How to quickly get out of the feed at home?

The question of how to get out of the bobby as quickly and painlessly, usually concerns people with alcohol addiction. Less often, he is interested in persons after severe stress or tragedy.

If the drinking of alcoholic beverages lasts more than two days, it is better to immediately take action. The longer the snack lasts, the harder it is from it.

Why can not be dramatically getting out of the binge?

Alcohol in its action looks like drugs. It affects the parts of the brain that is responsible for the state of euphoria and joy. A person who stays in a heavy long-term surge, get out of it at home very difficult, and quick output is impossible at all. From the consequences of even the weekly zayny get rid of gradually.

A sharp refusal causes the effect of "breaking". The body, when trying to get out of the fillet, will be able to demand even a portion with a huge force to re-return to a relaxed state.

The abstineent syndrome is manifested by headache, tremor, nausea, vomiting, etc. Get rid of it will be the main task during an attempt to get out of the feed.

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How much do you get out of the feed?

Immediately determine how much time it will be necessary to exit at home yourself from deep-drink, it is impossible. The duration of the rehabilitation period depends on the following factors:

  • duration of drunks;
  • quantities of consumed alcohol;
  • Quality of alcohol;
  • the presence of chronic diseases;
  • The method used to output the patient.

After a long binge, the abstitent symptoms are preserved up to 6 days. It is very difficult to move away from the binge. In particularly dangerous cases, it does not do without white hot. It is impossible to remove a person out of the feed.

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How to gradually reduce the dose of alcohol?

If the patient accepted a solid solution to get out of a long-term feed and wants to alleviate his condition, then the following actions perform:

  1. Buy 1 bottle of high quality alcoholic beverage. Take a glass or a glass with a capacity of 30 ml. Large capacities to get out of the feed, it is impossible to use.
  2. Cooked thick broth from beef or chicken. Cooking sandwiches with butter, top of which lay sausage sausage. Food should be very fat so that the fat can cover the walls of the stomach and prevent the absorption of alcohol.
  3. Include an interesting film, and better serial. The main thing is that there is no desire to disappear from it. It will help faster to get out of the binge.
  4. Once every 1.5-2.5 hours drink 1 stack of alcoholic beverage, biting fatty food. To eat to get out of the feed, it is necessary in any case, even through "I can not". The second glass is accepted with a shorter interval - 10 minutes. In other cases, time is strictly observed.

In this way, no more than 0.5 liters of drink drink per day. The patient provides the organism with small doses of alcohol. On the second day he will wake up without a strong headache and desire to drink. After this stage, it is easier to get out of the feed and now proceed to cleansing the body.

In order for the patient did not experience the temptation and everything turned out correctly, there should no longer be alcohol. During the day, drinks are taking well-quenching thirst and regenerating water balance, such as mineral water, kvass, juice or homemade clocks. To get out of the feed, after waking up the next day, a person should immediately drink a glass of pure water or kefir.

Important. All day is accepted alcohol of one variety. Mixing is unacceptable!

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How to get out of prolonged feed?

If scoop is a week or more, then the time of dyeing from the feed by home methods is much increased. After sleep, a person should drink about 0.5 liters of brine or alkaline mineral water. This will fill the lack of moisture in the body and activates the work of the liver.

After abundant drink, 7 tablets take Activated coal . What medicines will replace it:

Activated carbon

They will help the liver to cope with the load, and eliminate alcohol from the body, minimizing the unpleasant consequences of attempts to get out of the feed. After taking drugs, fatty pork or beef broth are eaten.

If the patient has problems with the stomach, then the soup is boiled from chicken. In addition to meat, carrots and onions are added to it. They cannot be fried. Broth covers breadcrumbs. For daytime meals during an attempt to get out of the sage of the patient, can make yourself prepare an omelette, mucous porch and salad and vegetables. After lunch drink green tea with lemon slices.

After a couple of hours after the first reception of medicines, it is advisable to drink "Esssential Forte" or "Mezim". The first helps the liver, and the second stomach when trying to get out of the bang. After 4 hours they take again Activated carbon.

Esssential Forte

To get rid of hand shakes and headache after drinking "Noscha" or "Analgin", But maximum 2 times a day. From insomnia during waste taken Donormil. It can be used no earlier than 12 hours after the last use of alcohol.

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Daily regime

The main conditions for smooth self-exit from the feed - sleep, peace, abundant drinking and proper nutrition. After taking food and tablets that help with hangover, you should sleep or watch TV.

Charging and long walks after long-swovels are prohibited. The first day the body should restore the forces to quickly get out of the feed.

The TV will respond to the thought of alcohol and will move away the desire to shade into the background. The patient must be tried not to smoke at least until 8 pm. Remove the anxiety and nervousness arising from any attempt to get out of the feed, you can The decoction of the roots of Valerians. Alcohol inficodes are contraindicated, as they can provoke a breakdown.

Help relax and get out of the feed Bath с Romashka. or mint. After completion of the procedure, drink herbal tea с honey. No food refuses. They increase the speed of metabolism and help remove harmful substances from the body.

Valerian root
Herbal tea with honey

The rehabilitation course is carried out until the patient returns to a normal state. When it is possible to get out of the feed, we gradually add conventional food and physical exertion.

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How to get out of non-dust feed?

From the four-day feed day, get out much easier than after 2 weeks saw. In this case, it does not matter whether it is or ordinary. This method will help a person who seeks to get out of the binge at the initial stage. Before that, spend some preparation:

  • Buy activated carbon, analgin and medicines for the liver and stomach;
  • provide the supply of milk, bee honey, mineral water, brine and saturated meat broth;
  • Stop the reception of alcohol in the evening of the previous day and do not resort to the beer oohmine.

In the morning, after a booze, during an attempt to get out of the sage, the patient should have a drink from 1.5 liters of the prepared fluid and take 2 tablets of activated carbon. If necessary, drink analgin and other drugs.

The patient must eat fat broth with bread. The whole day passes for the occupation of something exciting, but not tedious: reading, watching movies, etc. I don't go out on the street yet.

In the middle of the day, to remove the hangover painlessly, repeat the procedure for receiving medicines, after which they dinner tightly. Still need to drink a lot of liquid , for example, warm milk with honey and fruit juices.

The folk remedies from the feed with the help of Nastos are also relevant. The patient should move a lot, for example, go out on a walk. In the evening, again drinks an activated angle, dints and takes a shower. The next morning, the reception of coal is repeated.

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How to get out of the feed at home

  1. Ammonia. 4 drops of ammonia add to a glass of water. The solution of the solution helps a person to return to a normal state and get out of the binge. After it, it is recommended to take a cool shower. The method is not suitable for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.
  2. Tailing vomiting. To get rid of the patient's body from toxic substances provoke vomiting with two fingers. To get out of the feed, they are saturated in the mouth of the patient for irritation of receptors. The best effect is observed if the solution is drunk before that. It is prepared from 1 tablespoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of drinking soda and a glass of water.
  3. Enema. Against the background of 2-3 stages of alcoholism, you can make cleansing enemas with the help of herbs. For the preparation of a chamomile glass, boiling water flood 2 tablespoons of a flower.
  4. Infusion of rosehip. 150 grams of fruits are placed in a thermos and flooded with cold water. After half a day, the liquid absorb useful substances from the rosehip. On the day to remove the hangover you need to drink up to 2 liters of infusion.
  5. Lemon drink. 3 lemon is cut together with the skin and poured with 1 liter of cold water. The mixture put on fire and boiled 30 minutes. For a gradual exit from a long-rope drink drink throughout the day.
  6. Solution with glycerin. In the pharmacy you can cheap to buy glycerin and distilled water. To prepare their composition, they are taken in the ratio of 1: 2. It takes 50 ml three times a day. Helps soften the symptoms of abstinence.
Helicing clinic when removing the "Alcozdrav"

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Is it possible to take out of the stuff without a person's knowledge?

Assist an alcoholic without his knowledge is almost impossible. Of great importance during the cure will be the desire of the man or a woman to get out of the feed.

To help and send the patient to the desired thought, the following recommendations should be performed:

  1. Do not scandalize and not swear, as a person in a state of severe intoxication is not responsible for his actions. It doesn't matter, help to get out of the filing mother, her husband or another close man.
  2. Help provide patient all conditions for sleep. Putting, he will adequately respond to the aid.
  3. Conduct manipulations to withdraw from the protracted drink it follows when the symptoms of the hangover appear. Among them are a rapid pulse, weakness and search for a new dose.

To better understand the situation, you can visit sites where patients are divided by personal experience. Other information resources are suitable, for example, alcoholsaur.

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When should I refer to the doctor?

When a person suffers from alcohol addiction and goes into classic stuffing, often with a heavy feed at home is ineffective.

If there are 7 days, what to do is to do - contact the hospital treatment professionals for free. This method is also used when the patient has pain in the heart and stomach and the amount of drinking alcohol is more than 1 liter per day. With severe pains, the doctor is urgently called.

First, in the hospital for the withdrawal of the bay, detoxification and infusion therapy are carried out. The first manipulation is designed to save the body from toxins, and the second dehydration. All these tasks will perform Installation of dropper with glucose, diazepam and vitamin B1. Sometimes give A mixture of Popova - A means consisting of alcohol and sleeping pills. It helps to get out of the stuff in particularly difficult cases.

Vitamin B1.

The selection of the following methods of treatment is medicated and is determined individually. Preparations for treatment are used from groups:

  • vitamins;
  • sedative;
  • nootropic;
  • psychotropic;
  • hepatoprotectors;
  • cardioprotectors;
  • diuretic.
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General advice

  1. Miscelred to get out of the feed, strictly prohibited. Many patients are tormented by the question of whether it is necessary to hang out when you leave the binge. Although the method for a while removes the painful symptoms and becomes easy, but the desire to drink anyway returns. As a result, the hangover after the filing leads to the fact that the body continues to be poisoned further, and the person is to use alcohol.
  2. In the first few days, it is impossible to take a contrasting shower and exercise. The body and so works in reinforced mode, and the additional load when trying to get out of the feed can provoke irreversible consequences.
  3. Traditional sedatives can harm. Reception of curls, Corvalol and other medicines are prohibited.
  4. Cannot be taken when trying to get out of the feed psychoactive substances without the appointment of a specialist. During the abstinence syndrome, the body's reaction to such drugs should observe physicians.
  5. Before you move away from the bay, the patient is better to prepare . For 1 day or several before this event, the body serves minimum doses of alcohol. To do this, you can dilute alcoholic beverages with water. The taste will understand the brain that the full dose is taken, and at this time the concentration of alcohol in the blood will smoothly decrease.
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Vitaly, 35 years old

Usually used alcohol only in the evenings, and then I saw without stopping 4 days. On the first day of recovery drank sedative and sleeping pills, and then slept well. In the second saw a lot of water, took coal and helped.

Paul, 44 years

He drank 7 days, 0.7 liters of brandy daily, decided to stop. Reduced dose to 0.25 per day. He saw a lot, mostly mineral water, took vitamins. To fall asleep, I drank infusions with soothing herbs at night.

Valentina, 54 years

Husband is rarely drinking, but the filings. Coming out of him, becomes a wonderful person. Only a narcological clinic helps out of this state. The remaining methods do not work at all.

Sukoy - long (over a day) The use of alcohol, which is accompanied by significant intoxication. This phenomenon is characteristic of persons suffering from alcohol addiction. The amount of alcohol consumed in such periods does not have time to be output, the spree products of alcohol poison the body. Long weekly stuff is often accompanied by depressive states.

What is the difference between a pseudo-margin from the usual

Such begins with psychological and physical thrust to alcohol. Long periods of alcohol use may occur under the action of external factors - holidays, salary issuing, tragic event. Such a phenomenon of physicians is called pseudo-seated.

In the center of "Alcozdrav" combines modern safe treatment from alcohol dependence and the newest methods of rehabilitation. Our psychologists will help you understand people with alcohol dependence of the deep reasons for their problems, find the positive parties in life and learn how to solve problems without alcohol. For each patient, an individual treatment is selected, based on its condition and the severity of the illness. We guarantee complete anonymity and efficient treatment.

Pseudo-margin usually lasts 7-10 days and ends as well as started - under the influence of social change. Nevertheless, the harm caused by alcohol, does not allow you to quickly get out of the weekly feed. For restoring life indicators, time and certain measures will need.

How to get out of the 7-day zayny

Non-shipping (4-5 days) can be defeated at home. It is important to clean the body from alcohol decay products.

  • You should drink as much water as possible - at least one and a half liters. Vomiting and diarrhea - natural manifestations of the detoxification process. It is necessary to fill the loss of fluid in the case of such situations.
  • If 5 days died, the increased dose of vitamin C will help cope with the effects of alcohol intoxication. It is recommended to take a fivefold daose dose (400-450 mg). You can add products rich in ascorbic acid (lemon, kiwi, strawberry, cabbage) to the diet.
  • Use pharmacy sorbents. Activated coal must be taken at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight. You can drink carbon-based tablets, silicon or taking enterosorbents.
  • It is important to stabilize sleep and restore the state of the nervous system. The usual Valerian, "Corvalol" is recommended from the sedative. It should be remembered that some drugs provoke a slowdown in reactions, drowsiness.
  • In the next three days after a five-day zayny, the fatty and fried food should be excluded from the diet. The injured liver will not cope with such products. Put in the menu boiled vegetables, rice, buckwheat.

What to do in the case of long-term feed

Coming week and more dangerous for a person from the point of view of various aspects. Often, I spent all the money on alcohol, the alcoholic begins to use dubious drinks. There is a way, as they say, "everything that burns." The danger of poisoning of unknown chemistry increases at times.

Ultimately, the body ceases to take both alcohol and any other food products. During this period, the alcoholic has vomiting, increased pressure, tachycardia. The victim practically does not sleep, but rather fails into alcohol fainting with vivid visions.

It is this turning point that pushes the drunks for help.

Treatment in hospital

The optimal way to get out of a two-week zayny is to appeal to the clinic. Individual treatment schedule is appointed by a doctor after examining the patient. It is important to take into account the general condition of the body, the presence of chronic diseases, the degree of alcohol poisoning. The most effective method of cleaning are droppers. The solution allows you to wash the traces of poisoning from the blood. Intravenously poured hemodez, refooliglucin, rea-self, glucose.

Used potent sedatives. The purpose of the use of sedatives is the normalization of the mental state, relieving panic attacks, sleep restoration. Often use "phenazepam", "Sedukssen", "Relification". Dosage and reception schedule is determined by an exclusively attending physician.

* Recommendations posted in the article are informational and intended for general education purposes. Determination of the diagnosis and choice of the method of treating the disease is the prerogative of the profile physician. It will protect you and your loved ones.

Lowing therapy is aimed at restoring the functions of the liver, gastrointestinal tract, immunity. Based on the body's condition, a course of vitamins, hepatoprotectors, etc. is appointed. Rest and a decrease in physical exertion positively affect recovery. Treatment in the hospital takes from three to seven days.

Call a doctor

In order to avoid publicity and not be registered in narcology, many alcoholics prefer to call a brigade to the house. Methods of detoxification in this case are the same. It is necessary to clean the blood with the help of a dropper, restore the overall condition of the body.

To defeat a two-week touch at home, refer to only verified specialists. Often, the intervention of unqualified personnel leads to a deterioration in the state. Pseudomedics, whose services are paid on the overestimated price, often do not leave information about the drugs introduced by the victim. Therefore, high risk is in intensive care.

Conclusion from dosage reduction method

If a qualified medical care is not available for any reason, there is nothing left, how to get out of the binge on their own.

It is necessary to reduce the volume of alcohol consumed to 20-30 grams, increasing the gap between the receptions. Experts advise using good quality vodka. Be sure to be a snack. Usually by this time the alcoholic body does not take fat products, it is possible to limit the vegetables. Well suited vegetable puree, for example, potato. It is important not to give the ward to drink alcoholic beverage.

It follows should be continued until the alcoholic starts to be clone into sleep. After sleeping, alcohol does not renew. The next 2-3 days need to pay attention to the restoration of the body, to establish sleep and strengthen the nervous system. Use Valerian for this, sedative herbal fees. Some use nootropics - the usual "glycine" is suitable. Available pharmacy preparations will help restore the liver: "Esencyal", "Carsil", "Hepaben".

Is it possible to dramatically get out of the feed

The technique of a sharp refusal of alcohol in case of severe intoxication remains controversial. Doctors talk about stress experienced by the body in this case. The presence of chronic diseases and diseases in the aggravation stage eliminates this method.

The first effects from this method are felt after a couple of hours after the abandonment of alcohol. The remains of alcohol in the blood split, and the breaking begins, multiple vomiting. By this point in the stomach of the alcoholic, nothing remains, the vomits are a mixture of bile and gastric juice (translucent fluid from yellow to a marsh and green shade). It is necessary to drink up to one and a half liters of boiled water for enhanced cleaning of the stomach.

A person begins tremor and dizziness, coordination is disturbed. It is almost impossible to go to such moments. It's hard for him to get even to the toilet. It is not recommended to lie in this state, it is better to choose a seitorous position.

After 3-4 hours of torment, a slight relief occurs. You can drink water, cool unsweetened tea. It is not necessary to take on the beating dishes, it is better to use metal or plastic devices, it is recommended to drink through the tube.

As soon as the vomit will be retreated, you need to take a sorbent. Among the popular drugs - "Enterosgel", "Sorbeks". One of the available means is 1/2 spoons of simple food soda. Powder should be powered by water or tea. After not to use any medical drugs within 1.5-2 hours.

The first day after a sharp abolition of alcohol, weakness, nausea, tremor is preserved. Psychological condition is gradually improving. There may be bright manifestations of emotions: laughter, tears. Sleep, as a rule, does not occur.

On the second day you can eat, put yourself in order. Request small physical activity. A week should be observed a diet - go to vegetables rich in fiber, fermented milk products. It is important to support the CNS: to make sedatives, try to normalize sleep.

The winding condition appears as a result of the fact that the drinking person cannot overcome the hangover syndromes: vomiting, headache, weakness in the body. To remove them, it takes another dose of alcohol and as a result it leads to unhealthy addiction, to overcome which is difficult. Then you need to contact a narcologist, but if the hike is impossible to it, then you need to know how to get out of the stuff yourself, without causing harm to your health. Below you will find the main, and the main ways of acting methods like "overcome the green snake."

Need urgent help - contact the "Alco-Center"

Call the phone hotline +7 (495) 773-03-43 and our doctors will conduct an emergency course with the body intoxication by the spree of alcohol and narcotic substances.

As far as the independent feeding from the feed

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Immediately it is worth saying that each different rehabilitation period is different, and therefore give an accurate answer, in this case, it is impossible. Its duration depends on a number of factors:

  • For how many days, alcohol was accepted;
  • how much it was drunk;
  • Paul patient, physical characteristics;
  • the quality of drinks that were drunk;
  • way of elimination;
  • Chronic diseases.

After a long-term intake of alcohol, the symptoms of the abstinence syndrome can manifest itself during the week. Therefore, it is very important that someone else was near. After all, for 3-4 days may appear "White Hard". It can be determined by such signs:

  • insomnia;
  • strong excitement;
  • acute alcoholic psychosis;
  • strange behavior.

With a manifestation of at least one sign, a narcologist should immediately call.

How to distinguish a simple hanging syndrome from abstineent

The abstitent syndrome is characterized by discomfort inside, by a depressive state as a result due to the lack of a new dose of alcohol. Alcoholic appears unhealthy thrust to alcohol.

It happens that it develops after the first reception of hot drinks. Then you can already talk about a serious disease that requires urgent drug treatment.

How to get out of the feed: sharply or gradually

Get out of the roar

This question causes many differences. There are opinions that you need to quit immediately, they say the daily reduction of the dose will not bring anything good. But this is fundamentally erroneous opinion, it is better to do everything gradually. Reducing the dose softens hanging syndrome, it will leak less noticeable. In addition, it will help prevent the appearance of "white hotness", elliptical seizures.

Faithful dose decline

It is necessary to act in the so-called moments of "rubbed". After all, when a person feels bad, it is easier to persuade his treatment.

During the hangover, the patient should pour only a little alcohol. For example, 150 ml after eating for two days.

Note! It is best to hang out the drink that was used during the filing period. The main thing to reduce the dose or number of techniques. It is important here that the patient does not throw everything and did not drink again.

And the next stage will be the purification of the body from drinking alcohol.

Basic ways to remove

Sowing yourself

There are three basic and existing methods:

  1. At home - one of the most difficult ways, since alcoholic relatives must direct all their strength to reduce his thrust to alcoholic beverages. Drug, and folk remedies can be used for this.
  2. With the help of a narcologist - an effective way that helps to get rid of the abstinence and a detrimental habit as quickly as possible.
  3. Stationary treatment is noteworthy in that in this case the patient's breakdown is completely excluded, as permanent observation is underway. The clinic will hold a lining therapy, prescribe the necessary drug treatment.

Each drinking will need to find your approach. Sometimes there is enough help of relatives and loved ones, to forever spread with addiction to alcoholic beverages. But if attempts were not crowned with success, it should be not keen, but to call narcologist.

However, there are its own characteristics. Not all patients have enough such local therapy and then only the third option is the hospital.

Important! At the hospital, the drinking is put if he gives his consent to this.

Gradual actions for one-day surge

  • In this case, the optimal option will be the use of a large amount of mineral water with therapeutic effect. It should also be saturated with alkali.
  • Also, you can not forget about the appropriate nutrition - low-fat dishes.
  • Small hiking on the street will help to cope with toxins.


This is exactly the case when you need to contact the doctor. An independent output can be very risky. But, if you go to a professional narcologist there is no possibility, then start gradually reduce the dose of alcohol for three days.

Important! A sharp refusal of ethanol can provoke the appearance of "white hot".

On the first day it is allowed to drink 30 ml of alcohol every 2 hours. After the volume of alcohol remains the same, but it is consumed every four hours. On the third day, the interval increases to 6 hours.

The fourth day should become free from alcohol.

The success of this method is a psychological factor. An alcoholic seems to make the first successful steps in overcoming his traction and he wants to continue to work on it.

Conclusion from the serpent

If the patient is ready to fight alcoholism, then in the minimum period it can be derived from an abstineent state. We will have to use alternative medicine, drug treatment, a number of recovery procedures.

But in the presence of chronic diseases, it is better not to engage in self-medication, but immediately turn to a narcologist. He will be able to talk to the sick and convince you to drink. After all, psychology can help even in the most difficult situations.

Note! All recommendations of health workers should be compulsory.

Fast way

Get out of the feed, not referring to qualified honey. You can, but here you need to comply with the following tips:

  1. Before bedtime, be sure to drink a half-table of water temperature with several drops of mint tincture.
  2. In the morning, drink more fluid.
  3. To sleep longer. Sleep helps to remove a number of poisoning symptoms.
  4. Before bedtime, the walk in the fresh air does not hurt. If there is no strength to go outside, then more often ventilate the room.
  5. Accelerate the removal of toxins and ethanol residues from the body five minutes under the shower (not contrasting!).

In the complex you will need to take and drugs: for suppressing vomit urges, from high pressure, to remove pain.

Plan for a few days

Release out of the bobby is sharply or gradually

The first day can be considered the most difficult. After all, the will will have to use their power so as not to drink.

Immediately after sleep, drink two glasses of simple water with an absorbent agent. If there are heart problems, then the pill is better to replace the decoction of valeriana or diet. You can drink phenibut, but only according to the instructions.

The second day will be easier, the condition of the alcoholic is already becoming better, but it is impossible to throw treatment. To do this, use more fluid (better clean water), there is low-fat, light food.

If insomnia is tormented, then you can take one pill fanazepam.

On the third day, a person feels weakness in the whole body and a breaking. Against the background of this, depression can "play". In order to prevent it in need to take themselves. Also to improve the condition will help vitamin complexes. They must include vitamins B1 and B6 (helping the digestion and elbow ethanol), nicotinic acid PP (restores the nervous system) because of its deficiency begins nervas, sharp change of mood. Of course, Vitamin C is needed. It was mentioned in the article repeatedly.


Cleansing the body can be divided into several stages:

First stage - abundant drink

You can drink everything: mineral water (but only without gas), tea, milk, compotes, frost. Drink displays alcohol alcohol naturally.

But, if the reusable vomiting torments, then take the tablet Cerukhala (it is allowed to take, both without water and with a small amount). After 15 minutes, you will need to repeat the medication.

Second Stage - Nutrition

As soon as the pummest syndrome begins in the patient, a strong appetite is played. It is important to adhere to a special diet: remove all fried, oily, smoked and sharp from the menu.

Better to add to the diet:

  • Oatmeal or egg porridge, but only on condition that the pancreas and the liver function normally. Cook them needed on water without oil. They will restore the intestinal microflora;
  • fermented milk products (ipaine, kefir 1%, natural yogurts without additives and flavors, low-fat cottage cheese);
  • Oranges, lemons, tangerines;
  • Chicken broth can be given only on the second or third day of exit. It contains glutamate that removes the alarm. Suppose also fish broth because it contains a large number of glycine;
  • cabbage brine, as it is rich in succinic acid;
  • Sour berries contribute to improving appetite.

If there is no appetite, then give a nourishing mixture. For example, Hipp, Nestogen, Nan and others.

Third stage - recovery with medicines

If the coming from the bobby takes place at home, then you can use oral sorbents. Faster to remove toxins from the body will help intravenous drugs. Also, they normalize the work of the liver, clean blood, and will also improve the work of the cardiovascular system.

Drug treatment when coming out of the feed

Basic ways to efficiently eliminate

Reception of medicines allows you to quickly clean the cells of the organism from ethanol. And for this you need to drink 8-10 tablets of activated carbon one. More techniques can only harm, as useful compounds (proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins) will also come toxins.

Note! If there are no activated carbon, then let the patient drink one tablespoon of the polyfepan. It must be taken 3-5 times a day. Enterosgel is suitable as an absorbent drug.

There should be at least one and a half to two hours between drug intake.

Vitamin complexes of Oligimit, Vitrum will help improve well-being. On a series with which you need to take hepatoprotectors to normalize the liver operation.

Note! Due to the sharp cast alcohol, sharp pressure drops may appear. If it is too high, it is recommended to drink hypotensive drugs: lysinopril, enalapril. But Corvalol, Voserdin, Valokordin is contraindicated in such a state.

Headache, lubrication and weakness in the body: how to deal

During the "abolition of alcohol", an alcoholic may complain about a strong and sometimes severe headache, as well as lobs in the body. So that he did not break down and did not take another dose of alcohol, let him drink an anesthetic. For instance:

  • Dexalgin;
  • Analgin;
  • Ketorol;
  • Renalgan;
  • Pentalgin.

It is possible to treat the headache and the lobes by a single reception of two pills analgin and but-shts. But they need not to drink with water, but to warm up. With sharp pains, the number of reception can be increased to two.

Although aspirin is also able to reduce such hangover syndromes, it is impossible to use it, since it has an irritant influence on the stomach.

The heavy abstiten period is accompanied by a vitamin C deficiency. It is possible to fill it with the help of lemon, apple or carrot juice.

Insomnia during the exit of the bang

Patients who are trying to cope with their dependence are often observed with sleep problems. And, as practice shows, this is the first harbinger of alcoholic psychose.

Sleeping facilities will help to cope with this problem, but they should only be on a natural (natural basis). This may be donormal. It is possible to take it only under the supervision of relatives.

Important! In this case, drug treatment should write a doctor. It will assign the correct dosage.

The benefits of glycerin with bay

Glycerin is a polyhydric alcohol and if it is used according to the instructions, it will help to reduce the manifestation of the abstinence. In addition, it reduces intracranial pressure.

It is impossible to drink it in pure form. It is necessarily divorced by saline, if there is no distilled water, in the ratio of 1: 2.

The resulting mixture should be drunk three times a day at 50 ml.

Folk remedies in alcohol poisoning

With long-term adoption of alcohol, even folk methods can help "come to ourselves." But they need to be combined with traditional treatment. After all, only in the complex it turns out relatively quickly cope with alcoholic intoxication.

Important! Folk remedies should be resorted after washing the stomach against the backdrop of food disorder.

Several proven recipes:

  1. The root of the lamp is maximized and pour water in a 1: 1 ratio. The resulting mixture must be boiled by about 20 minutes, let it brew and drink three cups per day.
  2. Eat the whole lemon, previously cut into several poles. He is rich in vitamin C, which quickly restores the tone of vessels and local immunity. With its absence, it can be replaced with carrot or apple juice.
  3. Make tea from calendula or chamomile, give it to brew and take throughout the day. They have antioxidant properties, and therefore help the rapid removal of toxins from the body.
  4. Suppress vomit reflex will help velvets. They are good to chop and pour 0.5 l steep boiling water. Let it stand and use instead of tea. This composition is better to drink cooled.

Contraindications upon coming out of the feed

Contraindications upon coming out of the feed

The main thing about leaving the zayny - so that the alcohol is not back back. To do this, remove all alcoholic beverages from the apartment. Nowhere should there be a hint of it.

At this time, close patience will have to show. After all, the drinker cannot be raised and "reading morality", as it can only aggravate the situation. And during the period of firing syndrome, he also behaves aggressively.

Also when leaving the bobby is categorically not recommended to take a contrasting soul. Although many often offer to resort to such an unpleasant procedure. During alcohol intoxication, the tone of the vessels is strongly disturbed, and therefore the reaction of the body on such a kind of jack is extremely difficult. Against this background there are heart attacks, strokes.

This also applies to sports. A weakened organism can differently respond to such a sharp change in activity.

Among other things, it is impossible:

  • smoking a lot;
  • Take medicines that have an active influence on the psyche.

Does the doctor need

When leaving a strong zayny, there is a dangerous period when "white hot" or alcoholic delirium can occur. It may happen, both on the second and third stage of alcoholism, when ethanol does not come to the body for more than two days.

Basic symptoms:

  • auditory and visual hallucinations;
  • High temperature that rises to the evening;
  • Strong chills;
  • rave;
  • convulsions.

With the manifestation of "white hot", an alcoholic may behave unconsciously and even aggressively due to the distorted perception of reality. He does not recognize relatives, believes that fictional or other people's people. He suffers from severe insomnia, may not sleep at all.

Note! "White hotness" is dangerous, because about 16% of patients dies from her.

Quite often, after such a state, the memory deteriorates, the brain is suffering, the person begins to suffer dementia. If you do not "tie" with this habit, then alcohol delirium is repeatedly returned, as a result of which the alcoholic loses the opportunity to live in society.

The treatment of this state at home is not recommended, since it is sometimes complicated by arrhythmias, generalized convulsions. Even a complete stop of the heart is possible.

In the occurrence of alcohol, it takes a round-the-clock supervision of doctors. After all, in addition to death, suicide on the basis of high psychosis can also be committed.

Also called the doctor you need if a person feels:

  • sharp abdominal pain, accompanied by vomiting;
  • graceful pain in the chest, giving in the right hand;
  • numbness;
  • sharp weakness in hands and legs;
  • dizziness;
  • fuzzy vision;
  • Bitter taste;
  • Yellow skin.

Deciding to throw drinking how not to return to the same lifestyle

Output plan for a few days

It is very difficult to overcome the abstinence syndrome, but it is even harder to not quit everything halfway when it almost happened to get out of this state. Below, there are several effective tips that will help a loose desire to be saved again when the situation appears.

  1. Enjoy the support of loved ones and native people. Do not be afraid to ask for help and support when you need to get out of the feed.
  2. Remove all the sleeps. Try to find an alcoholic anywhere ethanol. This will help to get out of intoxication. And do not let him behave any negative comments.
  3. Before eating, drink more water than usual. This will help to achieve the feeling of the filing of the stomach, and the thrust to the alcohol will become less.
  4. Start playing sports. Even a small walking Walk is able to cause endorphins - hormones of happiness.
  5. Understand that the binge harms not only to you, but also poisoning the life of others, and so try to get out faster
  6. Try to change your thoughts. Think of something good, not about alcohol.
  7. Remember that due to the consequences of the excessive alcohol use suffers not only to the brain, but also the whole organism as a whole.

One of the reasons for the appearance of the abstineent syndrome is that after a long use of alcohol in the gastrointestinal tract, toxins are produced. Ethanol helps to overcome this intoxication. As a result, a vicious circle is obtained in order to break alcoholic beverages to be replaced with enterosorbents (enterosgel, activated carbon).

And ways to behave correctly with strong filings and, what to do with the abstinence syndrome you will not be useful.

Treatment when coming out of the feed

Article author: Yakovlev Evgeny Anatolyevich

Doctor narcologist, candidate of medical sciences.


Russian State Medical University (1990-1996), Russian Academy of Postgraduate Education (1996-1998, Ordaturation).

How to get out of the feed yourself

How to get out of the feed yourself

Longops are accompanied by severe intoxication of the body. The condition is dangerous to health. Not always, patients agree to challenge a narcologist for droppings. In this case, it is possible to eliminate the abstineent syndrome alone, but only having a pronounced desire to quit. Therapy is compiled, only then there will be a pronounced effect.

What is blind?

Long use of any alcoholic beverage is considered to be a mop. In this state a person can't refuse From drinking and continues to drink only in order to remove unpleasant symptoms that appear after ethanol removal. The body itself requires a new dose, which is manifested by headaches, nausea, tremor fingers. Without a pronounced desire, it will not be possible to tie. This is explained by the fact that symptoms does not allow a person to abandon alcohol.

Alcohol addiction causes alcoholism. This is a serious illness requiring a competent approach. It flows in four stages, but the feed is possible only at 3-4 stages of dependence.

Experts insist in the emergence of a foaming condition to cause a doctor to the house or contact the clinic. Many patients refuse it, experiencing that the problem will go beyond the framework of the house and the drunkenness of a person will be given to publicity. But also to continue to drink too, because with each glass The state will deteriorate and the risk of developing complications increase. Therefore, patients are recommended to use home treatments.

But to begin with, it is important to learn to distinguish a hangover and an abstineent syndrome. If a pronounced headache is marked after the feast, it indicates a hanging syndrome. Such people are not counted for alcoholics. Symptomatics Easily eliminated Properly selected drugs, for example, analgesics. The abstitent syndrome is manifested by unpleasant sensations against the background of a pronounced need in a new dose of alcoholic beverage. It is the need that determines the patient with dependence.

If the signs of the abstinence syndrome are manifested quickly, literally after the first booze, this indicates the presence of serious diseases requiring treatment. In this case, without the help of the doctor can not do.

Is it possible to get out of the stuff yourself?

When a person appears unpleasant symptoms, he understands that they are caused by drinking alcohol. There is a desire to tie and get rid of the signs of abstineent syndrome. But it is not easy. The fact is that ethanol continues to circulate with blood in the body, poisoning it. If there is support for relatives in this situation, cope with the winding condition will be simpler . You can handle the problem with a strong motivation.

I can not be close to aggression and put pressure on a person. It is important to gently convey to it the following facts:

  • The need to preserve the family.
  • The need to respect the surrounding people.
  • The possibility of raising at work, maintaining the available.
  • The need for a healthy offspring.

Without the help of a doctor, you can get rid of the feed, but you need to consider Wish man , the condition of its body. The following items become decisive:

  • Duration of alcohol use.
  • Volumes discarded during the day.
  • The presence of chronic diseases at the dependent.
  • The presence of injuries of the head in the past.

The last two points worsen the health of the patient and increase the risks of complications. Therefore, a sharp refusal of alcohol may be dangerous for them.

How to get out of the stuff yourself?

To remove toxins from the body, take action in urgent. At home you can also achieve excellent results if Observe all recommendations . If the wind state is saved for 2 days, the following steps:

  • Fully remove alcohol from the patient's life.
  • In the morning, drink clean water in a volume of at least liter. After that, take three tablets of activated carbon. It can be replaced by smell.
  • After a couple of hours, drink bold broth. This will launch the intestinal work on the removal of toxins.
  • Take a contrast shower. It will remove the shiver and improve blood circulation.
  • During the day, use fruits and vegetables.
  • Throughout the day, lead an active lifestyle, move more.
  • In the evening, repeat the morning procedures from the reception of sorbents to a contrasting soul.

You can add the scheme with drugs to eliminate symptoms, for example, Cerukal with vomiting, antispasmodics with pain. If no more than an hour can be caused by vomiting or rinse the stomach with a weak manganese solution.

In addition to emergency assistance, other procedures are also necessary, Faceproofing and supporting the patient in the fight against addiction. It is necessarily changing nutrition, lifestyle in general, it is advisable to refrain from other bad habits.

The following drugs may be required to normalize the status:

  • Means to eliminate ethanol on the kidneys and liver. Their task to bring the disintegration products from the body. At home you can use polyfets or enterosgel.
  • With the appearance of vomiting, antiwheat preparations can be used, for example, Cerukal, as well as saline solutions. Home therapy is carried out using a regider. The tool is taken orally.
  • Hearts are used to normalize heart work. They help get rid of arrhythmias and tachycardia. Relevant will be Validol, Valerian, Corvalol.
  • Safety spasmolyts will help to get rid of migraine and pains of any localization, such as ibuprofen or but-shp.
  • The kidneys also experience the load and it is difficult for them to remove the fluid, so used diuretic drugs For example, furosemide. Houses will also be effective will be a decoction of rosehip.
  • Normalize the work of the nervous system and the patient will assist the patient from the painful state. In severe cases, phenases are appropriate, thiazepam.
  • Vitamin complexes will help to fill the lack of nutrients. Here the patient can solve himself, which drug to use.
  • If there is an opportunity, it is allowed to formulate droppers without the participation of a doctor to normalize the water-salt balance.
Contraindications when pin

Next, the power is adjusted. Products should be aimed at facilitating the severe condition of the body. It is extremely important to provide drinking mode. Ideally drink mineral water, but without gas. From products will be useful:

  • Citruses. Help to remove toxins due to the high content of ascorbic acid.
  • Berries and berry frosts strengthen the vascular wall and increase appetite.
  • Low fatty milk products contribute Disable harmful Substances from the body.
  • Broth on beef or chickens reduces signs of intoxication, normalizes the work of the intestine, provides the body with the necessary nutrients.
  • The brine has a bactericidal effect and also normalizes the water-salt balance.
  • Porridge on water without oil improve digestion, clean the intestine from slags.

Methods of three days from the feed

If the patient is configured to exit feed, you can use Effective technique designed for three days. It is suitable in the event that a person uses alcohol not so long ago, a pronounced dependence has not yet been formed. It is suitable for home treatment. Includes the technique of three stages:

  • First day. You need to completely abandon alcohol. All bottles and means with alcohol content are taken out of the house, including household. The goal is to eliminate the ochmyl. The first time will be very hard, the symptoms of cancellation, dizziness, sweating, leaps of temperature and pressure appear immediately. The best output will be compliance with beddown. The drinking mode increases, psycho-emotional and physical exertion are excluded. Take adsorbents.
  • Second day. In the morning drinking strong tea with sugar. This will fill the lack of glucose in the body and support the work of the heart. Coffee should be eliminated as smoking. During the day, drink juices, tea, broths. If the state allows you to take a shower. In the evening, fermented dairy products and porridge are introduced into the diet.
  • Third day. The diet includes products with a high content of vitamin C. Gradually, the symptoms of refusal decreases, forces appear, you can add walks and light exercises. From the third day you can take drugs to maintain the liver.

Tactics with long-standing

After a long use of alcoholic beverages, hard work is completely eliminated. Overwork can increase the risks of the development of dangerous complications. Excluded Any alcohol In the accessibility zone of the patient. Next, he needs to give any acidic product, such as a whole lemon or sour soup. This will help neutralize the decay products in the digestive system and slow down their suction. A similar effect has a raw egg and milk with honey. You can use a contrast shower.

The task of relatives is to minimize the likelihood of developing diseases and consequences. Experts recommend using droppers. Salt solutions can drip at home and without the presence of a doctor.

A sharp refusal of alcoholic beverages is dangerous by the following consequences:

  • Delia.
  • Reducing visual acuity.
  • Heart disorders.
  • Brain damage.
  • Tremor and cramps.
  • Acute pancreatitis.

Just abandoning alcohol will not work. This is, firstly, difficult, and secondly dangerous. Condition similar to breaking can sharply worsen health. Therefore, in obligatory procedure, drugs are used for prolonged filings. Activated carbon, alkasheltzer, amber acid will be appropriate. With busty, which persists over several days, the following means are necessary:

  • Glycine over a tablet is up to 4 times a day to eliminate nervous seizures.
  • Afobazol to normalize psycho-emotional state.
  • Limontar on one tablet on a glass of water for three days.
  • Dormamil for rapid withdrawal from the binge. The minus is that the remedy is released by the recipe
  • Anaprilin to normalize pressure.
  • Cavinton to eliminate the feeling of blood tides.
  • Hepaben to maintain the liver.
  • Phenibut to restore oxidative processes.

Folk Tips for Treatment

When the patient has the power of will and support, it is possible to cope with the folk state, but provided that a person has no serious deviations in chronic form. Otherwise, the rejection of drugs threatens relapses.

A particularly pronounced effect is observed when combining traditional medicine and folk recipes. This is complemented by power correction.

Therapy also begins with a refusal of alcoholic beverages. It's better Fully exclude The probability of disruptions, removing all means with the content of alcohol. Next, one of the recommended recipes is selected:

  • Calendula. For cooking, you need to take a spoonful of colors and a glass of boiling water. Use during the day instead of ordinary tea. It helps to bring decay products, has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Pharmaceutical camomile. Used in the same way as calendula. It is brewed once and drinks throughout the day. This will allow toxins and improve overall well-being.
  • Motherwort. For cooking, a spoon of dry root and a glass of boiling water is needed. It is necessary to insist 10-20 minutes. Take 1/3 cup three times a day. It is necessary to continue treatment until completely eliminating the abstinence syndrome.
  • Marigold. A spoonful of colors poured 500 ml of boiling water and withstand for 15 minutes. Focus and cooled. Drink during the day instead of tea.
  • Lemon juice. Used in pure form or diluted water. Due to the content of vitamin C helps to get rid of toxins and raise general immunity.

If you correctly approach treatment issues, you can independently get out of the feed even with the use of alcoholic beverages during the week and more. But without motivation and support to do it will be extremely difficult. After the normalization of the state, it is recommended to refer to a narcologist, choose the method of encoding and pass the rehabilitation.

If people were able to regularly get drunk until infamous, and in the morning, as if nothing had happened to work, the problems of alcoholism would not exist in principle. Excessive use is fraught with sutures, and every day of man most often forces a heavy hangover.

Ideally, call a doctor who will do everything competently and anonymously. But if a person scares the words "narcologist" and "dropper", they will have to cope with the problem independently. How to get out of the feed at home? Tips narcologist to help you.

A sharp refusal of alcohol: why drugs against

Ethanol has the property to accumulate in the brain, while its concentration is 75% higher than in the blood. Therefore, psychosomatics plays a major role in the face of the hangover. Hoping, a person knows that even from the pile of vodka will be easier for him, but it is not limited to one pile, as a result, it gets drunk and it starts all over again.

Hence the classic symptoms of the hangover - thirst, nausea, tremor, rapid heartbeat - the result of the organism poisoning is a high concentration of ethanol decay products.

In such a state, the sharp refusal of alcohol-containing beverages can provoke the development of even more severe and unpredictable reactions of the organism, characteristic of alcohol abstinence syndrome, for example:

  • heart attack;
  • violation of cerebral circulation;
  • Psyche disorders: depression, depression, paranoid or hysterical mood;
  • involuntary urination and defecation;
  • coma.

If you can not throw immediately, but to seek help scary, how to get out of the feed at home? The Council of Narcologist is to reduce the dose of "medicine" gradually. It will not take day and not two, but when complying with simple recommendations, it may eventually have success.

Support native or loved ones

Not everyone is able to become a narcologist himself. Therefore, the initiative should be shown to not indifferent and relatives: relatives, friends, neighbors, finally, to whom a drinking person is discontinued and to whom he trusts.

"There is enough to drink" and other similar wording are unacceptable, as well as intimidating the terrible consequences of alcoholism. A big mistake will be called things with their own names: forget the words "alcoholic and alcoholism".

It is better to describe the favorable prospect of sobriety - freedom and independence from a glass of vodka, try together to recall the brightest, joyful and happy moments of a person's life before the dependence period.

The goal of home psychotherapy is to set up a person for a complete refusal of alcohol.

Gradual reduction in dose of alcohol

Surround a person with attention, but not total control. An alcoholic will never tell about all his boots, but to look for them and eliminate - a big mistake.

However, it happens that a person is struggling with the dependence of Tet-A-Tet. Before getting out of the feed of the house - the Council of the Narcologist, having the most important: clearly define the permissible dose in the morning and stretch it all day. For example, 200 g is no longer a gram from the snow.

Such a dose stick 2 days, then reduce it half another 2 days. On the fifth day, the chances of complete abandonment of alcohol without serious consequences for the body are great.

The meaning here is to deceive the brain. This is done in two ways: or a gradual decrease in the dose of alcohol, which is serious and morally and physically, or detoxification of the body with the help of a dropper. It is quick and painless, but to solve in any case you.

Of course, with an independent outlet of the feed, the power and sleep mode is of great importance.

What you can eat and drink to facilitate and improve the condition

The problem is that the liver sooner or later loses the ability to process ethanol decomposition products into safe acetic acid, and toxins come into blood and brain.

Water cleanses well and dilutes blood, so the oldest way of removing from the binge there was a large amount of liquid. Especially if the man ripped and the body is dehydrated.

You need to drink boiled water, bottled non-carbonated, tea, fruit juices, compotes, fruit. Of course, this is a burden burden, but choosing from two angry, it is better to clean the blood as soon as possible. In this sense, the dropper acts faster, more efficiently and safer.

To the question of how to get out of the feed of the house - the Council of Narcologist: it is necessary to cause a natural appetite.

From food - a saturated broth on a chicken or turkey, ideally with croutons or vermicelline. Meat is separate. Start with small portions. Taking into account the a priori unhealthy liver eliminate greasy, sausages and fast food.

It is important to prevent the vomit reflex, which firmly associated with heavy in the morning and the desire to dreamed.

Fruits containing acids are useful to a healthy person, and with irritated ethanol of the mucous gastrointestinal tract, bananas will be the best option. Nourishing, and for the brain is useful.

What medicines can be used when removing

The famous phrase of doctors is not harmful, it is well suited to the state of hangover and the removal of the filing. No matter how sick head is, paracetamol, pentalgin or citrate, incompatible with alcohol, cannot be taken. These are additional toxins for the liver, with which the process of cleansing the body is only delayed. It is better to take a safer analgin or useful for thinning of blood aspirin ("thromboas", "Cardiomagnet").

Now about sorbents. They make sense when poisoning with alcohol when a person went through the holiday and urgently clean the stomach. With a long-term surgery of activated carbon or lactiform, it can provoke unwanted vomiting in this case, so it is better not to abuse adsorbents. If, when coding, the vomit reflex acts as a thrust blocker to alcohol, then when self-imparting from the feed, it may have a reverse effect.

Also in the sources you can meet recommendations for receiving medications for the restoration of water-electrolyte balance, hepatoprotectors, vitamins, nootropic agents and drugs from insomnia.

It is important to understand that in emergency cases, which often refers and heavy hangover, drugs having a cumulative effect will not give the desired result, especially when oral administration.

But intravenous administration of drugs, the dosage of which is competently chosen by an experienced narcologist, acts instantly. After a deep calm sleep, a person is already without another dose of alcohol the next day, and can solve on a sober head without painful symptoms of a hangover, how to live on.

How to get out of the stuff yourself?

Starshina Irina Evgenievna

Head of the clinic, psychiatrist, narcologist

If the drinking of alcoholic beverages lasts more than two days, then it is better to take measures immediately. The longer the snack lasts, the harder it will go out of it.

Also, a person should be able to distinguish with an abstineent syndrome from the hangover. The first arises due to long-term swallows and is removed only with the help of a doctor and treatment in a hospital, characterized by a depressive condition and an unhealthy burden to alcohol. A hangover - syndrome, which is characterized by just bad well-being against the background of the dose of alcohol. How to get out of the feed: sharply or gradually? This question causes many disagreements. Someone says it is better to leave at once, someone thinks that he gradually. In fact, it is impossible to stop drinking alcohol dramatically, otherwise you risk earning white hot syndrome and even begin to fight in the seizures.

Alcohol is similar in its actions on drugs: it has a strong effect on brain activity, responsible for the feeling of euphoria and joy. The person who is in a long-term cut, go Alone It is very difficult from it, and the quick exit in one day is not possible at all. As itself, the exit and the consequences of alcohol intoxication should be filmed gradually: in this way, the person will have higher chances to keep their health and well-being.

Sharp refusal uniquely fraught breaking . The body will be very hard: it will be with a huge force to ask another portion of the forbidden drink to return to the usual relaxed state.

It is impossible to get out of the feed if a person has


  • Syndrome, which manifests itself a headache in terms of the level of similar to the migraine, the tremor of the limbs, nausea, vomiting. To get rid of it independently - an unbearable task, so immediately attract specialists: an ambulance or narcologist for a dropper and further detoxification of the body.
  • How long do you go out of the feed?
  • It is impossible to determine how long a lot from the feed is impossible. The duration of rehabilitation is influenced by several factors:
  • Duration of drunkenness;
  • Human health;

The presence of chronic diseases; Quality of alcohol; The method to which the patient comes out of the binge.

Usually symptoms are saved to

Six days However, to move away from prolonged stuff both in hospital conditions and on their own, you can up to two weeks. In particularly complex cases, it is not necessary without white hot. Keep in mind: Even if the filing was short-lived, per day from him and his consequences would not get rid of it. How to get out of the feed yourself?

If the bay lasted a couple of days, then you can try to throw the adoption of alcohol immediately. Sharp Interrupting the flow of ethanol in the body will cause a rigid breakner, however, if there was a weak link, then a person will most likely cope with it.

If the bay lasted a few days or a week, then it needs to go out of it Phatepno : To do this, reduce the gradually concentration of ethanol in the blood. Within two days, gradually reduce the dose of accepted alcohol: you can even dilute alcohol with water. Thus, you can deceive the brain, because the taste sensations will be the same, and the number of alcohol arrived in the body is not.

Another option is suitable for those who have a strong will. Take the floor of the liter of alcohol and drink it Little doses throughout the day. Every time you need to eat a dose of oily food: broth, meat, etc. Do not allow anyially to drink more than 500 grams of alcohol and not get it.

Then the next day after one or two-day training, you must go through the stage

  1. cleansing
  2. . To do this, you need to drink as much water as possible, exclude caffeine, salty, fatty and sharp from the menu. No matter how much I want, but you can not drink energy drinks. If you have sufficient knowledge, or you have the opportunity to consult a doctor, you can connect medication tools that accelerate the detoxification of the body.
  3. If you respect the traditional medicine, then try the next tool for quick and easy-to-face feed from the feed:
  4. At night, take a half-table of water with 30 drops of mint tincture;
  5. In the morning, drink a large amount of water to cause vomiting. Then all day drink mineral water or fruit.

A lot of sleep or just rest. Check the room or arrange a walk in the fresh air. Wait a few minutes under the contrast shower, which enhances the removal of toxins through the skin.

How to get out of non-dust feed?

Entry methods such as reception will help Baran Valerians, herbal baths with chamomile, drinking strong tea with honey and lemon. Try to distract as much as possible from the desire to take another dose: look a good movie, meet friends, leading a healthy and sober way of life, etc.

  1. Such is not considered long, if its duration is not more than 2-3 days. At the same time it does not matter what exactly a person accepted: cognac or beer. The following method allows you to work with
  2. Syndromami
  3. Light short rustling. However, before this we advise you to prepare:
Buy activated carbon, analgin and liver and stomach medications; Fuely to milk, honey, mineral water and meat broth; Stop drinking alcohol in the evening and in the morning in no case do not sleep.

In the morning after drunken, take a half liter of the cooked liquid and two tablets of activated carbon. If you are very bad, then drink Analgin And other drugs.

Then, when it takes a little bit, eat bouillon With bread and spend a whole day for something very exciting, but not tiring: for example, for watching comedies. Do not go out to the street yet.

How to quit a drink forever

In the middle for replete carbon and a large amount of liquid and tightly lunch. Alternate pleasant and easy lessons with meals and drink liquid, as well as

Medications If necessary. In the evening, take a contrasting shower, and in the morning again drink activated carbon. Tips narcologist

Experienced drugstores are still advised to contact the clinic so that the conclusion from the Swarny passed the most painlessly and quickly. In fact, within the hospital, there will be more Fast , since, first, the patient is limited in movement, as a result of which it cannot acquire alcohol, and secondly, the hospital is a complex therapy and not only aimed at a quick and easy conclusion of both light and from Loading feed.

  1. However, if you decide to an independent way out, follow the following
  2. Recommendations
  3. Modern narcologists:
  4. Drink fluid in large quantities so that the body does not suffer from dehydration;
  5. If you are constantly tearing, then accept the antiwheat;
  6. Reduce the dose slowly so as not to strike the nervous system and the psyche, especially if there was a protracted feed;

To carry out independent detoxification, drink any enterosorbent; In severe pains, be sure to take an anesthetic; Drink sleeping pills if you can't fall asleep.

In the first three days you should not engage

Sports , take a shower (an exception is contrasting), visit the pair. To reduce the thrust to the alcohol, it is possible to take glycerin, divorced in water in a proportion of 1: 3. Pay attention to the vitamin complexes so that the outlet is even easier. Is it possible to remove a man without his knowledge?

  1. Alcoholic himself makes a decision, excreted from the feed or not. Therefore, without it
  2. Positive
  3. Answer you can hardly do something. If you wish to motivate a patient for an independent decision on the withdrawal of the feed, try to comply with the following recommendations:

Do not scandal and do not shout. The person who is in a state of alcohol intoxication will most likely not understand and you will only spoil relations with him. Absolutely no matter to whom you help: just follow the etiquette and distance. Make so that the person can sleep. Give him a sleeping pill or sedative, let the apartment be quiet and calmly. When the patient clears, try talking to him again. It is possible to carry out manipulations on the conclusion of a man from the feed only when it is observed by hangover syndrome.

In fact, much depends on how well you understand the situation in which a person turned out to be. Only yours compassion And the cold mind will help him get out of the pit, in which he fell.

If you yourself are an alcoholic and now read this article, then in order for you to work easier for you, be sure to wake

Support Native and remember once and for all, how strongly alcohol affects your life. Excessive dose can be a turn of absolutely not there: you risks not only to lose health, but also life. Therefore, take all measures to make feeds you never repeated. How to understand what you need to consult a doctor?

For a good doctor, you should always handle when a person gets into a state of the feed. Remove the most quickly and painlessly, and also without consequences for the human body can only doctor and Comprehensive therapy. If you do not have the opportunity to pay in the hospital treatment, then at least call the doctor to the house so that he put a man dropper for rapid detoxification.

In any case, refer to the doctor if the bay lasts more weeks . Independently cope with its condition after such a long alcoholic intoxication, a person cannot. Most likely, he will have a heart and stomach and he will need the most comprehensive assistance: detoxification, rehabilitation and even communication with a psychologist. It is also worth calling a doctor if the patient took over a few days more liters per day of precise drinks (for example, brandy or vodka).

If you decide to the hospital, then know that you have taken the most Right and a favorable solution. First, the patient will bring out of intoxication, then it will be rehabilitated and communication with a psychologist. The hospital is a place in which benevolent doctors quickly put on their feet without the consequences for the health and status of the patient.

Do not meddle contact ambulance or call

  • Narcologist
  • If the patient has acute psychosis, epileptic seizures, arrhythmia and white hot. Such a condition to remove yourself almost unreal and moreover, it threatens to man even with death, so it is impossible to slow. Unfortunately, on time not taken measures are fraught with a number of problems: heart attack, stroke, aggravation of ulcerative disease, cirrhosis, pancreatitis, and so on.
  • How to understand that man needs emergency medical care:
  • The patient complains about burning pains for the sternum, which are given for the shovel or in the left hand.
  • The patient is afraid that he will die: he feels bad.
  • Interruptions in the work of the cardiovascular system.

Abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea. Difficulties with swallowing, weakness. Blood in urine or stool.

How to understand that a man has white hot? White hot - this Hallucinations . If a person sees something that is not really, then it is exactly. Also, with a white hot, a person does not understand where it is, he can lie or on the contrary to start rushing around the apartment. These are serious malfunctions in the work of the body due to which you can even die, so do not hesitate: call an ambulance or narcologist to maximize the rapid removal of this state.

Unfortunately, even the removal of the symptom of white hot might may not pass for a person in vain: he can become Low-minded , lose the ability to work and live in society, lose memory. Therefore, it is better to reinstate and entrust the human life to doctors. Many clinics come to the patient's house and put droppers. Moreover, in such institutions a privacy policy is working: doctors come to "civil" clothes, do not attract attention and never say to anyone's patient data: the patient's complete anonymity is guaranteed.

What is blind?

The yield from the feed is a complex task, the difficulty of which is due not only to psychological dependence, but also pronounced by the abstinence syndrome, manifested by strong nausea, vomiting, tremor, arrhythmia, and other negative symptoms. You can normalize the condition and get rid of alcohol thrust by visiting a drug clinic or causing a doctor to the house for the detoxification procedure using dropper . But, as a rule, people with alcohol dependence do not want to find out about their problem and avoid medical care. In this situation, an alternative solution to the solution will be an independent conclusion from the bobby in compliance with the rules and the use of accessible medicines, as well as home methods. Such is a state of long-term use of alcoholic beverages and drunk stay for two or more days. In this period, a person is hard to abandon the alcohol, with its daily doses always increase. Because of the big Concentration

ethanol and products of his decay in the body, alcoholic is experiencing

How to get out of the feed yourself


  • , the signs of which are fixed only by the adoption of new doses of alcohol. Regular alcohol infusion to the body leads to a change in the work of almost all organs and systems, therefore, a person develops both psychological and physical dependence, while it increases every day. Therefore, for independent restoration of a normal state, an alcoholic requires not only the power of will, but also support for loved ones.
  • What should be considered when leaving the stuff at home?
  • In order to succeed, first of all, the desire of the person suffering from alcohol addiction is necessary to succeed. Otherwise, all the techniques used and methods will have a zero result. In addition, you need to consider several factors:
  • the severity of the patient's condition;
  • The duration of alcohol use, which, according to the observations of experts, is almost proportional to the exit time from it;
  • The daily volume of the accepted alcohol is recalculated on pure alcohol - than it is more, the higher the risk of developing complications;

the presence of chronic diseases, since they are most often exacerbated with the systematic use of alcohol; the quality of alcoholic beverages affecting the liver condition; Psychoneurological problems or injuries of the head.

During the abandon from alcohol in conditions of houses, close must take into account the severe psychological state of the patient, so eliminate reproaches , Pressure by force and other moments of educational characters. Relatives should understand that dependent and so very hard, and additional pressure will only lead to the bits and a new breakdown.

All activities used to exit a fed state must have


  • Character and be aimed at cleansing the body from ethanol and toxins, restoration of damaged systems and organs, normalization of the work of the central nervous system.
  • Repair rules
  • To achieve a result in the fight against alcohol addiction, you must follow the following rules:
  • comply with gentle regime with the gradual scheduled procedures;
  • Be sure to include in the day of the day of the patient walk in the fresh air, day leisure and provide a full night sleep, a duration of at least 8-9 hours;
  • include relaxing water treatments in the treatment plan;

eliminate the possibility of contacting a person with people suffering from alcohol addiction;

ensure moral support from loved ones and friends; In the presence of psychological problems or mental disorders, attract a psychologist or psychotherapist specializing in the field of narcology. Methods of self-exit from the feed in the conditions of the house

No matter how easy it seemed to the recovery process, the most correct with the abstineent syndrome to seek medical help to narcologists, which not only get rid of negative symptoms, but also help to fully cope with alcoholism. But, if there is no desire or opportunity for this, then the first, where to start -

stop Eating alcoholic beverages. To completely eliminate the breakdown, it is necessary to do this not with a gradual decrease in dosages, but in one day. Just pour the contents of the bottle or pull it out. Medicia treatment

Treatment with the use of medicines is aimed at eliminating the body intoxication and restoring the normal operation of internal organs and vital systems. To accelerate the output of toxins, it is necessary to take Sorbents . This can be activated carbon or another drug of a similar action, the dosage of which should be calculated in exact accordance with the weight of the patient.

In addition, the treatment is recommended to include sedative and sedatives, as the conclusion from the bang is always accompanied by an increased anxiety, a panic, unreasonable feeling of fear. To relieve these symptoms at home, it is recommended to use only light preparations on

  • plant
  • The basis is tablets or tinctures of valerian, or a dyeing. An independent use of potent means is undesirable due to the unpredictability of the reaction of the oppressed central CNS.
  • Depending on the severity of the state and complications, other means can be used:
  • complex drugs of antipocrous action that can be purchased in the pharmacy mustache;
  • Antiwheat pills - they are taken with a short interval and mine the minimum amount of water;
  • drugs based on caffeine and aspirin, normalizing the state of blood vessels and blood, which speeds up the removal of toxins from the body;

diuretic agents - accelerate the derivation of ethanol decomposition products, but are accepted only under the condition of the use of liquid no less daily norm; Magnesium and potassium salts are needed to ensure normal heart work; Vitamins of group B, responsible for the restoration of metabolic processes, as well as improved CNS, liver, kidneys.

In severe cases, accompanied by psychosis or depressive state, it is recommended to take

Antidepressants . But, only the doctor should be appointed by testimony. Assistive events

  • In addition to medication therapy, at home is recommended to use
  • Auxiliary
  • Activities that have a pronounced positive effect when leaving the metering condition:
  • Eat more liquid without gas. A good solution is true mineral water, weak tea with the addition of lemon, freshly prepared fruit. This can also include nutrient fish or chicken broths. It is best to drink them little, but often. It will relieve the headache and dehydration characteristic of long-term use of alcohol.

Water procedures. In order not to harm the body, the contrast or hot shower should be excluded, which can provoke arrhythmia, increase pressure, heart attack or stroke. It is necessary to prefer a relaxing bath or warm or a slightly cool soul.

Yakovlev Evgeny Anatolyevich

Limit exercise, allowing only small workouts. They will bring the greatest result in combination with massage or rubbing limbs. Normalize day and sleep mode. It is advisable to eat food, sleep and the activity time were painted by the hour. This will allow not only to quickly recover the body, but also to develop a sense of self-control at an alcoholic. Features of nutrition

  • A special role is played with a special role in the independent output
  • food
  • . To restore the body in a short period, it is recommended to include the following products in daily nutrition:
  • Oatmeal and bang porridge prepared on water without adding oil. They improve the peristaltics and restore the flora of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Non-fat dairy drinks - ryazhenka, prokobvash, bifox, varets, kefir. Their action is directed to the restoration of the ribbon digestion;
  • Citrus and other fruits rich in vitamins C and V. They lead the metabolic processes and the work of the central nervous system.

Chicken and fish broth. It contains glutamate that has an anxiolytic expressed action, relieving the alarm. It can be included in the food for the second day after the abandonment of alcohol.

Cabbage and cucumber brine. Saturated by succinic acid, the compositions not only increase appetite, but also normalize the content of salts in the composition of blood. Sour berries and non-alcoholic drinks of self-preparation with a small content of sugar. This is a source of organic acids necessary for the work of many systems and internal organs. With alcohol with alcohol: pros and cons

Opinions about the exit from the bobby by reducing the doses of alcohol in people differ. Some believe that it is necessary to refuse alcohol immediately and irrevocably, since the reduction in the dosage is the same mop. Another half of the experts adhere to lines that gradually refusal can stabilize the situation and minimize the emergence of complications. As a rule, in such cases, the negativeness of symptoms is less pronounced and the likelihood of the risk of seizures or white hotness is reduced.

But, regardless of the thoughts of third-party experts and people, raising alcohol addiction, the experience of narcologist doctors shows the need for a sharp refusal of alcohol. This is due to the fact that the gradual output from the winding state leads to the accumulation Toxins And the alleviation of the state is only visible, and in fact, serious changes occur in the body, leading to a long-term negative effect and often irreversible lesions of organs.

  • If these facts have not convinced to refuse to treat the feed with
  • Alcohol
  • It is recommended to adhere to the following ways:

dilution of alcohol with water in the same ratio and further decrease in the dosage of the first component; Reducing the daily dose of alcoholic beverage; An increase in the interval between alcohol techniques.

When using these methods, the maximum allowable exit period of the house should not exceed three days. In addition, you should not go to other alcoholic beverages, even weaker, as it will create


  • Failure and go into another type of feed: beer, wine, etc.
  • What should I be eliminated?
  • To eliminate additional consequences that are not associated with the abstinence syndrome, when you leave the filing, it is necessary to exclude:
  • independent use of strong drugs without a special purpose of the doctor;

smoking, but if it is impossible to abandon this harmful habit, then you need to reduce the number of cigarettes per day as much as possible;

High physical exertion provoking the development of complications on the heart and vascular system; Take preparations in inconsistency with the instruction, which can additionally load the liver. When independent yield is impossible

It is impossible to conduct procedures aimed at failure at home, if a person becomes quite


. He does not stop vomiting, pressure rises to critical indicators, strong arrhythmia is observed. Also, the patient requires medical assistance in the development of white-hot symptoms - inadequateness of behavior, hallucination, aggressiveness, confusion of consciousness, etc. In such situations, independent treatment is impossible and it is necessary to call a doctor who will determine further events - to detoxize and restore the procedures at home or to send a patient At hospitalization to hospital for emergency care, as well as a further detailed examination.

Sukoy is the use of alcohol more than a day, accompanied by strong intoxication. For the initial stage of chronic alcoholism, short winding cases are characteristic. They are called false or pseudo-margin and last from two to three days. In the second and third stage of chronic alcoholism, the person drinks for five days or more. He is not able to cope with this disease, it is not capable of treating. It is possible to help a person to get out of the feed at home, if you study the stage of detoxification and features of the abstinence syndrome.

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  • Relieved at home: the main stages Honeycomb can be stopped, without resorting to the help of a doctor, only if the duration of intoxication does not exceed 10 days, and there is no survival of no more than two years. If earlier the patient, the yield from the feed was accompanied by white hot, convulsive seizures and other severe states without medical care could not do.
  • You need to know a few steps to recovery: Recognition of the very fact of the disease.
  • In most cases, a person suffering from alcohol addiction denies what is sick. In turn, close shame or condemn it. "Collect the will in a fist."
  • You must be ready to resist the alcoholic when he wants to drink again. He will be forgotten, blackmail, threatening. If leaning persuasion - the disease will continue. Patient support.

During the abstineent syndrome, a person needs moral aid of loved ones. It is important to make it clear that you believe in it.

Be prepared for worsening well-being.

Even if there is no complaints about health, it is necessary to provide any possible options for the development of the situation, and in the event of a difficult state, urgently cause physicians. Periodically measure the body temperature of the patient, blood pressure, control its physical condition.

How to quickly get out of the feed: first aid

Alcohol abuse leads to intoxicating the body. A sharp cessation of alcoholic drinks can cause a heart attack or white hot. Therefore, if it is decided to treat from the feed at home, on your own, you need to act without by forceing the events.

It is important to know that the patient is constantly in finding a new alcoholic "dose". Without it, he is disturbing, worried, feels bad, psychologically unstable. Therefore, treatment needs control from family members.

To facilitate the state of the dependent after the abandon from the shackles of alcoholic beverages, it is necessary to ensure a calm and long-lasting sleep. To do this, you can use sleeping pills.

The patient should consume a lot of fluid - it contributes to the removal of toxins and facilitating the general condition. It is recommended to use diuretics. It is important to take care of the admission to the body of vitamins.

If the state allows you to walk in the fresh air, make a light gymnastics. The dependent person must switch attention, do something new. An important role in his recovery is playing psychological support.

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Help in difficult cases

  • Help for relatives Bring her husband from the feed at home by folk remedies
  • There are many tips how to stop with folk remedies. Here are some of them. Getting rid of the filing by the ammonia alcohol.
  • Before eating you need to drink a glass of water with five drops of ammonia. Also follow every one and a half or two hours drinking a glass of water with 20 drops of mint tincture. It is recommended to repeat these procedures for three days. Treatment of decoction of herbs.

It is necessary to collect in equal amounts of yarrow, wormwood, St. Junior, mint and twice the fruit of juniper, the root of Dyagil and Aira. Pour the herbs with boiling water and give them broken within an hour. You need to eat decoction for 10 glasses per day.

Elimination of alcohol decoction of velvet flowers.

  • Pour one liter of water 15 grams of inflorescences of the plant and bring to a boil. Then straighten the decoction and add three more grams of flowers. Put it in a dark place for three hours. The resulting fluid must be used in a glass five times a day before getting rid of the binge. Out of the feed without the knowledge of the patient
  • Often, alcohol dependent refuses treatment. To help his loved ones come tools that can quickly form an alcoholic reflex. This method for those who want to develop a disgust for alcohol without the knowledge of the patient. The effect will last from week to several months. ELIA SOL.
  • - This is a mixture of peranunov sevenitzvet, belonging to the biological family of thyme. If you get into the body, the salt causes a person to experience the intolerance to alcohol: nausea appears, pain in the body. To prepare a decoction, you need to pour 30 grams of salts 100 grams of alcohol, the ingredients are well stirred until complete dissolution, and the resulting fluid to put for three days in a dark place. After that, you need to add an alcohol-dependent 7 drops of solution in the food every day. The drug does not smell and taste, so he will not feel it. Mushroom manure
  • . It can be frying or cooking. When using it with alcohol-containing drinks, the organism is poisoning. The procedure itself is harmless to a drinker. And the effect of rejection by the body of alcohol (if a person drinks) will be the next day. Infusion of Chablasta

. To prepare infusion, you need to pour three tablespoons of the chastard with boiling water and cover with a lid. After a few hours, the decoction can be used. It is taken on one tablespoon per day. With a combination with vodka, a vomiting effect and pain in the stomach appears. There are contraindications: thyroid diseases, diabetes, hypertensive disease, bronchial asthma, tuberculosis, stomach ulcer and 12-rosewoman.

Red pepper

. One tablespoon of red pepper powder is pouring a half-time of 60 percent alcohol. Let break two weeks and add two or three drops to each liter of alcohol consumed.

Bring out a man's sash

The interruption of the feed in the clinic under the supervision of a narcologist is safer and more efficient than to draw a refusal of the dependence of the house. However, all the vital circumstances and the financial situation are different, often a person is simply ashamed for their own illness, it worries fear that all friends, acquaintances and colleagues on work will learn about the disease, will coordinate and turn away from him. Therefore, the treatment option in a family circle in some cases is more preferable.

Tablet interruption

Conclusion from the serpent

Many drugs during the feed is released only by the prescription of the doctor. But there are also available medicines that are freely sold in pharmacies. The withdrawal of the house is beginning with the cleansing of the body from toxins by sorbents. The most famous of them is activated carbon. Its dosage: one tablet by 10 kg of weight. There are other enterosorbents: reciprons, polysorb, enterosgel, polyfepan.

To stabilize the psychological state, you can take glycine every one and a half or two hours. The drug does not have a side effect and is exceeded.

From the first day of refusal of alcohol, it is recommended to take hepatoprotectors (Carsil, Essentialy, Essliver Forte) - this is an excellent tool for maintaining the work of the liver, for the heart - Valokordin, Corvalol, and for the stomach - Pancreatin, Mezim. Diuretic hypothiazide and furosemide drugs will help derive harmful substances from the body. All drugs are not mandatory to use and are used if necessary.

Drinking mode

  • When detoxifying the patient, it is necessary to drink abundant drink, such as tea with mint, herbal decoctions, mineral water without gas, juices, frost, compotes. On the first day before lunch, you can give a cucumber or cabbage brine. It will restore the water-salt balance, help remove the edema. Vomiting is not excluded, which usually stops after six-eight hours, if this has not happened, it is worth accepting Cerukal. Detoxification of the body droppers
  • Profile specialists - narcologists know how to bring out of strong stuff in several stages: Infusion therapy
  • (infusion of plasma-substituting saline compositions: a solution of ring meter or saline, drugs against swelling, 5-% of the glucose solution, sorbents, etc.) - this allows the work of the body and remove toxins.

Sedative therapy


. He does not stop vomiting, pressure rises to critical indicators, strong arrhythmia is observed. Also, the patient requires medical assistance in the development of white-hot symptoms - inadequateness of behavior, hallucination, aggressiveness, confusion of consciousness, etc. In such situations, independent treatment is impossible and it is necessary to call a doctor who will determine further events - to detoxize and restore the procedures at home or to send a patient At hospitalization to hospital for emergency care, as well as a further detailed examination.

Sukoy is the use of alcohol more than a day, accompanied by strong intoxication. For the initial stage of chronic alcoholism, short winding cases are characteristic. They are called false or pseudo-margin and last from two to three days. In the second and third stage of chronic alcoholism, the person drinks for five days or more. He is not able to cope with this disease, it is not capable of treating. It is possible to help a person to get out of the feed at home, if you study the stage of detoxification and features of the abstinence syndrome.

- introduction of potent sedatives (sadocent, phenazepam, relium) to normalize the mental state and sick sleep.

Trucking therapy.

Additional drug therapy is possible, appointed individually for each patient in order to eliminate the possible consequences of the disease.

Psychological support: how to persuade feeding

People who are dependent on alcoholic beverages cannot be changed independently. A characteristic feature of all alcoholics is that they do not recognize the disease. Therefore, it is important to support close people who will understand and help cope with a severe life situation. An important role in the recovery of the patient is psychological assistance. It will be better to contact several specialists: a psychiatrist professionally specializing in the treatment of nervous stress, alcoholism, as well as a psychologist using various techniques to eliminate mental problems that are not conjugate with mental pathologies.

The psychiatrist is designed to eliminate the disease, and the psychologist finds the reasons that led to its occurrence. Usually stress, household problems, quarrels in the family, the lack of joy in life lead a person to alcoholism. It is important to understand that when removing the person, the person is inclined to return to the past depressive state, therefore, psychological rehabilitation is obligatory.

Types of abolition of alcohol

There are two methods of getting rid of alcohol dependence: the treatment based on fear, and the refusal of alcohol, which implies work on oneself.

The first method is coding. Such a technique is based on fear, but it does not cause a person to sort out itself and the current problem. The root of the problem remains inside the patient and can continue to disturb it, pushing it to start abuse of alcohol again.

Treatment based on the work on himself, the analysis of the reasons that led to the alcohol dependence more effective in the perspective. The purpose of such therapy is to find the meaning of life, realize that it happens to happiness and joy, however, there are failures and sadness, but they need to learn to perceive healthy. And most importantly, it is important to understand that a sober life is much better than existence in a modified state under the influence of alcohol.

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