Competitions from dried fruits: the most correct recipe for cooking

Greetings to you, dear readers in your home! Today I will tell you how to make a compote from dried fruits, how long it is necessary to boil with various ingredients and what useful properties it has. This amazing drink quenches thirst even in the most sultry days and saturates the body with vitamins.

According to a technological map, 350 g of dried fruits and 100 g of sugar should be taken on 3 liters of water. The amount of sugar can be adjusted depending on which fruit you use. Compote from dried fruits without sugar will be an excellent replacement for lovers of cakes and other high-calorie products. It is included in the menu of kindergartens, schools and hospitals. Drink with pleasure drink adults and children. It can be strain or served along with boiled fruits.


Cooking technology


Benefit and harm

  1. The drink includes vitamins of group B, C and PP, potassium, copper, zinc, sodium, iron, organic acids.
  2. Compote from prunes and apricot treats constipation and normalizes the process of digestion.
  3. Dried plum reduces cholesterol levels in the blood.
  4. Kurage helps to restore vision and fills the lack of iron in the blood.
  5. Pears regulate the chair in the child, therefore are effective when the stomach disorder.
  6. Drink is often used at high temperatures, since abundant vitaminized drink speeds up the process of recovery.
  7. Mix of dried apples and pears should be used in diseases of the liver and kidneys, as they purify the body from the toxins and salts of heavy metals.
  8. Compote from dried pineapples is ideal for those who want to lose weight.
  9. Bananas raise mood and effective with strong stress, despondency and longing. They also help to restore the forces after excessive physical exertion.
  10. Fig strengthens memory and improves brain activity, helps with thyroid diseases.
  11. Raisin strengthens the cardiovascular system and normalizes the operation of the circulatory system, eliminates the swelling due to diuretic action.
  12. Grapes strengthens metabolic processes in the body, replenishes the deficiency of vitamin D in winter.
  13. The dried strawberry is enriched with vitamin C, so that you will be in a good mood and feel cheerful.
  14. Peach makes it easier for rheumatism, gout and breaks fats.
  15. Blueberry improves eyesight.
  16. Rosehip increases immunity, it has a tonic and a tonic effect, prevents the development of atherosclerosis, increases the release of bile and is considered a powerful antioxidant.

Contraindicated compote people suffering from allergies to any fruit. They need to exclude an allergenic product and choose the best option. It is not recommended to often use a sweet drink with pancreatitis, gastritis and ulcerative gastric disease, as it can cause aggravation of diseases. People prone to diarrhea should also abandon the compote because it has a laxative effect.

Useful advice

  1. Replace sugar with honey, then the drink will be less calorie.
  2. Buy dried fruits in a package with a transparent window that allows you to check their quality. Be sure to smell the mixture. It should not smell mold and stale. Color should be slightly darker than fresh fruit.
  3. If dried fruits are very contaminated, lower them in hot water for a few minutes, and then rinse under the crane.
  4. Do not use aluminum saucepan for cooking, since aluminum due to fruit acids will quickly oxidize.
  5. Apricots and apples recommend cooking at least 20 minutes.
  6. Kuraga throw in boiling water 10 minutes before the end of cooking.
  7. Kalina and prunes are prepared for 15 minutes, rosehip - up to 30 minutes.
  8. Grapes, blueberries, Raspberries reach ready for 7 minutes.
  9. Sugar I recommend adding a couple of minutes before the end of cooking.
  10. For a beautiful feed, use pieces of boiled dried fruits or lemon slices.
  11. To add a sprinkler drink, I love to use carnation or cinnamon stick.
  12. Cooking compote should be under a closed lid. This will help maintain maximum beneficial properties, as fruits and liquid will not touch the air.
  13. The welded mixture must be wrapped with a woolen blanket or towel. Then he is good enough, and the taste will become more saturated and enjoyable.
  14. Diversify the recipe can be frozen berries. They will give a drink bright color.
  15. For a savory taste, add a bit of Barbaris berries.
  16. If you want to surprise guests for a holiday, you can make a compote from dried fruits with brandy and rum. Serve it slightly warm, then it will help to remind Mulled wine. If you are planning a children's table, instead of alcohol, use freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice.
  17. The storage period of the compote in the refrigerator is 4 days. So that there is no unpleasant mustard, strain the drink after 24 hours. Store is allowed in a jar or plastic bottle.

5 unusual options

Perfectly quenching thirst, has a good taste and bright citrus aroma. For cooking, rose hips, dried apples and plums, lemon, orange, water, sugar. Place the washed apples in the pan, pour with water and cook for 20 minutes, then throw the dried plums and cook the mixture for another 15 minutes. Then pour sugar, add citrus slices slices and boil no more than 3 minutes. Remove from the fire and put the flushed rose berries. Leave it for 9 hours.

Recipe with Rosehip.

An excellent option that thirst quenches has a bright look and fresh taste due to pumpkin and cinnamon sticks. Preparation will also need dried apples and pears, sugar, water. Quantity sugar Adjust personal preferences. Be sure to give a compote for several hours.

Recipe with pumpkin

Good fragrant option for Christmas celebration. Such a drink is called Uzvar. For its preparation, you will need a kuraga, dried apples, a pear and prunes, raisins, a dry rosehip, natural honey, cinnamon, carnation. All ingredients beat and rinse. If the apples fell too dry, then soak them in hot water for half an hour. Put apples, rosehips and pears in the enamelled pan of 3 liters. When the mixture boils, add the Kuragu, Iisen, Carnation and Cinnamon. Honey use to taste.

Recipe with spices

A rich and tasty option that is perfect for consuming in a cold summer. It can be given to children instead of shop carbonated drinks. For cooking Take dried apples, frozen or fresh cranberries, ordinary and vanilla sugar, orange peel, carnation, cinnamon and cardamom. In a saucepan, carefully dispel the berries, add apples and peels of orange, pour with water and put on the stove. When the mix will boil, add sugar and spices. Boil on medium heat for 8-10 minutes.

Recipe with dried apples

Useful and delicious drink that is preparing very simple. It is enough to take dry pears, water, sugar and citric acid. Wash fruit put in a saucepan, pour with water. Bring to a boil and continue to cook 40 minutes on slow heat under the lid. At the end, pour sugar and citric acid.

Dried pears recipe


In the article, we learned how to cook compote from dried fruits Stepshop and with photos, in what proportions to take water and a compotect mixture, found out what kind of properties there is a drink and what is its caloric content. It turns out very tasty, perfectly quenched thirst, and is also rich in vitamins and minerals and can become an excellent alternative to any compote from berries, because it is allowed to eat children and pregnant women.

Are you preparing compote from dried fruits? Tell us about it in the comments!

Compote based on dried fruits and berries is a favorite and very helpful drink since childhood. It is served in kindergartens and canteens as a third dish. It is a very pleasant taste and useful decoction capable of giving the courage of the spirit and activate the protective functions of the immune system. However, not all hostesses can competently know how to cook compote from dried fruits. In violation of the basic rules of the process, the use of the beverage is noticeably reduced. Let's discern that it is necessary that the decoction is saturated and useful.

The rich composition and properties of the compote

At any time of the year, such a compote will be a pleasant addition to dinner or just a refreshing drink. In the summer months, this is an excellent opportunity to quench the tormenting thirst and give a cheerfulness of the Spirit. And in the winter period, the compote is a wonderful means to activate the immune defense of the entire body. This is possible due to the rich composition of the beverage, where all the most necessary vitamins and trace elements are present. In addition, the compote can always be slightly heat and add spicy spices, getting a delicious warm drink, warming up in the frosty winter evenings.

The useful properties of the compote are known to us from early childhood:

  • perfectly saturates the body by all the necessary vitamins;
  • trace elements in the composition of the products that are the basis of the drink, fill the shortage of the most vital components;
  • restores the immune defense of the body;
  • gives the vigor of the spirit and perfectly tones;
  • saturates and quenching thirst;
  • Helps regulate appetite, effectively saturated organism.
Compote from dried fruit with seasonings

Compote from dried fruit with seasonings

In compote, you can add not only dried fruits and various berries, but also add spicy herbs and seasonings. They will give individual taste and aroma drink and satisfy the most preconceived taste of gourmet.

During periods, the lack of vitamins is necessarily incorporated into the diet of decoction based on dried apples and other fruits to fill the lack of useful components in the body. The drink is recommended for food of children, can be used in the diet of infants, since it does not cause allergic rashes.

Beach cooking time

Each housewife has its own, favorite recipe for the preparation of this compote. You can add different berries, fruits, spices and other additives to taste. Each hostess, based on a standard recipe, can make its own, the best compotation recipe.

Usually compote does not differ in the complexity of cooking. It is written shortly, the cooking process is completed in about 10 - 20 minutes after boiling a decoction based on dry fruit . Everything mainly depends on the state of the products. If dried fruits are too overwhelmed, they will have to slaughter somewhat longer than the fresh dried fee.

It should be entrusted to your cooking alarm and determine for yourself the optimal version of the heat treatment of dried fruits. For the most part, saturation and taste directly depends on the time how much the drink is after boiling and off the plate.

You can often see the issue of housewives in the network - how much do you cook the compote from dried fruits? Answer it is definitely difficult enough. All skills come with experience, each woman itself determines the cooking period and the concentration of dried berries and fruits, which are added to boiled water.

Basic boards beverage

The recipe of a compote from dried fruit is extremely simple and will not require a lot of time from the hostess. You can find a large number of options with the use of various ingredients.

The main principle of cooking such a beverage is the shortest heat treatment.

This allows you to save all useful trace elements and vitamins. But at the same time, the infusion should set long to defend themselves to hit all their homework in its saturated and enjoyable taste.

Classic recipe

Dried fruits for compotes

Dried fruits for compotes

The compotes familiar with everything since childhood are prepared from apples, apricots, pears and raisins, pre-dried. Pears add a special spicy note to this refreshing drink, so do not neglect this component.

It is noteworthy that you can independently make a mixture, drying your favorite fruits or berries, and stock it for the winter to pamper homely delicious and helpful drinks. But the finished mixture can be purchased at any grocery store, you should only choose it correctly.

Fruits should be dried in moderation and not have signs of corruption. Mold, raising and other signs of product damage, indicate that this product is not suitable for cooking.

For the preparation of the simplest recipe, the following ingredients will be required:

  • 3 liters of pure water;
  • a mixture of dried fruit - 225 g;
  • Sugar sand - 50 g

It will be enough to stand at the stove of only 10 - 20 minutes and the decoction is ready. It is necessary to have a drink for about 40 to 50 minutes. An hour later - one and a half it can already be used by the whole family.

It is very difficult to calculate the caloric content of the drink, as it all depends exclusively from the products taken by the hostess for the preparation of a compote from dried fruit. On average, one portion of the ragger of dry berries and fruits is about 40 - 60 kilocalories.

Cooking the drink is necessary according to the following scheme:

  • First, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse a compotable mixture under running water, better cold;
  • shift the washed fruit into the volume saucepan and pour prepared with clean water;
  • put a saucepan on strong fire and bring to a boil;
  • After boiling, the intensity of the fire is reduced to the middle and cook for another 20 - 30 minutes;
  • add sugar to taste and boil the composition for a few more minutes;
  • Turn off the decoction and give it to brew about half an hour.

It is noteworthy that it is possible to eat a drink in cold or hot. It rather depends on the time of year. In the summer, it perfectly refreshes the chilled compote, and in the winter I want to warm up the heated drink with the addition of spicy spices.


The drink is very simple saturated with vitamins and various elements. To do this, take different dried fruits and rinse them well in cold running water. First you have to prepare sugar syrup, dissolving sand sugar in drinking boiled water.

After the decoction is prepared in it gradually add prepared fruits and berries. Since the time of cooking in all dried fruits is different, you will have to add them in turn. First you need to put large fruits, and then fall asleep the remaining ingredients.

The dried grapes are always put in the last place, as it is boiled very quickly. Upon completion of the cooking, the compote is covered with a lid and give it a pretty broken. Only after that you can serve it on the table.

With spicy additives

Dried fruits and spices

Dried fruits and spices

Some recipes contain recommendations for adding spices and spices. You can add ground or whole cinnamon, as well as carnation or other spices. Cooking the compote from dried fruits with the addition of spices is also simple.

For cooking take a drizzle, prunes, dried apples and pears, as well as raisins, solid carnation and ground cinnamon. You should also take a small amount of concentrated apple juice. In one and a half liters of clean water, they add clouded and already swollen apples and pears. They need to peck around 20 - 30 minutes.

Next, everything is done quickly. The remaining dried fruits are added, sugar and spices are covered to taste. Cook the decoction is needed for about 10 minutes, and then let it stand for 1 hour. Useful spicy drink ready.

Drinking Drink

Dried compote

Dried compote

Lovers of dried drains and saturated taste prepare a drink based on this fruit. For this, 200 grams of dried drain are washed in cold running water. Sugar syrup is prepared, boil water in a saucepan while sugar is completely dissolved. Then the prunes are added there and boil about 20 minutes. Then the exaggement should be allowed to fully cool, and in the summer period can be cooled in the refrigerator.

Popular compote from dry apples

Drink from dried apples is very useful and saturated with polivitamins. If you add mint, the tarragon and the black rowan rowan will be compote, which effectively reduces blood pressure and helps to calm the nervous system.

At first, syrup with sugar is prepared, boiled on the plate in the saucepan. Then the dried apples are laid and tasted black rowan. Cooking the mixture will be required by about a quarter of an hour, and in 5 minutes until ready, prepared herbs are added. Do not forget to thoroughly insult compote.

Who is useful compote?

Similar simple product product is useful to everyone without exception. The body perfectly perceives the beverage saturated with vitamins and does not cause allergic rashes. Therefore, it is recommended even to infants. It is often used in dietary nutrition. In hospitals and hospitals, it is often used in the diet, as the patients's vitality supports effectively.

Children love to be touched by such a drink. It is not only delicious, but also useful. Effectively saturates the body with vitamins and useful trace elements, which are necessary for the normal formation of a children's body.

In addition, it is a good remedy for summer heat as a refreshing drink. And in the winter evenings, the compote can be heated, squeezing with spices, and warm up after staying outside.

How to cook a decoction in a slow cooker?

Cooking a compote of dried fruits in a slow cooker

Cooking a compote of dried fruits in a slow cooker

Cooking in a slow cooker has a certain advantage over the traditional method. Special regime for extinguishing products, makes it possible to keep all the beneficial properties of the beverage, while maintaining the integrity of the vitamins and minerals. Dried fruits are literally languishing in a multicooker bowl.

It is important to remember if the compote is prepared for the child, you should not abuse allergens . And it is best to completely exclude in the formulation of honey, ginger, cinnamon and other products that cause an allergic reaction. On 2 liters of pure water takes 300 grams of the compotect mixture and 50 grams of sugar sand. The drink will be low-calorie and not too sweet, just what is necessary to kids. The duration of cooking in this way is about 1 hour.

Purified fruits and berries are stacked in the bowl, wake up with sugar sand and poured with boiled water. It is important that she was hot. Then the required mode is set for about an hour - one and a half. It does not hurt at the end of the session to leave the drink inside, without opening the lid, for a few more tens of minutes. And then pour it into glass jugs or banks.

With independent compilation of the compotect mixture, it should be borne in mind that prunes can seriously affect the beverage taste. For one preparation, experts advise not more than 3 - 4 berries. This will be quite sufficient. The pre-dried fruit does not make any sense. But to clean them from the sera and dust with the help of flowing cold water must be necessary. It will make a drink pleasant taste and color, almost transparent.

The nutritional value

Contents in 100 g % of norm
Calorie 55.6 kcal 3.61%
Proteins 0.3 g 0.32%
Fat. 0 g 0%
Carbohydrates 14.5 g 10.28%
Alimentary fiber 0 g 0%
Water 85 g 3.1%

What is a universal drink, which is recommended to drink as a child and adult? Of course, compote from dried fruits! He is perfectly quenched thirst and contains a large number of vitamins. You can make a compote from dried fruits at any time of the year. The drink is recommended by people with diabetes mellitus, women during pregnancy - there are practically no restrictions for its use. Cooking compote from dried apples, pears and other dried fruits. The recipes of cooking beverage set, so there will be no problems with the choice.

Competition use of dried fruits

Compote from dried fruit has a pleasant taste and aroma. Its useful properties directly depend on the ingredients used. The richer the composition of the drink, the greater the benefit it is for the human body.

On a note! Compote from dried fruits is a rather calorie drink, because in dried fruits contain a large amount of sugar. Per 100 grams of the product accounts for up to 60 kcal.

The benefits of a compote from dried fruits is as follows:

  • Strengthening immunity- due to the content of vitamin C increases the body resistance to viruses and bacteria.
  • Restoration of functions ZKT- is improved digestion, which is particularly favorably affected by prunes and dried.
  • The decrease in intracranial pressure is to provide pears and apples.
  • Due to the bactericidal action, it is possible to avoid problems with urination.
  • Positive impact on the circulatory barrier content of raisin.
  • Increasing the mood, which is affected by fig.
  • Improved vision, which is promoted by dried blueberries.
  • Improving the level of hemoglobin in the blood cherry detention account.
  • Help in the fight against depressions - Banana help to avoid a depressive state, which is often observed in the autumn period.

Thus, the compote from dried fruit has a lot of useful properties and is the prevention of various diseases.

On a note! There are two ways to prepare a compote from dried fruits. In the first case, it is enough to wait until the drink boils, and then immediately remove the saucepan from the fire and wrap in a warm blanket. Insist for 10 hours. The second way is to boil the compote from dried fruits about 30 minutes after boiling. In this case, insist the drink does not have to.

Classic recipe compote dried fruit with sugar

The number of portions - 8.

Cooking time is 40 minutes.

To cook compote from dried fruits on this recipe, you can buy each ingredient in advance separately. But it is better to dry berries and fruits yourself. If you use dried fruits from home blanks, you can be confident as a product.

On a note! If it is decided to boil compote from dried fruit with sugar, you should know that it is put at the end of the preparation of the drink.


To cook compote from dried fruits on a classic recipe, you will need such ingredients:

  • dried apples - 200 g;
  • Kuraga - 50 g;
  • prunes - 150 g;
  • dried pears - 70 g;
  • citric acid (can be replaced by lemon juice) - 2 g;
  • water - 3 l;
  • Sugar - to taste.

Cooking method

For the preparation of a delicious drink, a step-by-step recipe compote from dried fruits with a photo:

  • The first stage of the compotation of the compote is the movement and washing of dried fruit. If they are strongly contaminated, it is worth pouring them with warm water and hold for a while, and then wash it again. Then pour water into the pan in accordance with the recipe. Put it on fire and bring to a boil.
  • Prepared dried fruits lay out in a saucepan with boiling water and cook compote for 30 minutes on slow heat. At the end, add citric acid or lemon juice, sugar to taste, mix and retain the saucepan from the fire.

This recipe for cooking compotes from dried fruits is often used in the children's menu.

Compote from dried fruit without sugar

The number of portions - 8.

Cooking time is 45 minutes.

Sugar is considered a harmful component, moreover, it can not be used. In this regard, it is advisable to cook compote from dried fruits without sugar. The cooking process is not too different from the classic recipe.


On a note! To prepare a drink without sugar, it is desirable to use sweet dried fruits.

To cook compote from dried fruits without sugar, the following ingredients will be needed:

  • dried quince - 200 g;
  • Kuraga - 200 g;
  • dried bananas - 200 g;
  • Water - 3 l.

Cooking method

Delicious drink to cook helps a step-by-step recipe for a dried fruit with a photo:

  • Pour the drill with boiling water and withstand about 20 minutes. Wash the rest of dried fruits. Put a saucepan with water on fire and bring to a boil.
  • Share dried fruits into boiling water and cook for 20 minutes. When they swollen and become soft, compote is ready.

When the drink is cooled, it can be served to the table.

Compote from dried fruit with pumpkin

The number of portions - 4.

Cooking time - 1 hour.

This compote recipe is rather unusual, because in addition to dried fruits, a pumpkin includes. And it is known, is not the most suitable ingredient for drink. However, compote is incredibly tasty.


Components are used to prepare a compote from dried fruits:

  • a mixture of dried fruits (apples, pears and others) - 200 g;
  • Pumpkin - 1 pc.;
  • Rosehip dried - 50 g;
  • Cinnamon - 1 wand;
  • Water - 1.5 liters;
  • Sugar - to taste.

Cooking method

First you need to soak dried fruits in hot water for a few minutes, rinse and make the following:

  • Clear the pumpkin from the peel and seeds, the pulp cut into cubes.
  • Pour water into a pan and put it on fire. Boil.
  • Purchase first rosehip, cook for 15 minutes on medium heat. Then lay out pumpkin cubes, dried fruits and cinnamon. Cook for another 20 minutes. During this time, dried fruits should swell and become soft.
  • At the end add sugar to taste and cook compote for another 5 minutes.

Remove the finished drink from the fire and cool. During this time, he will not only be cooled, but also imagines, will acquire a more rich taste and color. And a pleasant aroma will give cinnamon.

Compote from dried fruit with raisins

The number of portions - 8.

Cooking time - 50 minutes.

Many recipes for the preparation of compote from dried fruits are used raisins. It gives additional sweetness, so you can put a smaller amount of sugar, and also contains vitamins. Therefore, you should not be afraid to put a raisin in the drink, it will not only improve his taste, but will make it more useful.


To prepare a compote from dried fruits with raisins, you will need the following:

  • dried apples - 100 g;
  • dried pears - 100 g;
  • prunes - 100 g;
  • Uryuk - 70 g;
  • Raisin - pinch;
  • Water - 3 l.

On a note! In this recipe, sugar is not used, since dried fruits are sufficiently sweet. But you can add it to taste if you wish.

Cooking method

To cook compote from dried fruits with raisins, you will need to perform the following actions:

  • Pour water into a saucepan, put on fire and bring to a boil.
  • Wash dried fruits. First pour out in a saucepan with boiling water uryuk, apples and pears. They should be boiled about 15 minutes.
  • Then add raisins and prunes. Cook for another 15 minutes.

If you wish, you can add sugar. When compote is ready, it should be cooled. To do this, a saucepan with a drink to retain from the fire. Cell compote should at room temperature. Serve it is needed chilled, spill on mugs or glasses.

Compote from dried fruit with honey

The number of portions - 3.

Cooking time - 35 minutes.

Compote from dried fruits with honey is a useful and delicious drink. However, he is contraindicated to people prone to allergies. In general, honey is an excellent sugar substitute. He saturates a drink with a pleasant aroma and gives him a good taste.


Ingredients should be used to prepare a compote from dried fruits:

  • dried apples - 50 g;
  • dried pears - 50 g;
  • dried plums - 20 g;
  • dried cherries - 20 g;
  • Raisin - pinch;
  • honey - 50 g;
  • Water - 1 l.

Cooking method

To cook compote from dried fruits with honey, you must do the following:

  • Wash dried fruit thoroughly. In the presence of severe pollution, pour them with warm water for 15 minutes. Then rinse again under cold running water. Pour dried apples and pears into a saucepan, pour water, put on fire and bring to a boil. Cook for 15 minutes.
  • When dried apples and pears persuade for 15 minutes, pour out the raisins of plums, cherries. Cook for 10 minutes.
  • When compote is virtually ready, add honey to the pan. Mix the drink thoroughly. You can cook another 1 minute with honey, and you can immediately rest in the pan aside.

Cover the saucepan with a compote lid and let it stand. Already after half an hour he will acquire a more rich color, it will become more fraudous and tastier. Compote is served separately or in combination with the main dish.

Video recipes: how to prepare a delicious compote from dried fruit

In order for compote from dried fruits to be more vitamined, its composition should be more diverse. In addition to standard pears and apples, exotic fruits add to the drink. For example, dried bananas, dates, pineapple. Each can choose the ingredients, guided by their own preferences and tastes.

To properly weld the compote from dried fruits, you need to follow the recipe, as well as adhere to the basic recommendations. Vitely cooking process is presented on video.

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Compote from dried fruits, how to make a tasty and healthy drink.

Good afternoon, our dear friends. Today we will talk about compote, namely how to make the compote from dried fruit. It is not only a delicious drink, but also very useful. There are many vacations in it, for example, in the heat of compote with sourness, a thirst quenchly quenches.

He could not get around the joke, they say only the Russians can remove the water from the fruit to add and drink again. But of course, this is not only Russian, even not Russian invented dried fruit. Although for some reason this drink is very common in our country.

Table of contents:

It can be found not only at home, but also in school canteens, gardens, cafe and so on. All because there are a lot of vitamins in compote, it is very useful especially in winter. In the spring, when the lack of vitamins after winter, it is necessary to drink it, and it is very easy to prepare it.

See also: How to cook compote from plums for the winter: 7 best recipes.

Well, before seeing how to make it properly, let's talk about his benefits.

Beverage use.

Surely no one will argue with the fact that dried fruits retain almost all the beneficial substances and vitamins that are contained in fresh products. That is why the drink from such ingredients is recommended to use those who are in dire need of nutrient elements.

Depending on the components of the compote, cooked at home can have its own features. By constiting various variations, you can easily change not only the taste of the drink, but also combine a set of vitamins and minerals.

dried fruits
dried fruits

Most often, compote from dried fruits, whose recipe we will look at, prepare from:

  • Prunes, which quickly increases hemoglobin, which noticeably helps the operation of the digestive tract.
  • Dried pears and apples that are useful for diseases of the kidneys, blood, gastrointestinal tract, including liver.
  • Kuragi, indispensable at edema, anemia and vision problems.
  • Raise, which is rich in magnesium, having a beneficial effect on the nervous system.
  • Inzhar, which improves the operation of the respiratory tract and pancreas.

What other ingredients may include compote from dried fruits? The recipe for this drink often provides for the use of such exotic products like bananas, pineapples and dates.

Thus, choosing for a compote certain products, you can safely draw up such combinations of beneficial substances that are extremely necessary for you or your family.

Classic compote from dried fruit.

To prepare such a drink for your family, it is not necessary to purchase each ingredient separately. After all, today, almost in every store sells a peculiar set of dried fruits, from which you can quickly cook the delicious compote.

Classic dried fruit compote
Classic dried fruit compote

But, unfortunately, not always such assorted meets all the quality requirements. After all, it is often possible to detect rotten or moldy dry fruits. And if you do not attract the prospect to sort out these ingredients, then it is better to purchase them separately.

We need:

  • Drilling of any variety - about 50 g;
  • Dried apples (can be done in advance) - approximately 200 g;
  • Prunes without bones meaty - 100 g;
  • Pears dried (can be done independently) - about 50 g;
  • Lemon acid - approximately 2 g (optional);
  • Sand sugar small to taste.

Step 1.

Before proceeding with heat treatment, all ingredients should be carefully processed. Thus, the acquired dried fruits must be sorted, and then put it in a colander and wash well in warm water.

So that the dirt quickly moved away from the products, they can be immersed for several minutes into warm boiling water. While all dried fruits are fade, it is necessary to pour 3 liters of water in a saucepan, and then put it on a strong fire and bring to a boil.

Step 2.

After water in the saucepan boils, and dried fruits will be thoroughly washed, they should be alternately put in the rapid liquid. First, apples and pears need to be placed in the dishes, and then more hard components.

Cook dried fruits
Cook dried fruits

Step 3.

After half an hour, a small amount of citric acid is needed to pour into the pan, as well as sugar sand to taste.

Cook all components together take another quarter of an hour. In this case, the fluid must partially evaporate. Add new water is extremely recommended. After all, it is possible to get a delicious, fragrant and brewing compote.

Step 4.

After all the components become soft, the dishes should be removed from the stove and to withstand under the closed lid before cooling. At the same time, dried fruits should noticeably increase in size and settled on the bottom.

Serve compote to the table is recommended in warm or cold condition with several fruits in a glass, so tastier, kids like it.

Easy way to cook compote from dried fruits (video).

Here is another way in video format. Everything is simple and visual.

Compote from dried fruits without sugar, kids.

Compote from dried fruit for children is recommended to boil without adding sugar. After all, such a product can quickly quickly cause a small child an allergic reaction.

We need:

  • Kuraga of any variety - 200 g;
  • Dried bananas - 200 g;
  • Quince - 200 g;
  • Drinking water - 3 liters.

Step 1.

Before cooking such a drink, the main products should be carefully treated. To do this, it takes a short time to withstand the coaragument in the cooled boiling water, and then wash it thoroughly.

It is also necessary to solve dried bananas and quince under cool water.

Step 2.

Next, you should take a large enameled saucepan, pour into it a sufficient number of ordinary drinking water and bring to a boil on the maximum fire.

Step 3.

Next in the dishes you need to post the quince, bananas and dried fire, to reduce the fire to a minimum and cook everything for 20 minutes. During this time, all components should be soft and noticeably increase in size.

Step 4.

After the compote is welded, it should be covered with a lid and withstand about 2-3 hours under it. During this time, the drink will completely cool and finally absorbs all the aromas of added dried fruit.

Thus, the compote is required to pour over the glasses and file to the table along with any baking. Enjoy your meal!

Honey compote dried fruit.

Honey compote
Honey compote

Instead of sugar in compote, you can add honey. This is another huge plus in favor of a compote from dried fruit. Even more vitamins and a pleasant honey taste. By the way, this drink is very useful when a prevention of various kinds of colds.


  • Honey - 150 gr;
  • Apple dried - 220 gr;
  • Cherry dried - 180 gr;
  • Pears dried - 120 gr;
  • Raisin - 50 gr;
  • Prunes - 60 grams;
  • Water - 2.5 liters.

Step 1.

If possible, use raisins without bones. Wash it, soak in clean water for 1 hour. Bring apples, pears, prunes from extraneous garbage. In another container, place the dried cherry, fill with water and leave half an hour.

Step 2.

Take the optimal dishes with high sides. Drain the water from dried fruits, pour fresh in the container, bring to a boil and send apples with pears there. Tomit mixture on low heat for 25 minutes, then pour prunes, boil another 10 minutes.

Step 3.

After this period, send the cherry to the pan, after 5 minutes - raisins. Tomit composition on a 10-minute stove, then turn off the burner, add honey and mix well.

Step 4.

Cover the saucepan, wrap it with the bedspread, leave 10-12 hours before the final instead. Upon expiration of this period, the compote can be strain, heating the drink before use, but it is not necessary.

Delicious compote in a slow cooker.

It is not surprising that it is possible to cook such a drink not only on a conventional kitchen cooker, but also in a slow cooker. Even easier, I would say. This is recommended to use the "extinguishing" or "soup" mode.

Compote from dried fruit in a slow cooker
Compote from dried fruit in a slow cooker

We need:

  • Dried apples from green fruit - 100 g;
  • Cherry frozen without seeds - 50 g;
  • Prunes without seeds - 50 g;
  • Kuraga - 70 g;
  • Pears dried - 70 g;
  • Sand sugar in taste.

Step 1.

Before you cook the compote from dried fruits in a slow cooker, all the ingredients should be carefully treated. For this, products need to be well wash in warm water. As for the frozen cherry, it must be removed in advance from the freezer and postpone to the side for thawing.

Step 2.

The required amount of water should be placed in the device's capacity (depending on the volume of the bowl) and bring it to a boil in the "Baking" mode. After the fluid is working, it needs to lay out dried apples, pears, prunes and driers.

Step 3.

Once again waiting for boiling, the multicooker should be installed in the "quenching" mode and cook the drink is about half an hour.

Step 4.

After this time, the compote requires adding the desired amount of sugar sand, as well as the exhausted cherry together with syrup. Thoroughly mixing all the components, they need to boil again and cook about a quarter of an hour.

Step 5.

Next, the kitchenette should be closed, put it on heating and withstand the drink in such a state of 60-90 minutes. After the specified time, the compote is required to cool and submit to the table along with baking.

It should be especially noted that women during lactation are extremely recommended to add raspberries, strawberries to such a drink, strawberries, as well as citrus and tropical fruits (lemon, grapefruit, orange, avocado, mango, kiwi, papaya, bananas and so on.).

On this we have everything, leave your comments below, support us On our blog And join us in Odnoklassniki . So far so far and pleasant appetite!

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