"Despite" how is it written in a pony or separately?

How is it written "despite" or "not looking at"?

despite or in spite of

Ply or separately?

Both options for writing can be correct because the fusion and separate writing depends on the context. The concrete "Despite" has a constant shape and is written in a punk - despite . The control of "looking" with a negative particle "not" and the pretext "on" is written separately, in three words - in spite of .

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Rule "despite"

How to spell the word " despite "Done or separate?

Word " despite "It is a derivative pretext, it happened from the" not "particle, the verdict" looking "and the pretext of" on ".

The pretext "Despite" is always written ply.

It has a grade value. Synonym for it can be the word "though". The word "despite" is also picked in a mercury.


Spoke out loud all the examples for better memorization.

  • But the joyful mood has not shuffled despite fatigue.
  • Despite The fact that Victor was the son of the Director of the Factory, he kept smoothly, without arrogance.
  • Vika was too proud and did not forgive Alexey, despite The fact that the young man stood under her windows for several hours

Rule "Despite"

Combination " Not looking "- This is a combination of a negative particle and verbalism.

With verbalia, as well as with verbs, this particle is always written separately.

Tempecility always denotes an extension effect, so it is used only in combination with some verb having the value of the main action. The designer "Despite" can always be replaced by synonym "without looking", if such a replacement is possible, it means that the word "Despite" will be written separately. The verbal spirits "Despite" can be used as with the pretends "on", "B", etc., and without an excuse.


Spoke out loud all the examples for better memorization.

  • Asya answered quietly Not looking on me.
  • I even Not looking The window, knew that in the street there was a small rain.
  • The boy went out and Not looking I in my eyes, briefly answered that I did not know anything.
  • Not looking Up, you will not fall down.

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I continue the topic of the fusion and separate writing "not". The turn came to tell how to write "(no) looking at" depending on the context. Pleasant reading and understanding!

For a good mood. Source: Flickr.com. Posted by: alexxx malev
For a good mood. Source: Flickr.com. Posted by: alexxx malev

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1. Preposition "Despite" .2. Comma before "despite" and "no matter what" .3. Tempecility "Despite" .4. Derivatives prepositions that are picked.

As usual, when writing the article, I use academic directories edited by V. V. Lopatina and D. E. Rosental, recommendations of the reference service of the Russian language.

Something important for memorization specifically left at the end of the article. Additionally, I ask you to pay attention to the list "Read more", because it added a few previous texts about the merchandel and separate writing words.

Preposition "Despite"

In Russian there is a derivative pretext "despite" Who is written in two words.

Difficulties cause the word "despite". Often it is confused with welcoming and write "not looking", although this is a mistake. It is written punk.

1) The main value is: "Without paying attention to anything."

I came to you, despite Bad weather = I came to you, not paying attention on bad weather.

2) expresses a gradious relationship. It can be replaced with the words "Narkeek", "without considering", "contrary to".

  • We met, despite Weather and other obstacles. We met Night Weather and other obstacles.
  • We continue to work, despite the circumstances. We continue to work contrary to circumstances.
  • Despite fatigue, we gladly rose to the top of the mountain.
  • They got married, despite the difference in age, and were happy.

Synonym "Despite" - "Despite".

Attention: Combination "no matter what" Written just like that! Here, in turnover, "despite" an amplifier particle "nor" is embedded and the pronoun "that" is added.

In the same principle: In spite of any obstacles, in spite of any difficulties.

Comma before "despite" and "no matter what"

Source: Flickr.com. Posted by Raita Futo
Source: Flickr.com. Posted by Raita Futo

Turns with a proposed combination "Despite" are allocated by commas, which can already be seen in the previous examples. In the proposal, the derivative of the pretext "Despite" together with other adjacent words to him will be a circumstance.

And another good example found in the national corps of the Russian language: Mom, who worked all his life in the financial system, despite their employment , I paid a lot of attention to us.

If there is a close sense with the word, after which it is written "despite", then this turnover is not separated, that is not allocated by commas. Simply put, if "despite" stands directly after the verb.

He came out to walk despite the prohibition of doctors.

Whereas at the beginning of the proposal, the separation is required:

Despite the prohibition of doctors, he went out to walk.

About the comma in front of "no matter what" there are no strict recommendations. Again, it depends on the semantic connection with the faugible. If it is close, the comma is not required.

  1. Need to believe in the dream, in spite of everything. Continue to live in spite of anything. He achieved success in spite of everything.
  2. Looking for interesting people who, despite anything, live and rejoice in life.

For the commas, D. E. Rosentyl will be quoted:

In many cases, the originality or notion of circumstances depends on the degree of turnover, its proximity to the main part of the proposal, the presence of additional shades of the value, places in relation to the leaky, stylistic problem, etc., therefore, isolation Optional .

Tempecility "Despite"

Separately with "not" write, if it is a leadingness from the verb "Watch". After it, you can substitute the word "eyes".

I got out of the room, not looking / without looking at anyone. He walked down the street, in spite of her (eyes) on passersby. Move the road, despite the (eyes) on the sides, is far from the best way.

After attentive reading, we can understand that the merchate writing "Despite" needs much more often than separate. It suggests an analogy with another part of speech: the fusion writing "so that" we are nauseous much more often than the combination of pronoun "that" and particles "would".

Derivatives prepositions that are written ply

These prepositions are formed from the proposed-case combinations and picked together:

in view of (in view of the current situation. Not to be confused with the phrase "keep in mind", where "in mind" is a preposition and a noun) Together (c), instead, right (to), the contraction (C), like, due to (anything), like, alongside (c), about (someone), over.

That's all. About the composite union "Despite the fact that I will tell you in a separate article dedicated to these parts of speech. Please write in the comments, if you were understandable. I really hope that yes. :)

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In this article, let's talk about how to spell " IN SPITE OF ", Separately or drank. On simple examples, show Writing " despite "And fasten the material.

To begin with, we will define that "on" is always written separately, but with a part "Despite" there are cases of both separate and fusion spelling. Also we can meet the enhanced particle "nor" the combination "Despite", it obeys same rules.

"Despite" we write to join when "despite" is used as a pretext in the meaning, inexpensive, and the like.

Here are some examples:

  • Despite the weather, the game took place.
  • Victor, despite his bad performance, wrote the dictation perfectly.
  • He wrote this word correct, despite doubts.
But a couple with "nor":
  1. In spite of everything, he achieved success.
  2. We need to go ahead, no matter what difficulties.

As you might notice, the turnover using the pretext "Despite" is isolated by commas. By the way, the pretext "Despite" is subject to the same rules.

Now let's go to separate writing.

"Despite" he is written separately, when "not looking" a heaway, that is, answers the question: "What do you do?". That is, "not looking" literally means "without looking at the eyes of something."

Consider at the examples:

  • Despite the lover, he silently left.
  • The girl, despite the stubble men, went confident gait.
  • The speaker spoke from himself, despite the written.
But an example with a particle nor: The investigator carefully watched, not looking at anyone, except for the suspect.

Camera accompany, as you probably remember, is also separated by commas.

In order to remember, in what cases "in no way that" is written separately enough to remember a simple association. We look at two eyes. They are located separately from each other. "Despite" is written separately in the meaning when you are not looking, do not look at your eyes. Despite, pony or separateIn order to remember the correct writing, come up with several examples themselves. Scroll through your mind their meaning. Take a replacement of turnover "Despite" synonyms in several sentences. Despite the fact that the topic is interesting, we have everything today. If you have any questions, suggestions or wishes for the article, then you will definitely write them in comments.

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