Hedgehogs made of minced rice and gravy - delicious step-by-step recipes

For lunch or evening dinner in the family circle, any meat minced meat products will always be suitable, be it cutlets or dumplings, zrazy or meatballs, manta or meatballs. You can list for a long time and we will not do this, but it will be better to deal with the case and prepare hedgehogs from minced meals with rice and tasty gravy.

Hedgehogs are a very gentle and juicy variety of meatballs. This dish with its name is obliged to appearance, "needles", which are funny sticking out of meat balls when adding rice.

They are ideal for family meals, easily prepare and can be included in the menu of the smallest consumers. Good hedgehogs as an independent dish, but you can file them with any garnish - with baked potatoes, potato mashed potatoes, pasta or the same rice. And how to make it properly cooking rice for the side dish, so that it is crumbly, I already told in another article.

And what is the difference between hedgehogs and meatballs? Here the opinions of culinary diverge. Someone believes that "needle" - the variation on the theme of the meters, in which only raw croup is added and they are not frowning to the pan, because then the risky will not stick out of the balls. Others believe that hedgehogs are called absolutely all themeters, in which rice both raw and pre-boiled. Well, the third say that all this is not important, the main thing is to look like a real hedgehog :)

Farsh can be made absolutely from any kind of meat, even from fish. The main thing is a juiciency. Therefore, it is not recommended to use beef in its pure form, and it is better to dilute it with pork or chicken meat.

To increase the shade and conservation by the "hedgehogs" of its form, breads often add bread and breadcrumbs or flour, and the taste of gravy is made more fresh with the help of carrots and a bunch. It is not too whitewashed by spices, usually limited to classic salt and pepper.

Hedgehogs made of minced rice and gravy in the oven

These gentle and fragrant meat buns with thick tomatoes sauce or pasta are an excellent solution for those who want to please and old, and small, dinner or dinner. Not one person will refuse such a satisfying and tasty dish.

I offer you a step-by-step recipe where it is clear and clearly shown - how to make minced minced hedgehogs with rice with gravy in the oven.


Cooking technology:

First prepare everything you need. Onions and carrots are mine and clean. Garlic too. Rice (in a dry form - 100 grams), rinse, pour water and put on the stove. After boiling, the water is improving and cooking 8 - 10 minutes to half-year - as a result, it will swell and it turns out 280 grams, i.e. Cruses should be about two times less than meat. Rinse rice under running cold water.

First of all, we prepare gravy for the hedgehogs. Pour a bit of vegetable oil on a heated frying pan, pour out a finely chopped onion and fry it to transparency. When the loaf became soft and transparent, we add a marching carrot on a shallow grater and please all together.

Source: https://youtu.be/ttkh9ccknfm.

Next, we pour a tomato paste to the pan - I have her home, I added red Bulgarian pepper into it. My paste is not very thick, but not liquid, so I took a whole glass. If you have an ordinary thick pasta, then dilute it with water so that the consistency it happens as if it is a thick tomato juice.

Mix everything. If you wish in a roaster, you can add 1 tablespoon sour cream. A little passing, add half the glass of water, and in the second half we break up a tablespoon of flour.

Water should be cold, then the flour is stirred completely, until uniformity.

We pour flour climb into a roaster, mix and now it's time to salt, pepper, all this is your taste.

You can add greens - I have dried dill, also homemade, green and fragrant.

We try and if everything suits - turn off the tile - the fill is ready.

If your sauce is very thick - it depends on how you scored a spoonful of flour, you can breed it with water to the desired consistency.

Turn on the oven to heat up to 180.

Now prepare mince. He is my home - the meat is twisted with garlic and onions. We mix it with rice, add an egg - so that the hedgehogs do not fall apart. Solim, pepper and thoroughly mixing with hands.

So that the minced meter turned out to be more densely "knocking out" him - we raise it from my bowl several times and throw it back.

The result is 900 grams of meat blank. We wat the water and the rug, take half and pinch the palm, sharing on 6 parts, about 75 grams each.

Then we do the same with the second half of the minced. Thus, it is very convenient to make 12 identical balls. Now with wet hands from the cassed pieces of meat rolling round balls, wetting hands in the water from time to time. You can additionally "beat" them out of hand in hand. And evenly laid into the shape, wrapped with softened butter.

Next, fill our hedgehogs ready-made gravy.

I did not succeed until the top.

And we put in the oven for 35 minutes. Time, of course, depends on your oven.

Our hedgehogs are ready. Appetizing, fragrant, tasty and beautiful. Well hold the form, do not fall apart.

You can submit them as a separate dish with a salad, or with a side dish - at your discretion.

By the way, the amount of rice can be reduced if you want a dish with more meat.

How delicious cooking meat hedgehogs with rice in sour cream sauce?

An excellent alternative to cutlets, especially since it is not necessary to fry anything in this recipe. Hedgehogs in sour cream sauce are obtained delicious, fragrant and very gentle. Be sure to try to cook them.

Your family will be full and satisfied!

What will take:

How to cook:

Firstly, it is necessary to rinse it well and boil the cereal in the salted water. After cooking, rinse in cold water.

Figure you need to cook until half-ready, because It will still "reach" in the process of cooking.

In a bowl to the minced mead, we add onions, rubbed on a shallow grater, as well as missed garlic, salt, pepper, favorite spices for meat and egg. Mix thoroughly.

Source: https://youtu.be/jzdy8ijxs3e.

Suck the prepared rice and again we mix it up to a homogeneous mass.

From the resulting mass, the round balls are approximately the same size and lay them on a lubricated cream oil mold.

And we put for 20 minutes in the oven, which previously warm up to 180 degrees.

Now we will deal with gravy. The frying pan put on a small (below average) fire, put the remaining piece of butter. In the melted oil, we suck the flour and fry everything together, constantly stirring to break all the lumps, before the formation of a homogeneous mass, a couple of minutes.

Next, we pour broth (if it is) or water. We stir up to uniformity and add sour cream.

Mix well again and rewind the spices for meat. Preparing 2 more - 3 minutes.

Our sour cream sauce is ready. In total, his preparation took about 10 minutes. In the meantime, the hedgehogs had half prepared half and now we gently take them out of the oven and fill with a gravy on top, distributing it evenly.

In this form, we send it all back to the oven for another 20 minutes.

20 minutes have already passed? Ready!

We apply on the table immediately, with heat with heat, sprinkling with greens!

Enjoy your meal!

Video about cooking hedgehogs with raw rice in a pan

And then again the complete confusion :) Call the meters, and in fact, these cool balls are very similar to real enemas ... so let's understand?!

Well, yes, by and large, not in the title, we will try what they are taste?

Like both children and adults!

Hedgehogs from minced meat and rice in tomato sauce in a slow cooker

Prepare such a dish in a slow cooker is a pleasure. Not only quickly and easily, and also very tasty and useful. It is enough to roll small meat kreagashi, pour them with delicious tomato sauce, choose the right mode and in the whole hour to do their own households, while it is brewing it there :)

Quickly, tasty, satisfying and nutritious!


Preparation for steps:

1. For a vegetable pillow, finely cut the pre-purified onions and small carrot lumps. I like it more when it is in bed, therefore it always trunks on a large grater.

2. Prepare the fill - in 3 multistakans of water, we stir 4 tablespoons (large, complete) tomato sauce.

Instead of sauce, you can use 2 tabletoms of tomato paste.

Add a teaspoon with a sweet ground paprika, then the fill will turn out to be more saturated, red. This is supicing the mixture of peppers and salt to taste. Mix well. In the fourth multi-glass of water, 25 grams of flour are suited - this is a tablespoon with top. We snake well so that the flour is completely dissolved in the water.

Source: https://youtu.be/jarvjlzz7e4.

3. Now it was the turn of meat hedgehogs. Mix the washed with raw rice, 1 egg, half a teaspoon of black hammer pepper, salt and meat (better mixture of pork with beef). Mix mince.

4. At the bottom of the multicooker bowls lay out half of the sliced ​​onion and carrots - so we will make a pillow of vegetables.

5. Now we create small balls with wet hands, slightly beat them, throwing out of your hand to keep the shape and put on the pillow.

It is not necessary to fry!

I got one series of hedgehogs, but if you have a portion of minced me more, then do the second row - nothing terrible. We put the remaining vegetables from above.

6. Pour everything first diluted in water flour, and then tomato sauce.

7. Close the lid. We will prepare on extinguishing mode, the type of product - meat, in time - 1 hour.

If you wish, at the same time you can prepare potatoes or vegetables for a pair.

Step-by-step recipe for chicken minced meals with sour cream

Chicken hedgehogs with rice - the simplest way to be delicious and suit dinner. Of course, they are served not only for dinner, because chicken fillets are surprisingly light and juicy, and sauce from sour cream only gives them tenderness and piquancy.

Be sure to prepare this option - hedgehogs, yes under the sour cream, mmm ... yummy !!!

Required products:

How to do:

We take a chicken minced member - my female meat and fillets are twisted - so, in my opinion, tastier.

We mix it with a pre-boiled rice in salted water.

Source: https://youtu.be/itdlntaenck

Clean the onions, cut into small pieces and send there. Now salt to taste and add black ground pepper. I use this mixture of four peppers.

I mix well and, at the very end, we smash 1 egg in a bowl and wash again.

Now we embarrass the flour on the table or rug, loyering a small amount of minced meat in it, catch in flour and form hedgehogs.

If for your family, such a volume of meat blanks will seem too large, then either just initially reduce its quantity, or leave some of the glued balls in freezing.

We lay out a well-warmed frying pan and fry on olive oil to a golden crust, about 3-4 minutes on each side.

In principle, on this, the whole process could be completed, but no ... we wonder how to find out how to cook delicious meat hedgehogs with rice in sour cream, so we continue!

In the same frying pan, right above, lay a spoon with a spoon. And all the same spoon smear sour cream along the tops.

Sometimes I make a second version of the sauce - sour cream with ketchup, in proportion 1: 1.

Now, on top of pouring water - it is necessary half a channel, approximately 150 ml.

I simulate a little and, without stirring anything, we cover the lid and the pastry 20 minutes.

You are only looking at what they are in context - juicy and appetizing.

Just arms!

Delicious meatballs with gravy in a saucepan - like in kindergarten

Do you remember this taste? And now you are tormented by nostalgia at the former times .... It was incredibly delicious, tender hedgehogs in tomato-sour cream sauce. Here, just such a recipe I found on the Internet. If you prepare meat rounds on this recipe, you will fly for both cheeks with great pleasure, from Mala to Great.

Very simple cooking recipe! Enjoy!

Preparing meat hedgehogs with gravy without rice

Who knows, maybe such a variation will like you most and now you will prepare just so constantly! Hedgehogs or meatballs without rice - something new :)

Surprise juicy and gentle, insanely delicious!

We need:

How to make hedgehogs without rice:

Onions finely bail and add to meat.

I usually take a lot of Luke - he makes my mince super juicy and fragrant.

Garlic, too, grind and throw it there. In the resulting mass do not forget to add salt, pepper and 1 chicken egg. Mix well everything. Skate several balls, size with mandarin.

On well-heated, with the addition of vegetable oil in a pan, fry them, pre-halting in flour. Fry with a closed lid.

Source: https://youtu.be/nhkgogfkqq

Cook sauce. To do this, mix the tomato paste, sauce or ketchup with sour cream or mayonnaise. In both cases, the gravy is obtained - what you need!

Add a glass of boiled water and stir all to a homogeneous consistency.

Well fried on two sides of the tempiteki fill with gravy and extinguish under the lid about 10 - 15 minutes.

Serve with your favorite garnish, sprinkled with a chopped greens. In this case, the perfect potato mashed potatoes.

So, today we tried to find out if there is a difference between hedgehogs and meatballs. And how to make minced minced hedgehogs with gravy - with the addition of raw rice or need to boil in advance? I learned that if you use rice raw, it is welded and sticks out of meat balls as needles from the present hedgehog.

Cook with pleasure and enjoy!

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