliply mercury hands will not be taken in gloves.

Collection of mercury syringe (Source photo: Yandex. Martinki)
Collection of mercury syringe (Source photo: Yandex. Martinki)


It can be used in the absence of a syringe or fringe. There are also special brushes for demurcuriation - they are equipped with a copper pile, as copper has a property to attract mercury.

Trash packages

Bahils are used as protective products. However, not in every household they are. But everyone has garbage bags. Recommended while cleaning mercury put them on their feet and tie a rope. Such a means of protection acts no worse than the bohyl. After work, garbage packages are utilized.


When collecting mercury, it is important not to leave any of her droplets. Here will be effectively using the flashlight illumination. Mercury looks like a silver metal that shines well in the reflected light. In slots under plinths, after lighting the flashlight, mercury balls will be perfectly visually visible, and they can be hooed with the tip of the copper wire or pull the nose of the medical pear.


To collect mercury is impossible to completely eliminate its harmful effects. It can adsorb on various surfaces - there is no guarantee that all small droplets gathered a mercury cleaner. Therefore, it should be disinfected by chemicals.

In an industrial scale for disinfection, powdered sorbents are used. The solid composition is easier to remove with a large area. At home, a solution of manganese or chlorine-containing agent is used.

A solution of mangartee

For processing pollution from mercury, a solution should be made with a concentration of 8 liters of water 1 gram of manganese salt. Such a solution is safe for washing linoleum or parquet - their product properties are saved. The mercury reacts with the elements of the solution and turns into a salt of black color, which does not highlight toxic vapors.

Molding solution (Photo source: Yandex. Martinki)
Molding solution (Photo source: Yandex. Martinki)

Bleaching powder

Decomposes when in contact with water with chlorine selection. Chlorine interacts with mercury, forming harmless substances. However, the volatility of chlorine and for a long time the reaction is difficult when using such a disinfection method.


This is the name of a set of measures to collect mercury with mechanical and physicochemicals. Depending on the degree of pollution, the technology of work may have differences. Eliminate the effects of mercury infection from a broken thermometer on the floor can be independently. In some cases related to the difficulties of collecting mercury or its large quantities, it is better to contact specialized demarization services (for example, to specialists of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, which know where to go to mercury collected).

Disposal of thermometer

There is a developed technology to dispose of mercury thermometers and other mercury-containing devices (luminescent lamp and other). The main thing is to know the contacts of the services in which you should contact this case. A broken thermometer, items and things that were used for demarcurization can be submitted to the relevant Ministry of Emergency Situations. In large cities there are organizations where you can pass and a whole mercury thermometer, if you refused to use them for security reasons.

What can not be done if the mercury thermometer crashed

With self-elimination of mercury, when a thermometer broke, it is not recommended to perform the following actions:

It is impossible to remove mercury with a vacuum cleaner (Photo source: Yandex. Martinki)
It is impossible to remove mercury with a vacuum cleaner (Photo source: Yandex. Martinki)
  • It is categorically impossible to collect mercury with a vacuum cleaner. If the premises are still allowed, it can dramatically increase the concentration of mercury vapor in the air. The vacuum cleaner will turn the mercury in the mercury dust, the surface of the evaporation of which will become much larger. This sharply makes it difficult to further demarize the premises.
  • For the same reason, it is impossible to remove mercury with a broom. In this case, the substance can be dissected on a large area, to neutralize it will be more difficult.
  • The assembled mercury is forbidden to throw into the courtyard garbage boxes or drop into the sewer. As a result of such actions, other people will be subject to toxic exposure.
  • It is impossible to eliminate traces of mercury, hitting clothes, shoes with a machining in a washing machine. The remnants of mercury have increased adhesion (not absorbed into the cloth), and such a wash can cause mercury into sewage.
  • To remove mercury with a simple wet cloth - it means to complicate the situation without achieving any positive effect.
  • While cleaning mercury should not be kneeling or rely on elbows. It will contribute to the risk of contacting the clothing or human skin with mercury directly.
  • In the case of applying Scotch, do not make sharp movements. Poor adhesive remnants of mercury can tear off and increase the area of ​​contamination.

With insecurity in full success of mercury harvesting with their own hands, it is necessary to contact a specialized organization that will remove and utilizes it professionally.

How long will the mercury evaporate?

Mercury is the only metal that, under normal conditions (temperature 18 ° C - 20 ° C) is in a liquid state. Like any other liquid, mercury has the property of evaporation. The temperature factor, air circulation rate, the surface area of ​​evaporation and other parameters affluence the temperature of the air circulation.
Mercury evaporates about 18 degrees (source photo: Yandex. Martinki)
Mercury evaporates about 18 degrees (source photo: Yandex. Martinki)

At room temperature 18 ° C and in a poorly ventilated room, mercury will evaporate for a long time. This is its danger. A small mercury ball emerged under the plinth for about 3 years will be the source of inhalation of a poisonous substance, which, in the end, can lead to poisoning living in such a room. The maximum permissible concentration of mercury in the air for domestic settlements is 0.0003 milligrams per cubic meter.

Disposal of a broken thermometer

All things that were used in the cleaning of a broken mercury thermometer should be disposed of. Capacity with the residues of the thermometer and the assembled mercury, all the auxiliary items and devices, clothing, shoes - all that could touch mercury, it is absolutely impossible to throw out to the street or merge into the sink. Telephones of organizations should learn - where to call and someone to call for the surrender of mercury items. These services must come and pick them up for technologically correct destruction. You can call on a well-known telephone Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Cleaning the room

After performing all demurcourizing activities, preventive wet cleaning should be carried out using standard detergents. Such cleaning should be carried out daily within 2-3 weeks and accompanied by the mandatory creation of conditions under which the contents of demurcurization residues deteriorate.


By 2020, in Russia, the use of mercury hydraulic devices will prohibit. However, it is not worth waiting for this time, and now (especially it concerns families with young children) to switch to therapy appliances. In order not to think what to do if a thermometer crashed, it is better not to keep the potential hazard of poisoning with heavy metal in the house.

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What if the thermometer crashed?

April 12, 2019.

Mercury refers to the first class of danger, that is, it is a poison, which has the property of accumulating in the body.

At a temperature of +17 and more degrees, mercury begins to evaporate, it is for this reason a broken thermometer can harm health.

We will give several Soviets of specialists of the Ministry of Emergency Situations that it is necessary to do when the thermometer crashed and what to do is strictly prohibited.

What if the thermometer crashed?

What should be done?

  1. The main thing is not to panic. Under all the rules to eliminate the accident, a broken thermometer will become only a small unpleasant incident.
  2. Call the Ministry of Emergency Situations at the phone number 112 or in SanEpidemstation and report a problem.
  3. Limit the scene of the accident, fight the children and animals. Mercury particles can stick to shoes and wool.
  4. Open the window or turn on the air conditioner to lower the temperature, but beware of drafts - mercury balls can operate all over the room.
  5. Prepare a jar with a lid filled with cold water. Mercury must be placed in a jar with water so that it does not evaporate.
  6. Protect yourself before collecting mercury - rejoice in clothes that you can throw. This is important, because small mercury balls can be absorbed into the cloth, being then the source of poisonous evaporation. Put the rubber gloves on the arms and shoe covers or plastic bags on the feet, wet cottage-gauze bandage on the face. Fear mouth mercury on the skin.
  7. Collect droplets of mercury into the jar with a syringe, rubber pear, two sheets of paper, patch or tape, wet newspaper or cotton, tassels for drawing or shaving. Pay attention to all the cracks where Mercury could get. If necessary, remove the plinth or flooring of the parquet.
  8. After all the droplets are collected in the jar, close it with a lid and put away from the heating devices. Mercury harvest is treated with soap-soda solution, a solution of mangalls or chlorine lime.
  9. Pass the bank with mercury to the specialists of the Ministry of Emergency Situations or SanEpidemstation.

What can I do?

  1. Avoid drafts.
  2. Do not collect mercury with a broom or vacuum cleaner.
  3. Do not throw away mercury and broken thermal singer in the garbage chute. 2 grams of mercury are able to pollute 6000 cubic meters. air.
  4. Do not descend mercury into the sewer.
  5. Do not erase clothes, shoes and other things after contact with mercury in a washing machine or in the sink. Pack things into the package and pass to those skilled in the art.

After cleaning mercury, be sure to ventilate the room, clean your teeth, rinse the throat and mouth with a weak solution of manganese, take some activated carbon tablets and drink more fluid.

Source of information: EMERCOM of Russia

The first thing to do if a thermometer crashed - follow the instructions without delay. It describes the rules of cleaning, precautions, action during poisoning. It is not necessary to panic: it is dangerous that the mercury lean itself is dangerous, and finding indoors where it evaporates.

Crashed a degreesman

What to do if the mercury thermometer crashed

Regardless of whether a thermometer crashed in the apartment, a ward, school honey tube or otherwise, the algorithm for eliminating the danger.

Damage to the thermometer:

  1. In a room with a broken thermometer, there should be neither people nor animals.
  2. Open the window to ventilating.
  3. Close the door.
  4. Prepare a bottle or a jar with a lid and cold water for remnants of a broken thermometer, a tool for collecting mercury, flashlight, a dense package for materials used.
  5. Make a demurcuriation solution, prepare rags.
  6. Disguise into old clothes.
  7. Putting shoes for protecting shoes, rubber gloves, a controutible mask or a cotton-gauze bandage moistened with soda mortar.
  8. Collect the tool broken residues and mercury (1-5 g, depending on the type of thermometer), are folded into a container with water. With the protracted process, it goes outside every quarter of an hour.
  9. The container with the residues of the broken thermometer is closed tightly.
  10. Hermetically packaged the carpet, bed or things that were completely failed to collect mercury.
  11. Demmerizing mortar is detergent, where the thermometer crashed.
  12. In the package folds gloves, mask, shoe covers, rags, clothes, objects for collecting, make a hermetic node.
  13. Wash in the shower, wechitate the throat and the nose with soda solution, sorbents take.
  14. The bank with the residues of the thermometer and the package with things will be delivered to the Ministry of Emergency Situations 112 or in the SES, the organization for demarizing the premises or disposal of mercury-containing devices, waste.
  15. In the room where the thermometer crashed, it is undesirable to enter the week. All the time it is ventilated in it, without making drafts, wash the floors with a neutralizer of mercury.

If the thermometer broke the child, the baby is necessarily examined in the hospital.

If it is impossible to collect all mercury, they turn to local service, which makes demarization. Before the arrival of experts in the room are not heated, ventilated, the door is kept closed.

Instruction if a thermometer crashed

Step-by-step instructions for removing mercury

Removal, neutralization, utilization of mercury-containing substances and disinfection of materials, with them in contact, is called demarization. It is carried out by specialists of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, SES, and profile organizations.

For institutions, instructions have been developed in the event of damage to mercury-containing devices. When they break down in the house, the algorithm for LPU, kindergartens is suitable.

When using mercury-containing thermometers, they make a demurcourizing set in advance. It includes:

  • waterproof gloves;
  • shoe covers;
  • respirator;
  • Glass jar 0.5 l + cover-twist;
  • leucoplasty;
  • rubber pear;
  • Potassium permanganate (dry mangartee) or a different demurcurial agent;
  • rag;
  • Dense bags of black or blue.

If the thermometer crashed, and did not collect all mercury - the pairs accumulate in the body, there is a dangerous poisoning. The lack of medical care entails irreversible processes, death. At intoxication urgently cause ambulance. The premises also make disinfecting specialists from demurcurization services.

Liberation of the room from strangers

After leaving the toxic substance, it highlights the pair, sticks to the shoes, animal wool. For the prevention of its distribution along the room and mercury poisoning from the room with a broken thermometer, people, pets pets are removed.

You should get around the substance possible. Drops from a broken thermometer are often scattered into an area of ​​up to 5 m2 from the fall place.

Room ventilation

In the room with a broken thermometer, for a week after its cleaning, there are continuous ventilation when the open windows and a tightly slamned door are made. In winter, after the service arrival, the heating devices are turned off, the batteries are covered with a cloth to reduce the temperature.


The liquid from the broken thermower is scattered in the form of silver balls. They do not harden, they are easily merged with each other when touched, well visible under the light of the lantern, they are invisible to the eye.

For dry collection of balls from tools, suitable:

  • rubber pear with a thin tip (ideally);
  • Screws syringe + thick needle;
  • drawing bruster;
  • 2 sheets of notebook;
  • Plock or Scotch.

Also need a container with a hermetic lid. A demarizing solution is poured into it or very cold water.

Features of the collection of mercury:

  • Make a dry fee when flashlight light;
  • balls are collected from the periphery to the place of falling the thermometer;
  • Small drops stick to the tape and together with it put into the bank;
  • Large drops are collected by a pear or a syringe, squeeze into a jar;
  • from shallow slots stretch with a syringe with a needle;
  • Collecting from deep cracks make specialists in demercurization, sometimes there are a plinth to disrupt or disassemble the floor;
  • balls can be customized with wet tassel or dry sheet;
  • Instead of scoop, paper is used.

It is advisable to call the service for demarizing the room for measuring the concentration of mercury vapor.

Balls to collect the easiest from the tiled floor, linoleum. They are rolling on paper with a sheet or tassel, small drops catch scotch.

Visible mercury clusters from the carpet, upholstered furniture, other porous or tissue things collect pear or a syringe. Then the objects are hermetically pack into polyethylene. Disinfection makes in the demurcurization service.

The thermometer and mercury drops are broken in bed. On the middle of the bed, the blanket is moving, pillows, put pajamas. Sheet raising the ends and make a knot over folded things and fragments. Packing in polyethylene, take a disposal.

If he crashed in the sink, the balls roll into the drain. Then unscrew the siphon under the sink and with all the contents together with a broken thermometer are placed in a package or a plastic container with a dense cover, take over the disposal.

Aquarium degrees make murprise. Broken fragments with sangules (solid balls) are collected in the package, tied, thrown into the street container. All items are washed with soda mortar, the room of the day is ventilated.

Disposal of the thermometer and the assembled mercury

Air facilitates evaporation of the substance. A broken thermometer put to mercury, the bank is closed. Things are placed in packages, seal.

Disposal is made in demurcurization institutions. The service is caused to house or waste will take themselves. The nearest addresses of taking mercury-containing items can be found by phone 112.

Cleaning surfaces after collecting

Floor disinfection and other surfaces are made by solutions of antitutant neutralizers.

Effective accessible tools:

  • a solution of manganese in the proportion of 20 g of powder on 10 liters of cold water;
  • White solution at a dose of 1 l of the bleach on 5 liters of water (chlorine toxic for the body);
  • Solution with 250 g of soda, 200 g of chips of the economic soap and 5 liters of cold water.

Make a demarization solution and wash either irrigated with a sprayer all surfaces, where there was a broken thermometer and mercury balls. Floor Tour with this means twice, then daily, while the room is ventilated.

Comment by Dr. Komarovsky:

What can not be done if the mercury thermometer crashed

The legislative documents indicate: a person is criminalized for the actions that are harmful to the health and life of people, ecology. Mercury refers to toxic substances of 1 hazard class. The article enters a negligence attitude to broken thermowners or used lamps, incorrect disposal of mercury-containing waste.

What is forbidden to do when crashing a thermometer:

  • There is a room with a broken thermometer without personal protective equipment;
  • In the room with a broken thermometer, do not close the door, do not air, do a draft;
  • throw out the assembled material in the home basket for garbage, street container, garbage chute, on the ground, on the garbage;
  • pour the mercury fluid into the sewer, water, to the ground;
  • Leave even a small part of mercury-containing substances indoors;
  • use for collecting vacuum cleaner, broom, brushes with rough bristles, rags;
  • leave indoors where a thermometer, an animal, an incapacitated person, a child crashed;
  • Leave the remnants of a broken thermometer in places of staying and animals, in contact with mercury;
  • Wash carpets, clothes, rags, other things in contact with a broken thermometer, merge water into the sewer;
  • wash things after mercury in a washing machine;
  • Use things and objects before they are neutralizing demurcurization methods.

Violation of the rules entails poor-quality removal of mercury residues, the spread of toxic substance indoors and nature. As a result, the environment and housing is contaminated, mass poisoning of people, animals arises.

Doctors recommend replacing mercury hydraulic thermal silders.

If the degrees crashed at home - keep calm. Panic leads to actions, harmful health immediately or subsequently. It is best to contact mercury liquidation service. With an uncomplicated situation, cleaning is carried out independently.

Do you know which local organizations eliminate mercury from a broken thermometer and what to do with poisoning? Comment, share information with friends in the social network. Add an article to bookmarks may be useful in an emergency situation. Be healthy.

I have such a question: what if the thermometer breaks down?

I read on the forums - mammies sometimes write that the child broke the thermometer. My one can also do it too. How then to be? Call MES or San Epidem Design? Tell me, please.

Anastasia Kornilova

The mother of a child who broke the thermometer, answered 08.12.2020

I am just from those moms who have a child who broke a thermometer. It is unpleasant, but not scary. And no one does not need to call - I will tell you how to act.

What is dangerous broken thermometer

Mercury pairs, which is contained in the tip of the thermometer and runs on the scale, showing the temperature, health is dangerous. If a person is put on them, he will poison.

Acute poisoning is manifested several hours after contact with mercury. Among his symptoms is the general weakness, lack of appetite, headache and pain when swallowing, metal taste in the mouth, drooling, swelling and bleeding gum, nausea and vomiting. Often there are severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, sometimes with blood. Some people have inflammation of the lungs, chest pain, cough and shortness of breath, a strong chills. The temperature rises to + 38-40 ° C. . The faster you will remove a poisonous substance from your home, the more chances to avoid poisoning.

Not all glass degrees are equally poisonous - now produce not only mercury, but also the migratory devices. For example, in which Galinstan is located in the temperature scale. This is a mixture of liquid metals: Gallium, India and Tin. Galinistan unlike mercury does not evaporate outdoors, so harmless to humans.

On the Galin-main thermometers there is a green strip. But if there were doubts, it was in a broken downmother of mercury or not, it is better to treat with waste as with poisonous substances. Source: Jakye / Shutterstock
On the Galin-main thermometers there is a green strip. But if there were doubts, it was in a broken downmother of mercury or not, it is better to treat with waste as with poisonous substances. Source: Jakye / Shutterstock

How to act if the thermometer crashed

First of all, send for a walk or to Someone A child and domestic guests. Aquarium with fish can be left in place. If households have no opportunity to leave home, ask them to sit with animals in another room.

Open the window and close the door to the room. Mercury begins to evaporate at room temperature, and the cold slows down evaporation. Plus, fresh air reduces the concentration of dangerous vapors. But it is impossible to arrange a draft that the couples do not move to another room. If on the street is hotter than in the room, turn on the air conditioner.

Jump the respirator to protect yourself from mercury vapor if you have it. If the respirator is not, put on the usual medical mask or make it from the bandage or gauze. Before putting a homemade mask, moisten it with water.

If mercury from the broken thermometer got on a hot battery, it will not be possible to remove it independently: this metal boils at +40 ° С, so all mercury from the radiator immediately will be in the air. In this case, immediately leave the contaminated room, close the door tightly and call the Ministry of Emergency Situations at the number 112.

How to be treated economically

Or not pay for treatment at all. Tell me in our newsletter together with other materials about money

How to collect fragments and mercury

Instructions, how to be, if a thermometer crashed in the room, no law establishes. There are instructions on the Sites of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Rospotrebnadzor - I described the procedure with a loan on them and for common sense.

To get into the room where a thermometer crashed, prepare such a set of devices:

  1. A jar with a swirling lid, about ⅔ filled with cold water.
  2. The solution of manganese. Prepare it in two versions: a bucket of thick, dark brown, almost opaque solution and a glass of weakly pink. In a bucket for each liter of the solution, add a tablespoon of salt and Some Acid, such as a tablespoon of acetic essence or a pinch of citric acid. In it you will pour the floor rag. Sollar from a glass will rinse the mouth after cleaning. If there are no mangartages at home, just pour cold water into the bucket. It is wiser than to leave mercury to evaporate and run into the pharmacy. The mouth can also rinse with ordinary water.
  3. Ragged for cleaning. They need to lay on the threshold and wash the place where the thermometer crashed. After cleaning, they will have to go to demarization together with the bank with mercury - I will tell about this below.
  4. Paper. It will fulfill the role of a scoop that you will roll mercury balls.
  5. Syringe, medical pear, needle, thick needle or stationery knife. Choose based on what you have at home, than you will be more convenient to collect mercury and with which it is not a pity to part, because after cleaning this tool will have to be disposed of along with the residues of the thermometer.
  6. Tassel for drawing or piece of wool.
  7. Lakeechoplasty in roll or tape.
  8. Lantern. It is possible that in the phone.
  9. Bahils and rubber gloves. If there is no bug, put on your feet packs.

Further act like that.

Put on the feet of the shoe covers, on the hands - gloves. Moisten a rag in a thick solution of manganese or cold water and bed on the threshold of the room where the thermometer crashed.

Gently, so as not to splash the remnants of mercury, bow your hands in gloves fragments of a thermometer and a metal plate with divisions, lower them into a jar with water.

Now come across mercury. Small drops can be assembled, upset by a sheet of paper, tassel, cotton wool or a stationery knife. You can still suck them with a syringe or medical pear. Collect small balls in one bigger, collect it on paper and shake into a jar with water.

If mercury fell on a dusty surface - a carpet or carpet, - small balls between the villi are more convenient to collect adhesive planers or scotch. Then these sticky pieces with nagwed mercury also need to be sent to the bank.

If mercury fell into the slot in the floor or other hard-to-reach places, it can be pushed with a thick needle or needle. Or pour a little sand in the gap and appointed sand together with mercury tassel. If mercury rolled under the plinth, it must be dismantled and collect mercury in any convenient way.

Then carefully inspect the surface, highlight hard-to-reach and dark places in the flashlight - the balls can be seen in the metal gloss.

The cleaning process can delay. In this case, every 15 minutes you need to do a little break. You can go to the next room to the open window or on the street.

When you collect mercury completely, all used items send to Toy Water jar and tightly tighten the lid.

The place where the degrees was broken, rinse with a solution of manganese or cold water. If the thermometer crashed on the carpet or carpet of the coating, it is better to wash this place with water: the manganese can paint the pile.

Bahuls and gloves put in a jar with water to mercury and fragments of a thermometer and thoroughly wash his hands with soap. Rinse your mouth with a weak solution of manganese or water, then clean your teeth thoroughly. During the day, try to drink more fluid: mercury compounds are derived from the body with urine.

After cleaning, you need to arrange in the room draft: it will quickly scatter the mercury pair of mercury. And in general, try as often as possible to air this room over the next week, and at the same time it is daily to arrange wet cleaning.

How to get rid of banks with mercury

A jar with mercury cannot be thrown into the garbage container - it must be taken to the demurcuriation center, where they take and destroy mercury-containing waste.

If it is not possible to do it right away, you can leave the bank for a day on the balcony or in the garage, and then take to demarization. It is better that in the place of temporary storage of mercury was cool.

It is easiest to know the address of an organization that takes such waste by calling 112. You can still search for it on the Internet, on the search line "Demercurization Center (the name of your settlement)".

You can take the bank to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, which takes particularly dangerous waste for demarization. In the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Grads and everything else will take free, in commercial companies the cost can be from 50 to 2000 Р. But sometimes they are closer to the house and work on a more convenient schedule - make a solution with a loan to these parameters.

In Krasnodar, you can hand over a broken thermometer to the company "SESLUGE" or choose another organization on the map or in the list
In Krasnodar, you can hand over a broken thermometer to the company "SESLUGE" or choose another organization on the map or in the list
In Nizhny Novgorod, you can contact the center of disinfection "Geradez"
In Nizhny Novgorod, you can contact the center of disinfection "Geradez"

What can I do

Collect only fragments and leave the rest. Mercury toxic and easily evaporates. The amount of mercury, which is contained in the sidewater, is enough to develop acute poisoning.

Collect fragments and balls of mercury with bare hands. Be sure to use gloves and remedies that I mentioned above. Mercury pairs can absorb through the skin, so you need to avoid contact with this poisonous metal.

Collect mercury by a broom or vacuum cleaner. The broom will only break the balls of mercury into smaller fractions and scatters them for the larger territory. And the vacuum cleaner after such use will have to be given to the destruction. Even if you have the most modern model with improved filters, some mercury particles will fall in a corrugated hose, which means that the hose will have to demarize. And if your vacuum cleaner has ordinary filters, then mercury particles will only scatter around the room, passing through the nutroome of the vacuum cleaner, in addition to heating. That is, the evaporation of poisonous substances will increase.

Throw away in trash gathered mercury And tools used for this, pour the contents of the cans into the sewer.

I hope you will not use all these tips. But if you suddenly come to such a situation, you can quickly respond and reduce the risk of poisoning to a minimum.

Mercury thermometer (or thermometer) is a device familiar to each of us since childhood, because it is with his help we can find out that our body is ill and needs treatment. The indisputable advantages of a mercury thermometer before electronic - accuracy and low cost. But its main disadvantage is the high risk of mercury poisoning in the event that the device breaks. Is the mercury degrees dangerous? What are the symptoms and the consequences of mercury poisoning? What to do and what should not do if a thermometer crashed? How to collect mercury on different surfaces? How to behave if a mercury thermometer broke a child and how to dispose of the device? All these and many other questions will respond in this article.

Is the mercury degrees dangerous?

what to do if a mercury thermometer crashed

If you contact the mercury thermometer carefully, keep it in a place inaccessible to children, and use a special case (or case) to store it, then this device does not represent much danger. But! A broken thermometer is a health hazard, since it contains mercury - liquid metal, the evaporation of which is very toxic. Important! Mercury is a highly toxic poison belonging to the 1st class of extremely hazardous substances, and therefore in many countries the production of mercury thermometers is prohibited. In addition, it is dangerous not only to mercury in pure form, and the inorganic compounds of this metal. The fact is that a medical mercury thermometer contains about 1 - 2 g of mercury, which is enough to provoke the poisoning of the body, and immediately its symptoms can not be noticed, since mercury has the property to accumulate.

Didbed the degree? Urgently call the mercury service. Get a free consultation, how to eliminate and dispose of mercury. Hotline, 24 hours, without days off and holidays: +7 (499) 110-22-08 - Moscow +7 (812) 409-39-14 - St. Petersburg If necessary, call the mercury service specialist. Using specialized equipment made to the state register of measuring instruments, certified specialists will measure the concentration of mercury vapors in the air, will find and eliminate mercury. Warranty quality assurance. Repeated test measurement of the concentration of mercury vapor in the air for 7 days - free!

Accreditation certificate LLC "Lockinvest" RA_RU.21EN01 dated January 29, 2016 License for the implementation of activities for the collection, transportation, processing, disposal, disposal, disposal, the placement of waste I-IV classes of risk of LLC "Lockinvest" № 077093

What is dangerous broken thermometer

The main danger of a broken mercury thermometer is that mercury balls are very mobile, and therefore can easily roll in the farthest angle of the room, to score in the gap or textiles, where to get them extremely difficult. It is these balls that will subsequently evaporate toxic couples, poisoning the body. Important! Mercury evaporates at a temperature of 18 degrees, while toxic evaporation falls into the human body mainly through the lungs. If there was a big leak of this metal, then mercury can poison the body through the pores of the skin, as well as mucous membranes. Interesting fact! If mercury falls into the gastrointestinal tract, then the effects for health are minimal, because it comes out of the body through the intestine, and, consequently, its absorption in blood is very small. You should not forget about glass that can cause injuries and cuts, both both external and internal, especially if there are children in the house, which, as you know, all "pull in the mouth."

Sewaged Sewage: Health Consequences

Mostly mercury evaporation is striking the central nervous system (CNS), kidney and gums. Finding into the body, mercury pairs do not only have a local irritant effect, but also provoke serious changes both in tissues and in organs. But still, about 80% of mercury (and rather mercury evaporation) enters the body through the lungs. Interesting fact! One broken thermometer can cause serious poisoning of all people living in the apartment. Acute poisoning can manifest a few hours after the thermowance will be broken (provided that mercury is not assembled), since, falling into the blood, mercury is quickly oxidized, and then spreading through the body. But in chronic form, poisoning may well give about himself a few years later. The degree of poisoning depends on several factors:

  • The duration of exposure to mercury vapor to the body;
  • The overall state of the human body.

In addition, the risk group includes children and pregnant women. Important! Prolonged inhalation of even small doses of mercury vapor can provoke the development of irreversible processes in the liver, kidneys, digestive organs and the central nervous system. Cardiovascular system and thyroid gland are also affected. In general, mercury poisoning is fraught with pneumonia, disruption, the development of kidney disease, paralysis, and even blindness. Taking into account all the above, it becomes clear why it is important not only to remove mercury correctly, but also to recognize the symptoms of mercury poisoning and provide first aid.

Mercury poisoning from a thermometer: Symptoms

Symptoms of acute and chronic mercury poisoning

Signs of mercury poisoning in acute, as well as chronic poisoning differ, while they depend on both the dose of mercury evaporation and on the individual sensitivity of the organism itself. Symptoms of acute mercury poisoning:

In severe cases, there may be a violation of cardiac activity, an increase in temperature, cough and shortness of breath. Important! The listed symptoms are enhanced as the concentration of mercury increases in the body. Symptoms of chronic mercury poisoning:

  Important! Acute poisoning of mercury couples threatens with fatal outcome.

Mercury poisoning: first aid

The treatment of poisoning of mercury couples is carried out in the hospital with the participation of qualified doctors, therefore, at the first symptoms, it is necessary first of all to cause urgent ambulance. At home, first aid is reduced to facilitate the overall condition of the patient. So, if the victim is conscious, then you should act as follows:

  • ensure complete peace and bed mode;
  • Maximum open access to fresh air to the room;
  • rinse the stomach;
  • provoke vomiting;
  • drink activated coal;
  • Organize abundant drink.

If the victim is unconscious, then it should be put on the side, to ensure the maximum influx of fresh air, and also exclude the possibility of void language.

Prevention of mercury poisoning from a thermometer

To reduce the risk of mercury poisoning from the thermometer, adhering to the following recommendations:

  • Use electronic or infrared thermometers (if you trust the mercury thermometer more, then apply it as less as possible).
  • Exclude the possibility of getting a thermometer into hands to children.
  • Tightly fix the hand of the child in the temperature measurement process.
  • Singing measurement indicators on a thermometer, do it away from solid items, contact with which can lead to the fact that the device will break.
  • If the thermometer still crashed, then follow the recommendations for removing mercury from various surfaces.
  • Keep mercury hydraulic devices exclusively in special cases made predominantly from plastic.
  • Dispose of the thermometer correctly.

Skilled a thermometer - what to do?

If a thermometer crashed in the apartment (or any other indoors), then ideally you need to seek help from the Ministry of Emergency Situations. But if there is no such possibility, then to eliminate serious negative consequences, it suffices to adhere to those below for recommendations.

  • Do not panic, because it is from your well-coordinated actions that the health of others may depend on.
  • Test from the room in which a thermometer crashed, all people and pets, who can not only suffer from the evaporation of mercury, and move to the soles of shoes mercury throughout the apartment.
  • Limit the place of "incident".
  • If the winter window is recommended to open windows, which will help reduce the temperature in the room and reduce the degree of evaporation of mercury.
  • Exclude drafts, if you do not want mercury balls to spread all over the apartment. For the same reason, it is not recommended to change shoes in the process of cleaning mercury.
  • We put on a cotton-gauze bandage, moistened with water or soda solution in order to protect yourself from poisoning with pairs. In addition, it is better to use rubber gloves when collecting mercury.
  • Be extremely attentive: do not step on the fragments of the thermometer and mercury balls.
  • After cleaning, it is recommended to drink a lot of liquid (water, tea or coffee), use fresh vegetables and fruits. You can also take activated coal.
  • All items that were used for cleaning mercury, including clothing, must be folded into a plastic bag and dispose of.

Mercury from the broken thermometer

how to collect mercury from a broken thermometer

As mentioned above, mercury, as well as the compounds of this metal are highly toxic, and, consequently, extremely hazardous substances, gradually accumulating in the body and destroying not only the nervous system, but also internal organs. Mercury, spilled in a visible place and in a small area, you can quickly assemble into a sealed closed vessel, which will minimize the danger of poisoning. It is better to place the entire damaged mercury thermometer into the container to eliminate the further spread of mercury. If this metal broke up on small balls and got into the slot on the floor or clogged into a carpet pile, you will have to work hard to completely clean the surface from this toxic substance.

How to collect mercury from a broken thermometer

The process of removing mercury from the broken thermometer is carried out from the periphery of the affected area to its center. Important! In mandatory, it is good to highlight the place of spill of mercury, while the light should fall on the side, which will even see the minor droplets of mercury, and, therefore, will exclude the possibility of passing them when collecting. To collect mercury, the following components will be needed:

  • hermetic container with cold water or a solution of manganese;
  • soft brush;
  • Lantern;
  • foil (you can use conventional paper);
  • Disposable syringe with a thick needle (a rubber pear is also suitable);
  • Scotch (can be replaced by the leukoplasty);
  • rag;
  • disposable rubber gloves;
  • gauze bandage (respirator).

  Step by step instructional of mercury from a broken thermometer:

  • We put on gloves and respirator.
  • With the help of paper sheets, we rolling the small balls to each other so that they are in the end merged into one big.
  • Using cotton wool or soft brushes moistened in manganese, we move the mercury ball into the container with water or a mortar solution. Since the liquid metal (and mercury is such) is heavier than water, it will settle at the bottom of the tank itself, which will suspend the evaporation process for a while.
  • The smallest mercury particles gently assemble into a container with a sticky plaster or tape.
  • Arming with lighting devices, which will help reveal mercury balls in the most secluded places and in the cream in the floor.
  • Remove mercury from the slots by means of a syringe or rubber pear.
  • We carry out the room with a tightly closed door.
  • We wipe the place of breaking the thermometer with a solution of chlorine lime or manganese. An equally effective solution of hot water, soda and soap can be prepared (the last two substances are taken in equal parts). Thanks to this processing, mercury will not evaporate.

  Important! If there is no possibility to quickly assemble mercury, then it is necessary to cover it with a wet rag, which will significantly slow down evaporation. Important! If the cleaning of mercury has been dragged, then in order to avoid poisoning in pairs of this metal, take a break every 10 minutes to breathe fresh air.

How to remove mercury from the floor

If mercury got into the slot, the floor must be sprinkled with sand, after which it is reissued together with mercury balls with a tassel. In the event that the thermometer crashed on a wooden floor with a multitude of slots, you will have to replace the floor covering if you are worried about your family's health. Disassembly will be required in the event that mercury rolled under the plinth, only now will have to change the plinth. For complete disinfection, it is recommended to be treated with white or brown manganese solid not only wooden surfaces, but and metal. The fact is that as a result of treatment with such solutions, a compound harmless to the body is formed. Such solutions using a pulverizer can be sprayed on the surface and pour them directly into the slot. The solution is better not to flush immediately, but leave for a few days, after which it was washed off with clean water. And, of course, do not forget about the repair of the room in the absence of drafts. Until the utilization of hermetic container with the Mercury collected, it is better to put it in a non-residential room, and as far as possible from heat sources.

How to gather mercury from carpet

If mercury balls fell on a soft dilated surface, for example on a carpet, then it is best to get rid of it forever, while it is important to properly dispose of the carpet. In the event that the carpet is not disposed of failing, then the following rules should be followed:

  • As far as possible, collect mercury balls;
  • Carefully wrap the carpet into polyethylene and take it out of the house (the carpet should turn from the edges to the center, which will exclude the spread of mercury across the apartment);
  • Carefully knock out the carpet directly above the plastic film, and it is necessary to do it in removal from residential buildings, after which collect mercury;
  • Leave the carpet to ventilate in the fresh air for 2 - 3 hours;
  • Brought home a carpet to treat with a warm solution of manganese, white or soda solution, for the preparation of which will be needed by 40 g of soda and soap on 1 liter of water.

And remember that it is extremely difficult to remove mercury balls with small pillows, so it is desirable to resort to the help of professionals.

The child broke a degree

If your home has a mercury thermometer, then you should not exclude the possibility that the child once can break it out that he carries a big danger. What if the child broke a thermometer? First of all, you should not shout on the child, as the next time he will simply hide this fact, and, therefore, mercury couples that do not smell will be slow, but confidently poison the body of all family members. If you do not know when the thermometer was exactly broken, then it is better to call specialists who exactly determine the amount of mercury evaporation and make disinfection of the room. If you decide to act independently, follow the next algorithm of actions:

  • Carefully inspect the hair and skin of the child in which mercury balls can remain (if any will be detected, they must be removed from the hair or assemble from the skin);
  • Write vomiting in a child if he swallowed mercury, but if the glass fragments were swallowed, then the vomiting reflex can not cause, since the fragments can damage the esophagus or stomach;
  • Change the clothes on which mercury got;
  • output the child on fresh air, pre-enrolled activated carbon at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight;
  • Carefully inspect the room and remove mercury;
  • If possible, do not use the infected room for several days (all this time the room is desirable to ventilate);
  • Wash the floor in the entire apartment with chlorine-containing solution;
  • Use a lot of fluid.

  Important! If the child swallowed mercury, then there is no special reasons for experiences, because in liquid form this metal is almost not absorbed by transit through the digestive system. But still a child needs to show a doctor to exclude the possibility of swallowing pieces of broken glass. And remember that it is better to provide for the possibility of splitting a thermometer than then eliminate its consequences. Therefore, keep the mercury thermometer in an inaccessible place for children, using a special case for this.

What can not be done if the mercury thermometer crashed

When collecting a broken thermometer, it is prohibited:

  • Sweep mercury balls by broom, since rigid rods are crushed mercury, which leads to more intense evaporation of this toxic substance.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner, which due to a strong flux of warm air quickly spreads poisonous evaporation.
  • To collect mercury with a rag, since this method is fraught with the trituration of mercury on the floor.
  • Eliminate the collected mercury, as well as items with which it was collected, outside: So, mercury just one broken thermometer is able to pollute about 6 cubic meters. air.
  • Throwing out mercury into the garbage chute, because in the closed space, the concentration of its toxic evaporations significantly increases.
  • Wash up mercury balls into the sewer: The fact is that, settling on the pipes, it can become a source of poisoning throughout the house.
  • You can dig or burn mercury, because it will negatively affect the surrounding ecology.
  • Open windows, as well as doors until all mercury is collected (air flows are capable of moving metal balls).
  • Wash clothes in the washing machine that comes into contact with mercury.
  • Turn on the air conditioner (mercury perfectly settles on the filters).

Disposal of a broken thermometer

A spoiled mercury thermometer must be transferred to employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations or SES. But! These organizations are quite reluctant to react to such applications, believing that 2-4 g of mercury do not represent much danger to humans. If there are paid waste disposal points in your city, then it is better to attribute a thermometer there. If there is no such item, you will have to do it yourself. How to do it? First of all, it is necessary to carefully pack mercury into a sealed vessel, after which it is possible to take it outside the residential areas (best on the landfill or there, where people and animals are extremely rare). It is desirable to bury such a vessel. Clothing in contact with mercury is disposed of in the same way, only before it must be cut, so that it does not carry the danger to other people. Clearly following our recommendations for the collection of mercury and utilization of mercury hydraulic devices, you will protect yourself, and your loved ones!

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